Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Savant Words

It's interesting that right wingers repeat over and over the same old talking point: Liberals are the ones who are most close minded, or least intelligent, or most racist, etc. Yet scholarly research shows quite the opposite. Naturally, the right wingers will simply offer up their "alternative facts" while insisting that scholarly findings are liberal propaganda. Hell, they even say that global warming or evolution are liberal propaganda. I guess for them science and reason are liberal propaganda and expressions of "political correctness." And they wonder why American rightwingers have not only a national but international reputation for obtuseness.

Believe it or not you can still find descendants of black slaves of Arab traders in Iraq and even India. But in the case of India, you must be careful...or so I hear. There are Blacks in India, or so I've read, brought there by the Arab slave trade over 1000 years ago. However, there are others who migrated from a time before the Christian era, and maybe before the time of the Greeks and Romans. (Has anyone seen a film called "The Story of India"?)


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