Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Real Information in our time.

The athletes protesting by a kneel has been historic. It has been going on for months now. Colin Kaepernick has recently filed a collusion suit against the NFL for their actions of preventing him from joining any team. Also, many people talk about how they believe that protesters are not advocating solutions. That is very false because of many reasons. First, people for decades have talked about solutions from laws being changed, actions of self determination, demands for change, and to outright convictions of cops who do police brutality in a legitimate manner. The problem is that the people in power don't want the real solutions that folks have been advocating for so long. The powers that be don't want federal laws banning racial profiling or massive investments to rebuild poor, struggling communities. Many police unions definitely don't want real accountability involving police terrorism. Therefore, people have no choice but to protest and organize anti-racist grassroots movements in fighting back. Some NFL owners like Jerry Jones wants to ban players from kneeling during a national anthem whose original words condoned slavery (and whose author was a racist slave owner). We live in unique times when Trump lies about Obama, restricts legitimate environmental regulations, harms health care benefits, threatens to attack North Korea, and disagrees with Kaepernick (when American colonists centuries ago did much more drastic actions in disagreeing with the British Empire). Republicans and even some Democrats have promoted a war hawk philosophy instead of a cogent, sober minded foreign policy agenda. Attacks on free speech on the Internet has accelerated when Google said that they will restrict what they deem as "alternative sources" in their searches. Also, leaders of Facebook are submitting to the NSA and more policies of censorship could exist in Facebook. The attacks on net neutrality continues to exist by many corporations. Therefore, activism is not a spectator sport. It requires all of us to do our part in order for progressive change to exist.

One of the greatest unsung heroes of the civil rights movement was Sister Autherine Lucy Foster. She is a civil rights activist who helped to end Jim Crow apartheid once and for all. Back in 1956, she was the first African American to attend the University of Alabama. This was long before Vivian Malone and James Hood (both heroes in their own rights) came into the University of Alabama back in 1963. Autherine Lucy Foster was in risk of death. She was expelled by the University unjustly. Later, her expulsion was annulled in 1988. Then, Autherine Lucy Foster came back into the University of Alabama to earn a master’s degree in elementary education in 1991 and she participated in the graduation ceremony in May 1992 with her daughter, a corporate finance major. In the year of 2017, the Autherine Lucy Foster Historical Marker was unveiled on the Tuscaloosa campus near where the mob gathered to protest her presence at the university decades ago. She was there in the ceremony (in 2017) to speak about the cause of freedom. It is a historical time. She has displayed a gracious, humble spirit. She continues to inspire our generation and future generations to keep the faith in order for us to carry the torch, so justice can be made into a triumphant reality. We all congratulate Sister Autherine Lucy Foster on her accomplishments.

Recently, the FBI issued a document that slandered pro-black activists as "Black Identity Extremists." We know how the FBI works. Decades ago, they did COINTELPRO to divide progressive organizations. They lied about Dr. King and other civil rights leaders. The truth is that a black man or a black woman has every right to stand up for black liberation without apology. We have the right to stand up for our freedom using intelligence, militancy in the quest for justice, and social activism. You have every right to use any legitimate means necessary to put a halt to injustice. It is precisely logical to deduce that a government run by an extremist (who brags about committing sexual assault and calls neo-Confederates "fine people") is an administration that I don't respect. Therefore, we are justified in continuously fighting for our liberation. In my state of Virginia, there is a governor's race between Northam and Gillespie. Gillespie (who I remember with his ties to the Bush administration) is known for his ties to the corporate power structure. When I found out that he endorses to keep confederate statues on public lands (funded by our tax dollars), then it is clear what his agenda is. Gillespie should be ashamed of himself by glamorizing the statues of traitors and racist deceivers. Confederates are traitors and they deserve no glamorization. Northam is a Democratic candidate who is more progressive and more reasonable on issues than Gillespie. So, November is coming up and I will vote. I will not vote for Gillespie. Politically, Virginia is more progressive politically than even 15 years ago, so hopefully the new Governor of Virginia will reflect the real values of voting rights and civil rights.

Many years ago, I found out about many similarities between ancient Rome and America today. First, ancient Rome claimed to be work as a Republic and then it became an empire. America was claimed by many to be founded as a Republic, but on many events of history, America didn't act as a Republic to all of its residents (and America expanded its power as an Empire especially by the turn of the 20th century). Ancient Rome has the logo of an eagle. America has a logo as an eagle. Ancient Rome had a disgraceful history with its involvement of slavery. America has a disgraceful history with its involvement in slavery. Ancient Rome had 2 major parties of the Optimits and the Popularis (during its later Roman Republic era). America has the 2 major political parties of the Republicans and the Democrats. Ancient Rome has a known history of Christians being persecuted by Roman emperors. America has a population of majority Christian (back then and today) and many Christians came into early America to escape European religious persecution. Ancient Rome had a diversity of ethnic groups who lived in its territories. America is the most diverse nation in human history culturally, socially, politically, and ethnically. The Roman government from ancient times were based on the 12 tables and the American government is based on the U.S. Constitution. America copied ancient Greco-Roman architecture and ancient Egyptian architecture in especially Washington, D.C. Many revolts happened throughout the Roman empire for the purpose of many fighting for human rights. Revolts and rebellions happened all over American history for the purpose of many fighting for human rights too. Sports were found in both ancient Rome and in modern day America. So, the lesson here is that there is nothing new under the sun. We have to use discernment to not only know what's going on in the world. We have to apply what we know to help ourselves and our neighbors.

One of the heroes of our age is Sister Mae Jemison. Yesterday was her Birthday. She is 61 years old today. Her wisdom is magnificent. For example, she has advanced intellectual curiosity, STEM field ingenuity, and inspiration for girls plus women who desire to explore space (and explore the beauty of the sciences in general). She is a hero to any girl and to any woman (and to anyone in general) who wants to discover more of the wonders and the mysteries of the sciences (from biology to physics). She was born in Decatur, Alabama. She moved into Chicago at the age of 3. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to travel into space. She pursued science since she loved science with a deep passion. She was inspired by the Civil Rights movement and Dr. King in order for her to work towards her dreams. She experienced adversity, but she didn't give up. She refuted the naysayers. She loved the arts and dancing too. She came into Sanford University in 1973 at 16. She worked in the Peace Corps and NASA. She became the first African American woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor on September 12, 1992. She conducted many experiments in space too. She has nine honorary doctorates in science, engineering, letters, and the humanities. Mae Jemison is the current principal of the 100 Year Starship organization. To this very day, she has been involved in programs to give people of color and women opportunities to pursue STEM field related careers. Additionally, she has written numerous books. As a fan of Star Trek, she appeared on the show as Uhura. She has been on many other TV shows. Mae Jemison always want science and technology to enrich human life. Her legacy is about to never stop advancing inquiry and that the love of mathematics, technology, science, and engineering is not limited to a few people. It ought to be cherished by everyone in an inclusive fashion. I wish Sister Mae Jemison more blessings in her life.

By Timothy

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