Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Could Rove's October Surprise Be Osama's Dead Carcass?


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Could Rove's October Surprise Be Osama's Dead Carcass?

Neo-Fascists need a poster child for the war on terror to justify crushing kids' testicles and nuking Iran back to the stone age

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com September 26 2006

Could Karl Rove's promised pre-election October surprise come in the form of Osama bin Laden's dead carcass and a propaganda coup for the universally abhorrent war on terror? Recent indications suggest the final nail in the coffin for this CIA poster child might be just around the corner.

In late 2002, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones was told by a source close to the Bush family that bin Laden was already dead and that the body had been handed over after an agreement with the bin Laden family. The source said bin Laden was on ice and his death would be announced only right before the 2004 election.
Perhaps fearing fallout at the brazen transparency of this PR trick, Rove settled for a mere campaign endorsement from bin Laden's videotape release and it was enough to give Bush the four point swing he needed to reclaim the Oval Office. John Kerry blamed the late intervention for his defeat, Walter Kronkite accused Karl Rove of personally orchestrating it. George W. Bush later attributed his victory to the tape.
We are already witnessing the wheels of propaganda begin to turn in anticipation of a major announcement of Bin Laden's death.

Newsmax columnist Ronald Kessler cited Republican insiders as the source of the leak that Rove intends on pulling a rabbit out of the hat to guarantee another Republican sweep this November. Rove didn't predict an October surprise - he "promised" one.
News reports over the weekend have strongly introduced the premise into the minds of the public that bin Laden may now have bitten the dust. A leaked secret French foreign intelligence document concluded that the Saudis thought bin Laden was dead, a claim later denied. Reuters reports today that the Taliban say bin Laden is "alive and well."


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There are several reliable indicators to suggest bin Laden died in early 2002 but in a sense it doesn't matter whether the physical bin Laden still walks the planet or not. It is his image, carefully molded, packaged and presented to the American people by the Pentagon's psy-op experts that dictates his activities, his characterization and even his very existence.
These are the same snake oil salesmen that launched a propaganda assault targeted at the "U.S. home audience," to grossly inflate Musab Al-Zarqawi's role in Iraq, a program that included manufacturing fake letters attributed to Al-Zarqawi and getting the compliant Mockingbird press whores at the New York TImes to splash them on the front page of the Old Grey Lady. The aim of the plan was to reinforce the 9/11-Al-Qaeda-Iraq mirage and hoodwink Americans into thinking the ongoing bloodshed was a necessary reaction to the September 11 attacks as the fifth anniversary approached.

Like bin Laden, rumors of Al-Zarqawi's persistent death abounded but it was only with official proclamation that his Pentagon projected image was finally laid to rest.
Save a carefully staged false flag terror attack, the October surprise is likely to be some wonderfully coincidental breakthrough that will temporarily give the war on terror and by proxy the occupation of Iraq a thin veneer of sheen and saving grace. Don't be surprised at the end of October when CIA rent boy Osama again comes up with the goods that enable the Neo-Fascists to continue their unchallenged imperial crusade into Iran while legislating the necessity to sexually torture infants in order to make bewildered Pakistani goat herders and perplexed Uzbek taxi drivers talk.


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