Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Supreme Court's wrong decision, Etc.

Recently on this day, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump travel ban will continue in the form of a 5-4 decision. It is a disgraceful, evil decision since it permits discrimination based upon nationality (or religious creed) and it omits the truth that just because a person was born from another country doesn't mean that this person is a terrorist. The ban doesn't apply to Saudi Arabia when Saudi Arabia is a very authoritarian nation (and has many persons involved in terrorism). The reason is that Trump wants a financial linkage with Saudi Arabia. Democracy is under attack in America and worldwide. In the UK, hate crimes exist against Muslims and Jewish people. Racist, far right groups are growing in Hungary, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, France, and other nations of Europe. That decision is akin to the Supreme Court decision that permitted Japanese internment decades ago. Trump wants the border wall when it is topographically impossible to implement it throughout the Southern border. A border wall is blatantly immoral. Trump appears to racists in his base. The President is explicit in abhorring the freedom of speech, the First Amendment, the rule of law, and due process (by him erroneously wanting to have no judges to deal with immigration issues. Sarah Huckabee saying that you can have due process without judges is the essence of promoting fascism). Trump is a total fascist and a threat to human civilization. The evil Supreme Court decision uses the phrase of "national security" as an excuse to increase the power of the executive branch unfairly when that liar originally wanted a travel ban based on religion (i.e. he wanted a Muslim ban at first). This is why elections matter. With elections, we get real judges. Now, no one can tell you that voting doesn't matter. We have to use our voices and our strength to enact positive, progressive change.

Recently, Maxine Waters called for the confronting of Trump supporters. As usual, Trump lied and implied that Maxine Waters wanted violence against Trump supporters. Maxine Waters later said that she wanted to have nonviolent protests against the Trump agenda. Schumer, like usual, has thrown Waters under the bus by making the ludicrous assertion that Waters wants to harass Trump supporters. Waters wants nonviolent protest not harassment as harassment is evil and wrong. Trump is a known hypocrite by saying in speeches about wanting the police to rough up suspects, wanting his supporters to enact violence against protesters, and promoting sexual assault against women. Donald Trump is known for his evil and antichrist sayings by saying that he doesn't ask God for forgiveness, he equated Neo-Nazis with anti-fascist protesters, he defended Confederate statues, he endorses waterboarding & torture, he is not compassionate when dealing with immigrants and refugees, he praises authoritarian dictators like Duterte, and he has a great tendency to demonize black women (like Maxine Waters and others). We have to support black women as black women have done so much for us as human beings and they are always worthy of dignity and respect.

Some, even in the media, wants us to be pc about Trump when Trump uses every evil invective imaginable (including disrespecting and threatening Congresswoman Maxine Waters). No, we will not be pc. We will passionately and unapologetically criticize that Deceiver in chief, who is the so-called President Donald Trump. Trump deserves no coddling. Some deluded people believe that the best way to defeat Trump politically is not to call his supporters racists and sexists. That's wrong since if a person supports a racist, that person is racist or is a supporter of racism by definition. We can't be naive. Trump is a threat to the world with his policies and the most extreme President since Reagan. The ironic thing is that many Evangelicals support him despite his deception, vulgarity, and evil. That tells me that some people care more for the Republican Party than for liberty and justice. In our time, we have to continue in our anti-fascist activism. Trump also said the racist comment that Maxine Waters has low IQ (which is a known racist epithet against black people). Trump is totally evil. Some people call him insane. He is not insane. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is an evil narcissist. Maxine Waters did the right thing in calling out Trump for the lying evil-doer that he is.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Michael Vick and he is 38 years old. He was born in Newport News, Virginia. For the record, I don't agree with abusing dogs. Yet, it is important to mention that Michael Vick admitted his mistake like a man, he did his time, and he is an active supporter of animal care to this very day. He is famous for being a football player in high school, college, and in the NFL. He is one of the most athletic quarterbacks in NFL history. He had tremendous speed and he has a family that loves him. Right now, he is a sports analyst. During his six years with the Falcons, Vick was regarded as having transformed the quarterback position with his rushing abilities and was named to four Pro Bowls. He holds the record for the most career rushing yards by a quarterback (6,109) and the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season (1,039). His life shows that mistakes don't mean that your life is over. Mistakes are meant to be acknowledged and ought to be used to never repeat them in the future. Michael Vick has been involved in charities, activism, and care for his family a great deal. I wish Brother Michael Vick more blessings.

The common lie promoted by many Internet personalities and Hoteps is that if we express empathy for immigrant children locked up in camps, then we have no empathy for black children experiencing family separation, discrimination, police brutality, murder, and abuse. That lie is not only racist, but trivializes oppression. The reality is that I have empathy for black children and other immigrant children suffering. We always stand up against police brutality and solutions in making our communities better. We praise Black Excellence too. These Internet xenophobes forget that many black people are immigrants too. Some black people are undocumented immigrants and experience massive injustice in American society. These liars talks about institutions, media, etc. Yes, we should have more black institutions, more black owned media, and more Pan-African unity. Yet, these institutions should develop excluding xenophobic rhetoric and eliminating a mentality of capitalist exploitation. A lot of those who claim to be for us aren't for us. They (like some who criticize certain rap artists, but hypocritically curse like a sailor when someone disagrees with him) care more for capital exploitation and middle class bourgeoisie values (which doesn't address poverty, housing, environmental problem, health care issues, etc.) than value true black liberation. They care more for bashing poor people & refusing to fight the prison industrial complex than caring for the human race. You can't have black business without black politics (you need government and infrastructure to cultivate black economic power while ending unfair monopolies & corporate corporation). True black liberation is developing a class analysis, fighting for economic justice, cultivating our culture, loving black women, and promoting international pan-African unity. I believe in black liberation not Hotepism. There's a difference.
Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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