Monday, October 09, 2017

Christopher Columbus Exposed

On this day, people are celebrating Indigenous People Day in remembering the first people of America not Christopher Columbus. In the past few years, many people realize the truth about the imperialist, slave owner, and tyrant Columbus (who was born in Italy).

He was born in Europe and his forces caused rape, murder, abuse, and slavery to the indigenous peoples of North America. The Spanish monarchy funded Columbus' voyages. Columbus' agenda was never ambiguous. His own diary revealed that he wanted gold, slaves, and economic exploitation for the purpose of greed and selfish entitlement. He exploited the Christian religion as a means for him to support his nefarious aims. We know that tons of Christians are not like Columbus and reject oppression of any sort. Also, Columbus wasn't alone in his imperialistic terrorism. Many European powers oppressed peoples globally in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Australia, etc. The 1492 Columbus saga was a beginning of a centuries long genocidal program against Native Americans by white supremacists who didn't care about morality, but they did care about using revisionism and lies in order to advance their murder and mayhem. Donald Trump praising Columbus is not surprising. According to the scholar and professor Howard Zinn, in 1495, Columbus and his soldiers rounded up 1,500 Arawak Native Americans in a raid. He shipped 500 of them as slaves into Spain and up to 40 percent died in the brutal kidnapping. The native Taíno people of the island were systematically enslaved via the encomienda system implemented by Columbus.

In 1496, Columbus lusted after wanting slaves in his writings. Bartolomé de Las Casas wrote about the brutal savagery of Spanish imperialists against Native Americans. Obviously, Columbus never discovered America. People of color are the first people in America. I leave it at that. ;) Researchers have documented how Columbus and his forces brutally executed Native Americans throughout Hispaniola (or in Haiti and the Dominican Republic today. Ironically, many Haitians would defeat European imperialists to form their own nation in 1804, which is called Haiti to this very day). In the island of Hispaniola alone, its Native American population was in the millions from 1492 to 12,000 in 1516.

Christopher Columbus was such a barbarian that many of his contemporaries criticized what he did. Also, we must remember Anacaona (who was a heroic woman), Bohechío (her brother) and other Native American heroes who resisted imperialism by Columbus and his gang of criminals. I am glad that many cities in America refuse to celebrate Columbus Day and now celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. We will not celebrate genocide, imperialism, slavery, and murder. Christopher Columbus was a terrorist. He was no hero. We will mourn the lost of the indigenous people and our black people. Subsequently, we are inspired by our ancestors to continue in this fight for human liberation.

By Timothy

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