Friday, June 29, 2018

Important News of late June of 2018

Yesterday, there was some sad news. A shooter with a shotgun murdered 5 people in Annapolis, Maryland (or the capital of Maryland) at the Capital Gazette. Many people have been injured. The suspect is in custody and he is being interviewed by authorities. Since the DMV area is the home to so many law enforcement agencies nationwide, many local, state, and federal forces came very quickly. People are investigating the motive of the shooter. We know that the shooter had a plan and targeted people in the newspaper building. He blasted the glass door. He used smoke grenades in the location. His named is Jarrod Ramos. He had a vendetta against the paper for years. He has threatened one person from the paper (who was an editor) before. His home is located in Laurel, Maryland. He initially didn't cooperated with authorities. I send prayers and condolences to the victims and their families. Also, it is also important to acknowledge the black women heroes of our lives. In real life, there are tons of black women that I know who are educators, community leaders, teachers, doctors, and other unsung heroes whose work will always be honored by me.

With the recent Supreme Court news, we are entering a new era of our history. Many of the rights that we fought for could be gone if another Supreme Court justice is nominated by the Senate. This is why voting matters. We are in the cusp of the total obliteration of many of our rights for the next 20 to 30 years. It's that serious. Anthony Kennedy was wrong to vote in against public unions and in support of the travel ban. This situation is part of the Trump's cruel agenda. Trump will not nominate a progressive judge. He will nominate a conservative extremist as he has promised to his illogical base. These are very dangerous times when our human rights are threatened. We have to fight for our freedom. The East Pittsburgh officer (Michael Rosfeld) who murdered the young black teenager in the back has been charged recently with criminal homicide. The child who was murdered is Antwon Rose II. Cops, who murder unarmed, non threatening black people, must be held accountable. Also, it is important to acknowledge Terry Crews' courageous testimony about his victimization. Far too often, there are many who demonize victims of sexual assault. That is wrong. In our time, more people are telling their stories. Terry Crews refutes the pernicious lies that a black man must be a brute to be a real man and a black man who talks about his sexual abuse is not a real man. Women have always taught us the truth that there is no shame in sharing your feelings no matter how painful that they are and there is no shame in receiving help when you need it. There is no need for toxic masculinity, just equality among the sexes.

There has been a lot of news about the victory of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (she is a Puerto Rican woman) who won a Democratic primary 2 days ago. She is 28 years old and has heroically stood up against extremism. Like usual, the haters have attacked her. Her haters aren't just far right extremists, but moderate Democrats who believe in the myth that appealing to the center somehow makes revolution possible. History doesn't teach us that. Dr. King, for example, said that the white moderates, were more of an hindrance to civil rights than the far right Klan or the Citizens Council. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were never caused by moderates collectively. It was created by progressive activists who marched, used civil disobedience, and confronted those in power. The New Deal wasn't created by those in the center. In fact, many conservatives and centrists back then opposed much of the New Deal. Social Security and other aspects of the New Deal were created by labor rights activists and others who protested and sparked a movement that ended the Great Depression of the 1930's. Legal, overt slavery in America didn't end by some moderates or those in the center. Slavery in America ended by militant abolitionists, Union soldiers, and other courageous black people who militantly fought the injustice of slavery. That's real. Therefore, we don't need centrist propaganda. We are either hot or cold not lukewarm.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has made it very clear that we need universal health care, free college tuition, an end to ICE, and real economic justice for poor plus working class Americans. She represents her own district in the Bronx and in Queens, NYC. For the establishment Democrats in the media and in Congress minimizing her historic victory should be used as a badge of honor by her. FDR once said I welcome their hatred. We have to refute the haters' lies that being a democratic socialist is a dirty word (when Dr. King praised democratic socialism in his words), or we have too much debt to pay for programs (when we always had huge debt yet we invested heavily in highways, schools, and other infrastructure for generations). Those deficit hawk hypocrites lecture us on debt, but won't speak on the massive spending involving the military industrial complex or the massive tax cuts for the wealthy which expands the deficit, etc. Not to mention that unregulated capitalism doesn't work to end poverty or improve the environment. There are tons of creative formulas to generate the revenues to invest in concrete, necessary social programs that help the people. To promote the general welfare is an essential democratic value. Crowley has shown amazing class involving his defeat. The people decided and we are committed to the Dream fully.
Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Joy, humor, and creative power always encompass the life story of Sister Tichina Arnold. Always a great actress, she has enthusiastically utilized an outstanding form of due diligence to achieve her illustrious excellence. Yesterday was her Birthday and she is 49 years old being born in Queens, NYC. Tichina has a great Northern accent. She attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. She was famous for being in the Little Shop of Horrors back in 1986 with her long time friend Tisha Campbell. She was in the soap opera Ryan's Hope. Tichina Arnold was especially famous for her role as Pam in the comedy show of Martin. She went out and used comedy as friendly competitive banter in dealing with Martin Lawrence in that series that lasted from 1992 to 1997. Afterwards, she continued to be in movies and shows like Everybody Hates Chris, One on One, and the Lena Baker story (which is a movie about the story of the black woman Lena Baker, who was unfairly executed in Georgia many decades ago). She has been involved in music for years. Always on the cutting edge of roles, she continues to work. Not to mention that she is a well known philanthropist. She and her sister created the We Win Foundation, a foundation for people with lupus; her sister, Zenay, has the disease. She performed for those in the military in the United Service Organization's Holiday Tour. She has one daughter that she loves unconditionally. Charisma, her positive spirit, and a passion for living always represent the composition of the life of Tichina Arnold. Tichina Arnold also is a gorgeous black woman inside and out. She can make us laugh and most importantly she makes us think. The reason is that Tichina's words and deeds inspire us to further assist the lives of fellow people in an epic fashion. I wish Sister Tichina Arnold more blessings.

By Timothy

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