Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Important news in Early October 2017.

With the events going on with Jemele Hill, it is important to express solidarity with her. For a long time, many sick people equate dissent with anti-patriotism or treason. When Kaepernick, other football players, and other people knell when the National Anthem is played, they are protesting racial injustice and police brutality. They are not trying to slam the flag or disrespect Americans. Many reactionaries just don't understand that simple point, because many of them want to ignore the truth. Some want to promote the lie that athletes should just play and be silent. The truth is that athletes for decades and centuries have played sports and spoken out on political issues. Muhammad Ali was a great boxer and he spoke out on humanitarian and other political issues. Arthur Ashe was a great tennis player and he spoke out in favor of justice for black people. He's from Virginia too, which is my home state. Lebron James have spoken out on education, being against police brutality, and wanting a change. Jackie Robinson was involved in the civil rights movement. Venus and Serena Williams have spoken out in favor of pay equity regardless of sex. WNBA star Seimone Augustus and Maya Moore have publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement. John Carlos and Tommie Smith protested too during the 1968 Olympics with the fist in the air. So, there is a long history of political activism by athletes. Jemele Hill in her Tweet raised a legitimate point about Jerry Jones doing the wrong thing in restricting the rights of Cowboy athletes to protest injustice. Jones wants to bench players who refuse to stand for the anthem (which was created by a racist, slave owner and whose original lyrics condoned slavery). Jerry Jones should be ashamed of himself. Now, we will continue to fight for our rights. Jemele Hill is a heroic black woman and I support her 100 percent.
We will always Stay Woke.

One of the most important events in the 21st century revolve around the independence movement of Catalonia independence movement.  Carles Puigdemont, president of the Generalitat, the government of the autonomous region of Catalonia, supports independence of Catalonia in the Spanish peninsula. The Spanish political establishment of course opposes the independence movement. The October 1, 2017 referendum that called for independence passed by a majority of voters (in 89 percent) in Catalonia. The disputes comes since the Spanish government and the EU opposes such a move. They claim that such a referendum is illegal, but any people have the right to self-determination in the world. Many Spanish police used overreach in trying to stop the referendum by smashing polling places and being aggressive even against elderly people. The Spanish military forces has occupied the area. The Rajoy Madrid government arrested many officials from the Catalan government on September of 2017 too. Some 40,000 people gathered in the center of Barcelona to protest the Guardia Civil’s raids, filling Plaza Catalunya until well into the night. On the streets there were hundreds of Catalan independence flags (the estelada, whose design is similar to the Cuban and Puerto Rican independence flags) flying. The crowd chanted over and over, “Votarem! Votarem!” (we’re going to vote). You could also hear “Catalunya antifeixista” (Catalonia is anti-fascist) and “Occupation troops get out!”  The mobilization of the workers and the oppressed for independence is always legitimate.

We haven't forgotten about California either. Many areas of California are experiencing horrendous wildfires. Tons of homes have been destroyed and many lives have been changed forever. We send prayers and condolences to the family experiencing the fires. Also, it is important to give credit to the heroic authorities who have saved lives, warned people, are fighting the fires, and are organizing shelters to assist the victims of this natural disaster. About 200 people are missing and more than 15 people have died. More than 2,000 structures have been destroyed, and more than 115,000 acres have been destroyed as a product of the fires. While this is going on, the Trump administration is proposing to further gut the firefighting budget for 2018; these include slashing $300 million from the US Forest Service’s firefighting budget and $50 million from its fire prevention program. In addition, it is proposed that the federal budget for volunteer fire departments, often the first responders in wildfire emergencies, will face a 23 percent budget cut. Trump is just a disgrace. Like always, we are in solidarity with the people of California.

What Harvey Weinstein did is disgusting. There is no excuse for sexual harassment and rape period. There should be accountability sent to criminals who do these things regardless of wealth, political affiliation, or any other status. Also, many sick people do harass women in Facebook via stalking, vulgar words, etc.That is inexcusable too. The courageous women speaking out should be commended for their courage and strength. We are human and all of us should be treated with dignity and with respect. I haven't watched it yet, but Leah Remini is courageous in what she is doing. Scientology is one of the most bizarre groups of all time. They believe that people must use auditing to get rid of unwarranted memories. Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard was not only a science fiction writer. He was a notorious extremist who has promoted many falsehoods in his life.

Yesterday was  the Birthday of Sister Crystal Waters. She is now 53 years old. She was born in Philadelphia. She is a living legend of house music, dance music, and other great music. She is a singer and songwriter too. Her music was very popular during the early 1990's. When I was a little, I remember her music vividly. Her relatives are jazz legends. She moved into Washington, D.C. when she was young. At age eleven she began writing poetry and took her writing seriously enough to be inducted into the American Poetry Society when she was 14, the youngest person ever to receive that honor. She went into Howard University. We know that D.C. is a mecca of house music. Her song "Gypsy Woman" was an international hit and represented he cultural essence of 1990's music. Her song "100% Pure Love" is a great jam too. She continues to make music and she can dance too. I wish Sister Crystal Waters more blessings.  Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Mya. She is 38 years old and she was born in Washington, D.C. She is a singer, actress, producer, dancer, songwriter, and designer. For over 20 years, she has been involved in the music industry to provide her audience with joy and exciting creativity as it pertains to her talent. She grew up in Suburban Maryland next to D.C. She was in BET's Teen Summit for years. Many of her albums talk about love, romance, and surviving. Her "Fear of Flying" album exemplifies her persona. She has said that she is inspired by many artists like Sade, Prince, Minnie Riperton, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, etc. She continues to express her music in a honest, powerful way. I wish Sister Mya more blessings.

By Timothy

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