Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Las Vegas and other Important Facts.

It is important to remember the victims who are alive, those who have passed away, and the heroes who saved lives as well. The events in Las Vegas are indescribable and we are all in support of human dignity and justice. We stand with Las Vegas completely. Yes, I will go there. The same ones who lecture us about guns refuse to acknowledge the epidemic of the deification of guns by some people. Many folks value guns more than they value human life, which is wrong. Some people must realize that guns are not toys. Guns are not divine and guns are not gods. They are tools which can be used for good or evil. There are limits to the First, Fourth, Sixth, and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. Yet, it is a disgrace that some people want no limits to the Second Amendment. So, you have extremists who believe that anyone of any age (and of any emotional state) can own any gun (even a bazooka) of any caliber at any circumstance. That is totally evil, illogical, and disrespectful to God and to innocent human lives. That murderer in Las Vegas didn't use a knife to kill innocent people. He used a gun to enact terrorism. Therefore, the Second Amendment should exist with reasonable limits. Most Americans believe that background checks are a good idea. I agree with most Americans on that issue. Like we all have mentioned, we send condolences to the victims of the Las Vegas massacre. I won't mention the murderer's name here, because of the obvious reason. Many people in Las Vegas need blood, so a blood drive is going on now in order for human beings to help the victims. Life is precious and these tragedies certainly make us self-reflect and inspires us to promote love. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe for love can eliminate oppression and form more understanding. In essence, God is Love and we can't be in our highest potential without expressing love. Love is also about condemning murder and any evil and fighting for justice as well. We are further motivated to do good and to recognize the importance of helping our communities.

Robertson is totally wrong. Dissent of evil authority is righteousness. Kneeling has nothing to do with disrespecting a flag. Robertson omits that the original national anthem condones slavery and is disrespectful to black people and to freedom loving people in general. Robertson is notorious for his advocacy of the Dominion theology. That theology wants a right wing worldwide theocracy on Earth. His CBN group is based in Virginia Beach. I'm from Virginia, so we know all about him from his stay in the Korean War era to his other extreme actions of slandering Haitians. Truth's Table certainly represents the legitimate resistance against the evil lie of white supremacy. Many white evangelicals blatantly embrace a demagogue like Trump while ignoring that Trump certainly harbors arrogance, bigotry, and a willingness to degrade people of numerous backgrounds. As others  have stated, many Christians are woke and are speaking truth to power. Pat Robertson certainly promotes not only false doctrines like Dominionism. He is also known to just spew erroneous rhetoric about life. I certainly salute the Truth's Table podcast.

I saw the end the Ken Burns' documentary about the Vietnam War. Many people among both sides of the war still get emotional about it. The Vietnam War was one of the most emotional wars in human history. Its history is long and complex. Many Americans and many Vietnamese people still harbor a diversity of feelings about the conflict.Vietnam had civilizations for thousands of years. China tried to conquer Vietnam for centuries, but they failed. French imperialists ruled Vietnam since the 19th century for economic exploitation and political domination in a harsh fashion. Puppet leaders were common under French domination. The Vietnamese people fought back to defeat them by 1954. The Geneva Accords were signed and Diem was one leader of South Vietnam. Diem's problems were his overt authoritarian policies, reckless actions, and brutal persecution of the Buddhists. Ho Chi Minh ironically wanted American help in order for Vietnam to be an independent nation.

Later, Ho Chi Minh followed Communism. JFK send advisors into Vietnam and expanded the war. LBJ sent Marines and definitely made more of an American commitment to support South Vietnam. The anti-war movement grew during the 1960's and LBJ had huge unpopularity because of his war policy (especially after the 1968 Tet offensive). When Nixon came about, he supported Vietnamization (or allowing South Vietnamese forces to take over after American withdrawal). The problem was that Vietnamization was tried during the early 1960's and it didn't work. Nixon was slick to once secretly bombed Cambodia without American public knowledge. Many Vietnamese people were tortured and many Americans were tortured too. After Watergate, the North Vietnamese forces won. Today, we have the Vietnam War Memorial, which was controversial initially and then the vast majority of people honor the memorial. It's a solemn place. Many Vietnam vets suffer homelessness and other problems, but some want to slander Kaepernick (who is right on exposing racism and police brutality) while ignoring the suffering of veterans. Also, Vietnam has more of a trading relationship with America. My views on the Vietnam War are known (I don't agree with it). Also, I believe in finding a sense of lessons about the war in order for society to get better.

One glorious black woman is Sister India Arie. She has shown the truth in her songs, in her charitable actions, and in her kind spirit which exemplifies her compassion for humanity. She was born in Denver, Colorado and today is her Birthday. She is now 41 years old. India Arie is a singer, a songwriter, a producer, and an actress. Her spirit is powerful and her messages are eternally glorious. Her mother was a singer too. She lived in Atlanta, Georgia and took up classes the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah, Georgia. Her debut album was Acoustic Soul, which came out in 2001. It was an album represented a great deal of conscious, progressive messages. It was highly praised by a diversity of quarters. Songs like Brown Skin, Beauty, Video show the truth that Black is Beautiful, beauty is diverse, and honest expression of one's inner being ought to be appreciated by human beings. She has won BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and Grammys. She has worked to helped the victims of the Haitian Earthquake. She has performed globally. India Arie has the great song called, "I am not my Hair" which outlines the truth that a black woman must be respected (regardless of her hair). "The Truth" is another song that proclaims the glory and the beauty of Black Love, especially in its music video. Her 2016 song "Breathe" is about honoring the message of the Black Lives Matter movement (which is about ending police brutality and promoting racial justice) and honoring the memory of Eric Garner (who was unjustly choked to death by a cop in New York City). Inspiration, the crispness of music, and succinct wisdom are part of India Arie's persona. That's real talk. She is a gorgeous black woman who is passionate about her audience being blessed and she is just getting started. I wish Sister India Arie more Blessings.

By Timothy

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