Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Real News about Life

This story is emotional and personal to us, because any missing person is a tragedy. The parents of the missing girls from the D.C. area are going through horrific pain and unspeakable hurt. This situation involves our people and this is our problem. This is a world problem too. Many people, from many quarters, have courageously spoken up about the missing girls in town hall meetings and in the streets of Washington, D.C. D.C. is home to an activist spirit. The task force is needed. Mayor Muriel Browser is doing the right thing by promoting a task force and going into public to give leadership and words of enlightenment about missing children. We express empathy to the families and friends of the young girls of D.C. We want them to come home safely. Beyonce has shown a lot of compassion to Ebony Banks. Beyonce is not only a great performer and musician. She is a very gracious black woman. Ebony Banks received her wish and now she passed away. Yet, her life's legacy isn't extinguished. Her life shows what real love and what real priorities should be about. Our real priorities is to help our neighbors, to grow, to learn, and to reach out to make society better. I send payers and condolences to the family of Ebony Banks.

One person, who is a white supremacist and a terrorist, murdered an innocent elderly black man. I won't mention the murderer's name, because of obvious reasons. I don't respect a murderer. The Brother, who was murdered, was named Timothy Caughman. The murderer was charged with terrorism as he should. He or the murderer is charged with a hate crime too. He wanted to target black men in Times Square. He came from Baltimore in order for him to travel into NYC. Timothy Caughman was a black man who wanted to survive in an imperfect world. Timothy Caughman lived his life and now he is gone physically. Although, his spirit remains forever. We see hate crimes against black people, anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish cemeteries, and the evils of Trumpism spreading internationally. Therefore, we reject racism and bigotry in the strongest terms possible. We also realize that in order for us to end injustice, we have to use our power and our activism to defeat evil. There are other incidents where white racists have assaulted black men, black women, and black children all over America. The fight for justice remains. This Trump regime has shown us that we can't be sleep at all. We have to advance our interests and stand up for our Blackness unapologetically. I send prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Brother Timothy Caughman.

I salute Sister Angela Rye for checking Bill O'Reilly's evil comments about Maxine Waters. To this very day, O'Reilly isn't fired from FOX News. He should be fired. Maxine Waters, for decades, have helped the black community and stood up for progressive causes. O'Reilly is known to make racist comments for years and even his own child said that he was involved in domestic violence against his now ex-wife. O'Reilly is vulgar and very disrespectful. Waters is right to disagree with the extremists views of Donald Trump. When a white male coward slanders a black woman, then we stand up against that racist O'Reilly. We will defend the human dignity of black women. Have hope, have faith, and do the necessary action in changing the world positively. Now, under Trump, we know about the March 17 bombing in Mosul by U.S. airstrikes which killed many civilians. Amnesty International issued a report Tuesday charging the US-led coalition besieging Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, with war crimes involving the “disproportionate and indiscriminate” bombing of residential areas that has slaughtered hundreds of civilian men, women and children. This bombing occurred long before 2017 too. Witnesses have said that they came into the basements of their homes in order for them to escape the bombings. Iraqi vice president Osama al-Nujaifi, who is from Mosul and the most senior Sunni official in the country, described the US bombing as a “humanitarian catastrophe” that had resulted in the “martyrdom of hundreds of civilians.” He called for an emergency session of the Iraqi parliament along with an official investigation of the incident. He charged that the mass civilian casualties were the result of changed rules of engagement on the part of the US-led “coalition” that have minimized any attempt to protect the lives of unarmed men, women and children trapped in Mosul. The killing of civilians in Mosul should not be minimized. This is the evil example of how war have ruined the lives of so many innocent human beings. We also condemn the patronizing sexism that April Ryan (who is an accomplished journalist and scholar) experienced by a White House official. April Ryan should be treated with dignity and with respect. Women in general should always be treated with dignity and with respect.

I want to make this point too. We know that beauty is diverse. Beautiful people exist in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Likewise, we know that some people want to disrespect and dehumanize women who are plus sized. We all condemn that, because we believe in treating our neighbors with dignity and with respect. Therefore, I want to send respect and love to plus sized women too (along with showing respect to women involved in exercising as women of diverse sizes are into fitness). That means that humanity is beautiful in our diversity. Diversity makes the world better.
We honor the human dignity of plus sized women forever. We believe in treating people as equal human beings. That is what my mother and father taught me to believe in. They're right to teach me that principle. We all remember the legacy of Sister Tammi Terrell. She was a great singer and a close friend of Marvin Gaye. There was a time that Marvin Gaye was a very shy man. Yet, Tammi Terrell inspired Marvin Gaye to be more open with his talent and to express that music into the next level. Also, Tammi Terrell made many great songs that are anthems of our musical culture. She had power. A lot of people in the younger generation don't know about the sacrifice, the adversity, and other challenges that artists (especially black artists) had to go through back in the day. Her goal was to provide an outlet to give joy to people and to provide for herself and her family. She loved music and music was part of her soul. Tammi Terrell desired her dignity to flow globally. She is a legend and a woman of a great presence of compassion.
Rest in Power Sister Tammi Terrell.

Human beings are complex in our actions. Alicia Keys' initial no makeup policy wanted to make a great point. It was about seeing that true beauty can be expressed without using makeup. Also, Keys is clear that women collectively who wear makeup are not pretentious or arrogant. Her response to Levine activates the point that she has the right to wear makeup if she desires. It's her face and her choice. She never said (to my mind) that all women must be required to not wear makeup. Therefore, Alicia Keys can change her mind if she desires. Tomi Lahren and the Blaze each represent the extremism of far right Republicanism. Their disagreements never ignore the blatant anti-black racism and race baiting that Tomi Lahren (who lied and compared the BLM to the Klan. She ignores the truth that the national anthem was created by a slave owning racist) has shown for a while. She has disrespected black people and now she is banned from the right wing instrument of The Blaze. My take is that you reap what you sow. I'm opposed to the views of the Blaze and Tomi Lahren.

By Timothy

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