Saturday, October 07, 2017

Why I reject the agenda of Alex Jones.

Part of life is showing the truth. I heard of Alex Jones for more than 10 years. He claims to be independent, but he is part of the same old school far right extremism that is found worldwide. He is part of the alt-right movement.

Back in the day, we called them Birchers, extremists, and the like. I don't agree with him for many reasons. Here are some the reasons why I oppose his agenda:

1. He supports Donald Trump when Trump (who has financially benefited off the wealth of workers and has links to the financial oligarchy overtly) is a racist (as Trump has desired to jail the Central Park Five to this day when they are innocent. He said that a Mexican American judge can't judge a trial fairly because of his Mexican heritage, which is racism. He has called neo-Confederate protesters "fine people"), a sexist, and xenophobe.

2. He claims to oppose eugenics, but omits the eugenics link to the radical anti-immigration movement (since he is against immigrant rights for undocumented workers). Many of the most anti-immigrant racist activists decades ago were in favor of eugenics and quotas.

3. He slanders the BLM in the most debased terms by claiming that Soros funds BLM completely, which is a lie. It is ironic that Alex Jones refuses to expose the system of white supremacy (which has been involved in the Maafa, the genocide of the Native Americans, the Shoah, the Congelese genocide during the 19th century, worldwide imperialism, etc.) since he is a part of it. On Youtube, there is a clip of him or Jones making racist remarks about Mexicans. The BLM is against white supremacy and injustice. BLM desires black liberation not racism.

4. He supports many other overt white supremacists and slave owners like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It's a historical fact that the original national anthem condoned slavery and racism. The author of the national anthem was a slave owner too. Alex Jones has disrespected Colin Kaepernick when Kaepernick is standing up against police brutality and for racial justice for those of black African descent (and others in general). Kneeling in protest is not about hating a flag and hating America. It is about confronting injustice in America.

5. Alex Jones is known to make false predictions and makes up false conspiracy theories about various events. He is a notorious sexist and has false views about feminism.

6. He made so many lies and slanderous statements about Michelle Obama, that he is totally repugnant. Some of the stuff that he said about Michelle Obama are stuff that I can't mention here.

7. Alex Jones is known to use profanity, disrespect, and immaturity when he is in public to confront people. Real activists can debate anyone in the street in peaceful methods, using evidence, and excluding crass behavior.

So, Alex Jones is a fraud.

By Timothy (Me)

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