Friday, June 01, 2018

Friday News on June 1, 2018.

Oliver North is the new head of the NRA. During the 1980's, he was part of the deep state. Even when I was a child during the 1990's, I knew of his corruption. The NRA is promoting the lie that the federal government is trying to confiscate all guns from all gun owners collectively. North back during the 1980's was caught supporting gun runners and people who tried to illegally use actions to promote the reactionary Contras. Oliver North not only believes in gun fundamentalism (i.e. any gun should be owned by almost any person at almost any circumstance which is ludicrous by definition). Oliver North have also labeled teenage gun control activists as "terrorists" which is a slander. The Contras used death squads to harm innocent human lives in Nicaragua and North supported them. Reagan also aided the Mujaheddin during the 1980's in Afghanistan. Oliver North collaborated with Israel to supply weapons to Iran — supposedly the arch-enemy of the U.S. and Israel — in exchange for getting Iran’s ally Hezbollah to release hostages in Lebanon. And the proceeds of the weapons sales were used to supply the Contras with “munitions and lethal aid.”

While this was going on, Reagan was executing the War on Drugs which devastated black communities, other communities of color, poor communities, etc. The War on Drugs have ruined the lives of many non-violent drug offenders for years and decades. This has been documented by Sister Michelle Alexander's book entitled, "The New Jim Crow." Also, the NRA allowing a man, who illegally used gun running, to be the head of that NRA group is the essence of total hypocrisy. Even MS-13 was created in LA by refugees fleeing the Reagan -backed right wing government of El Salvador. The NRA claims to oppose government overreach, but they are heavily silent on many government agents who terrorize our communities. These agents are crooked cops. Back in the 1980's, the Reagan regime was involved in Rex 84. Rex 84 was a program that in case of an emergency, the government would use a secret database to round up American dissidents and throw them into detention camps. That is a fascist plan. The NRA claims to promote freedom, but advances the militarization of the police plus other reactionary policies. Dinesh is a person with greatly bad character. He even tried to justify the war criminal Christopher Columbus. Trump always have a tendency to pardon far right wing racist extremists. He or Dinesh made evil statements about the students from the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. He compared social welfare to a slavery plantation. He's a total hypocrite. He ignores the corruption shown by Republicans Nixon and Reagan.

There is another trade war. The Trump administration has issued tariffs on steel and aluminium exports from the European Union, Mexico and Canada. These nations and one union have now considered or are planning to enact economic responses to this. The EU will impose duties on U.S. products as well. This deals with billions of dollars and the ones who are hurt won't be the oligarchy. They can easily shift stocks, bonds, and find capital in a multitude of ways. It will be the working class and the poor since a trade war does mean that people will pay more for goods like food, oil, TVs, and other items. Congress is also legally bound to deal with trade agreements too. Trump is an authoritarian since he feels that he has the power to do what he wants whenever he wants involving political matters. That is why he has pardoned real criminals and has gone out of his way to refuse to condemn the vicious, racist tweets from Roseanne. Dodd-Frank, which promotes legitimate financial regulation, is being gutted too. New home construction and home sales are down, since the cost of construction materials has already risen in anticipation of the tariffs; that is just for starters. Wages, of course, are stagnant, stuck at 1970's levels for the average worker. The tax cuts for the wealthy continues to transpire. A recent study by the United Way’s ALICE Project “found that 43 percent of U.S. households — nearly 51 million families — cannot afford ‘a bare-bones household budget of housing, child care, food, transportation, and healthcare." You have an EPA whose head is eliminating environmental regulations too. So, the Trump regime is a clear and present danger to the American people and the world.

That is certainly great news if many players sit out during this upcoming season. People are tired of oppression. Trump is consumed by lies. One great lie was saying that he is a victim of personal spying by the previous administration. The NFL policy is not only repugnant. It is part of a tactic of intimidation. The national anthem is based on the words from the white racist Francis Scott Key. The players peacefully protesting are in the spirit of the freedom of speech. I have studied the Revolutionary War too, which the far right loves. The NFL protesters are doing things much more peaceful than the Revolutionary War figures have done (i.e. they have tar and feathered people, burned buildings, and did other acts of rebellion). Expressing opposition to police brutality and racial injustice is a necessity. Reid and Kaepernick were targeted by those who care more for money and Trump than black liberation.

I'm not shocked at Alex Jones defending Rosanne Barr. Alex Jones (who's a lunatic) would constantly defend far right racism and bigotry. Roseanne compared a black woman to an ape. That alone speaks volumes to her vicious hatred. Also, she wore a Nazi suit and baked cookies representing Jewish people. She is vile and sick. She slandered Susan Rice also. Alex Jones claims to oppose corruption, but even some of his former colleagues (like Rob Jacobson and Ashley Beckford) have accused him of racism, sexual harassment, anti-Semitism, and other things. He needs to look at himself in the mirror. People can Google this information too. His ex-wife have said things about him too. Alex Jones is a hypocrite. In his DVDs, he talks about police overreach against mostly white folks in rural areas, but he overtly minimizes the epidemic of police brutality in the black community. He refuses to expose the system of white racism. He is pro-George Zimmerman (Zimmerman is disgusting murderer who continues to threaten people to this day in 2018) and he has slandered the heroic activists of Ferguson, Missouri. Alex Jones is an alt right propagandist who uses paranoia, bigotry, conspiracy theories, and other forms of intolerance as an excuse for him to try to gain followers. He's a disgrace just like Roseanne.

By Timothy

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