Wednesday, June 13, 2018

North Korea and America

The meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un was historic. The nuclear summit have both sides being committed to total denuclearizaiton of the Korean peninsula as a long term goal. Yet, there is no showing of an elaborate mechanism in seeing this through. Trump has promised to end the military exercises in the Korean peninsula as well. This has shocked many people in his cabinet. Both of them met in Singapore. Both Kim and Trump signed a document. Both of them talked at the Capella Hotel. Trump has always loved authoritarian rulers, so him saying more positive words about Kim Jong-Un is not surprising. He said that Kim Jong-Un is very talented. This is in contrast to the G7 leaders criticizing Trump and vice versa. There is no question that Trump's new tariffs and other pro-corporate tax cuts for the rich policies will hurt workers worldwide including America. There should be more negotiations and there ought to be no war in the Korean region at all. We are clear that these nations want to advance their own interests. America wants more power in the Asia. China desires influence over North Korea. We shall see what this will entail for the future of the Asian region. Oen thing being certain is that we are opposed to empire. We know how empires and imperialism has damaged the lives of many people worldwide including he poor plus people of color. Time will tell what this meeting in Singapore will bring. Many Republicans are cult followers of Donald Trump. Trump has a cult of personality over his base and his supporters omit his racism and bigotry because they are in favor of his racism and bigotry.

Today, in our time, has the threats made against net neutrality so real. The current Trump regime has been practically overt in its hostility against net neutrality. Net Neutrality is the concept that the usage of the Internet is fair and it ought to exist without corporate monopolistic domination, and the Internet should transpire with great access among the human race. ISP or Internet service providers under net neutrality must treat all communications as equal. The FCC eliminated net neutrality as we know it by December 2017. Now, private corporations have huge influence on Internet traffic. This can cause service to slow down or be more expensive since some corporations would want their service to reign supreme over other services. The internet service market is cornered by just four corporations (Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner and Verizon). Fifty million Americans have access to only one internet service provider, and more than half have only two to choose from. AT&T trying to merge with Time Warner definitely advances monopolistic power. Like the Gilded Age of old, more power is centralized onto the oligarchy. The vast majority of Americans consistently in polls support net neutrality and oppose the radical changes from the FCC. Internet censorship continues to be a nefarious threat against free speech and free expression. While this is going on, we have an increase of economic inequality and the suppression of democratic rights (against us). Access to the Internet should be a basic human rights without total control by a select few of corporations. The Internet ought to be a pure, public utility. We are fighting to make that a reality too. Common sense is real, because it is power. The body can never be liberated without mind and the spirit being liberated. So, from a spiritual standpoint, our minds must be attuned to real unity with our Brothers and our Sisters across the globe. Therefore, it is common sense for us to help our neighbors, to inspire the youth, to learn more about our real black history, to support great black businesses, to fight poverty, to reject deception (including evil holidays like Columbus Day), to work in our black communities, and to advance black solidarity. Defeating white racism and all evils will takes a collective effort. That is why mental liberation must exist before economic and physical liberation came be made into a reality. This effort requires courage, consistency, strength, honor, and love. You can't have love without justice. There is no peace without justice too. That is why we are committed to the same goal of the liberation of black humanity.

One of the greatest women basketball players in history is a great description of her life. She is Sister Maya Moore and it was her birthday yesterday. She is now 29 years old and she was born in Jefferson City, Missouri. She currently plays for the Minnesota Lynx. She played in high school at Georgia. Also, she played in UNCONN when she was in college winning 2 NCAA championships. Her accomplishments are very lengthy. She won the WNBA MVP in 2013. She won 4 WNBA championships. She has 2 Olympic Gold medals in Rio back in 2016 and in London back during 2012. She was the WNBA Rookie of the Year. She is a great shooter and defender. Also, she is involved in fighting for prison reform, which is one of the most important political issues of the 21st century. Many of our Brothers and our Sisters are unfairly jailed or sentenced unfairly. She has supported charities and philanthropy too. Being a very spiritual woman, she praises the Lord in her endeavors all of the time. There is nothing wrong with that at all. She is a trailblazing human being and a very compassionate person. I wish a Great Birthday for Sister Maya Moore.

The Trump policy of the separation of children from their parents based upon immigration status is not only cruel, but repugnant. Sessions is gloating over this reality and is silent on the treatment of so many adults and children in many immigration camps. This is why voting matters. People like Sessions are overt in their cruel interpretation on how to treat the suffering. This is also an issue relevant to our community too. Many people in those camps are black people (including Africans, Afro-Latinos, and other people of black African descent). So, the rights of immigrants, regardless of their skin color, ought to be honored. Trump and Sessions have no compassion to the victims of the crisis going on in Honduras. Meanwhile Trump has nominated a vicious enemy of immigrants and refugees to head the State Department agency that oversees refugee and immigration issues. Ronald W. Mortensen is a longtime fellow of the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Sessions said that victims of gang violence and domestic violence are no longer qualified for asylum in America. This shows that Jeff Sessions is a low person with no honor. The Trump regime is an enemy of immigrants and all freedom loving people.

Yesterday the day of the 55 years after the assassination of Brother Medgar Evers. He was a veteran, a martyr, and a family man. Courage represented his life since he went on TV back during the 1960's in Mississippi to advocate for freedom and an end to Jim Crow apartheid. He sacrificed a great deal for us, so we wouldn't have to suffer the massive forms of oppression that existed back during Jim Crow. Jim Crow wasn't just about unjust laws. It was about lynchings, violence, the burning of religious locations, murder, etc. Mississippi was his home. That was his land and he was entitled to live in his own land. His wife was his rock and Myrlie Evers-Williams is a civil rights activist to this day. Tons of research from the civil rights movement came from her. He fought in the Battle of Normandy during World War II, so he fought fascism back then and he fought segregation in America. He worked with the NAACP to fight for voter registration as well. Books, movies, and other memorials honor him. Yet, another great way to honor his memory is to defend the rights of the victims of police brutality, to defend the rights of immigrants, to honor women, to honor other minorities, and to advocate for justice for the poor. Jim Crow in its viciousness didn't die in 1965. Its descendants continue today in the form of the prison industrial complex, etc. Our fight for justice is right and we will continue in this august journey for our freedom.

By Timothy

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