Monday, March 27, 2017

Words of Advice and Truth from Sister Trojan Pam.

@ diaryofanegress

Once again, you’ve provided a ton of food for thought. I have to agree, the most destructive mass mind weapon being used against black people is the TELEVISION and all the excessive video/movie watching,

Plus all the wasted, brain-crushing internet entertainment and YouTube foolishness, and that also includes the FACEBOOK-ing of meaningless personal trivia (look at what I ate!) and “selfies”

taking us all back to a STAGE of ADOLESCENCE where the world revolves around us

Our reckless disregard for our own survival is due to a great degree to all that movie watching with Denzel and Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock and Viola Davis and Kerry Washington and Tyler Perry, etc, because in the movies, racism is all but a distant memory, and black people are treated as the equals of white people and the world is such a wonderful integrated paradise, where white women LOVE them some sexy black men and white men WANT them some hot black women

At least that’s what the movies tell us, right?

And we suck it right in, hook line and dynamite

Because I’ve actually HEARD grown (over 40) black males on my job say how much white females love black men

Yet, they are also constantly complaining about the way “white people” treat black males

including stories about white females falsely accusing black males of rape or being “prejudiced”


How racist one of our WHITE FEMALE managers is


And everywhere I look, black males by the droves are breeding and dating white females, shopping at Wal-Mart, or dining at restaurants, or shopping for groceries

And I suspect, more and more black females are throwing up their hands and their skirts, saying, what the hell, if I can’t beat him, I might as well join him in my own sexual and psychological suicide

because in MOST CASES, in fact, the vast majority of cases, these tragic “relationships” or “arrangements” as some prefer to call it SELDOM lead to marriage and seldom LAST.

In the end, the black male has “dropped” a ton of “biracial” babies to be raised by often RACIST white females and has moved on, and the black female has another “secret” she has to keep for fear of being judged a “white man’s whore”

(Funny how the black male is never described as the white female’s male whore…)

In any case, reality has a strange way of sneaking up on the foolish, naive, apathetic, and unsuspecting and laying you out cold and flat on your back especially when war is being waged against a group of people and they fail to come together for their own survival.

You don’t have to be a genius to guess the ending to that movie

-Sister Trojan Pam

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