Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday News in October 20, 2017.

We live in unique times. Since WWII, we (as in America) have developed our technologies, expanded social movements, and witness monumental changes. Now, we are in an uncertain future. Many people are overtly showing bigotry from racism to old school xenophobic nativism. Many people are now showing paranoia and believe in the sick view of austerity. That is why we believe in promoting democracy and human freedoms. Promoting our rights deals with grassroots collaborations, consistent activism, and constant research about the diverse aspects of how our world functions. When one man in the White House spews vile rhetoric about a diversity of human beings, we will always take seriously the principles of love, human dignity, and a cogent foreign policy. In the midst of economic inequality and record profits from select wealthy corporations, we believe in the focused goals of living wages and progressive economic solutions to complications. Also, we recognize the beauty of immigration as immigration is a direct contributor to innovation, cultural development, and this diversity is part and parcel of the American identity. We recognize that compassion isn't just shown to those of us in America, but to the refugees and all peoples internationally. The precisely means that bigotry of any form is evil and totally antithetical to the creeds of equality and human justice. That is why we are committed for justice for black people and the rest of humanity. We are in a special time and we have the opportunity to help the poor, to assist the sick, and to be a shining example of true egalitarianism in our age of the 21st century.

In our age, we deal with many controversies. Trump has repeated the claim that Congresswoman Frederica Wilson lied about his condolence call to the widow of a fallen U.S. soldier. Once again, Trump is insecure and scared of a black woman. The truth is that grieving families have every right to grieve in their own way. Anyone has to be careful to be sensitive to the emotional needs of any family who lose a loved one. Trump also lied about Obama and said that he didn't call families who lose their family members. John Kelly gave his take on the issue. Congresswoman Wilson knew the family of the soldier for years, so she is not a stranger to the family. So, this attack against Wilson is totally unwarranted and disrespectful. Therefore, we must keep our eyes on the prize. Trump is known to disrespect military families and people of a diversity of backgrounds. He has no moral authority to lecture anyone on dignity and compassion. We stand with truth.

Burgess Owens is a coward and a liar. First, black people have protested for justice and opposed police brutality long before the birth of the BET Network. Some of the greatest lovers of America have been black people even when America hasn't shown love to black people (via Jim Crow, slavery, restriction of rights, etc.). A peaceful kneel has nothing to do with hating a flag and being anti-America. It is about being pro-justice and raising the real issue that police brutality still exists in the world (and police terrorism against people must end). Critique that is legitimate has nothing to with with abhorring patriotism. It is the nativist, bigoted attitudes of Trump supporters which is against democratic principles of social tolerance, egalitarianism, and human respect. Kaepernick has the right to do it. In our generation, we can't be naive. We have racism, police brutality, pollution, sexism, and other evils. Grassroots efforts by a wide spectrum of people historically have inspired the conscience of the world. Colin Kaepernick has done a peaceful action in standing up for racial justice and to make aware that we must continue to fight in order for police brutality to be eradicated.

Days ago was Birthday of Brother Wynton Marsalis. He is 55 years old. He is one of the greatest jazz musicians of his generation. He is a composer, teacher, a trumpeter, a music educator, and an artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. He has a life long love of music, which is truly inspirational. He was born in New Orleans, which is home to blues and jazz music. Many of his relatives are musicians. He played musical instruments at his church when he was 8. He graduated with a 3.98 GPA from Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans. As early as 1980, Marsalis performed with legends like Sarah Vaughan, Dizzy Gillespie, Sweets Edison, Clark Terry, Sonny Rollins, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and countless other jazz musicians. He worked with PBS to show the world about the cultural richness of jazz music since the 1990's. He has won 9 Grammy Awards. One of Wynton Marsalis' greatest contributions is that he brought more young people in this generation in America to embrace jazz more so than any other person that I know. He bridged the generation gap in promoting music and he has shown incredible determination to promote the truth that musical expression has manifold benefits for humankind. I wish Brother Wynton Marsalis more blessings.

Here are my views on Russiagate. There is an investigation by Mueller and others about what happened during the 2016 election. First, there should continue to be an independent investigation about what happened. If extensive voting fraud occurred by some Russians, then that should be known, fully shown, and those responsible should be held accountable for their actions. Also, we should realize that voting fraud is not new. Black people were denied the right to vote for decades and centuries. Many people in America used tactics to prevent people of color and progressives from voting in America too. So, voting suppression is an international affair. Also, we have to make a distinction between the vast majority of Russian people who just want to live their lives and the Russian oligarchs who are documented to have been involved in corruption. Some people want to exploit the nefarious actions of a few, evil oligarchs as an excuse to be Russia-phobic and blame every Russian for hacking. That is wrong. We shouldn't glamorize Putin as a hero. Putin recently said that people shouldn't disrespect Trump and Trump is a legitimate President. Basically, Putin ignores how the First Amendment gives people the right to disagree with Trump in passionate terms. Trump is a callous bigot. Putin is a right wing nationalist (with ties to oligarchs) who has executed anti-civil liberty policies. He is not a hero of freedom. Likewise, I don't believe that we should provoke some military confrontation with Russia (as advocated by Republicans and even some neo-liberal Democrats. I reject militarism and imperialism). The only way to solve this problem is by a through investigation, those responsible being held accountable, and in the long term hoping that Russia transforms into an independent, truly democratic nation not ruled by authoritarian nationalists like Putin.

By Timothy

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