Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday News and Real Facts being Shown

This situation is a total tragic incident. One little girl named Aiyana Jones is not here anymore. The word accountability comes to mind when I think about this situation. The murderer Chauncey Owens was made accountable for his actions (of killing another human being). There are absolutely no excuses for the deeds of Chauncey Owens. Allison Howard was convicted too and she was punished. Yet, the murdering officer, who was involved in the death of Aiyana Jones, is not only free to go on with his life. He has not even been punished really by the Detroit police Department and the Detroit police Department can suspend him, fire him, and punish him in many ways. Officer Joseph Weekely has said that Mertilla Jones (or Aiyana Jones' grandmother) grabbed his gun, but none of Mertilla’s fingerprints were found on the officer’s gun. No DNA, no blood, and no fingerprints from Mertilla were found on Weekley’s gun. Officer Shawn Stallard testified he never saw any struggle between Jones and Weekley. Mertilla Jones did testify that she did not grab for Weekley’s gun. Either she is telling the truth or she committed perjury. I believe she told the truth unless it can be conclusively proven otherwise. Also, the officers first initiated a grenade attack in a building where also non-criminals were present in the place. The cops can easily surround the place and order the real criminals to leave the place. If the criminals refuse to leave, then they can go into the place without using a grenade. There can be many alternatives which could have been executed by the cops instead of them first throwing a grenade into the location. We all know about police terrorism. We know how many cops have brutalized labor protesters, civil rights activists, and other people fighting for justice for over 125 years. Worldwide, there is an epidemic of police terrorism and that terrorism didn’t end with the storm troopers from the 1940’s in Europe. It still goes on today. The judge, who dismissed the felony manslaughter charge, is highly disappointing. While the police lecture people on snitching, many of them refuse to condemn the Blue Wall of Silence in public. I feel for Aiyana Jones’ family. This story also deals with the further militarization of the local police and how we have to continue to fight against police terrorism. We know that the judicial system is not infallible either. We have to keep it real and view many of these cops as terrorists plain and simple.
RIP Aiyana Jones

Many people are overreacting. First Lady Michelle Obama was not required to wear a headscarf. She is a visitor to Saudi Arabia from a foreign country. Michelle Obama was not being disrespectful to Saudi Arabian customs at all. Also, Condoleezza Rice and Laura Bush did not wear headscarves constantly when they were in Saudi Arabia either. First Lady Michelle Obama wore appropriate clothing and the ignorant hashtags (which are criticizing her) are just that, ignorant. What is really important is to witness that the First Lady is rightfully expressing herself and showing the world that women don’t have to submit to oppression at all. First Lady Michelle Obama is a strong mother, a beautiful black woman, and a very intelligent human being. Tracy Pyles was caught. He had no choice, but to send an email outlining an “apology.” He was in a staff briefing in front of reporters. What he did was wrong, unprofessional, and offensive. The four other supervisors should have stood up for Calvin Trice’s human dignity, but they didn’t. Calvin Trice has shown great compassion involving this situation. Black people are tired of being degraded like this. Black men are certainly tired of having their masculinity and their humanity questioned. People are tired of dealing with this garbage. The sickness of racism still exists and the only way for us to defeat evil is to fight it. Many people have used submission to the system and so forth. That doesn’t work. In fact, loving the status quo makes things worse. Some folks have to stop being naive. We know how the system is and we should always oppose anyone calling a grown black man a boy. Standing up of the human dignity of black people is a pure, intrepid necessity.

Ultimately, Jean Toutiou expressed this collection and used a sign with a slur on it as a means to try to sell his products. I don't agree with that tactic. This is nothing new or surprising. France is not the progressive, anti-racist Utopia that many claim it to be. You can see the mosques being recently vandalized in France and the offensive Charlie Hebdo cartoons existing in France to witness the imperfections in many quarters of French society. He is not the only one who has used abhorrent tactics in trying to sell a product. Even if Kanye West gave him an idea about it (if Kanye did that, then I disagree with Kanye), Jean is still responsible for showing that repugnant display in public. No one forced Jean Toutiou to do what he did. He did this action voluntarily. This is what the members of the corporate elite think about black people and hip hop culture in general. This cultural exploitation is not only wrong, but it is an epidemic in the world. The N word is a horrendously, offensive word. Certainly, we have the right to disagree with these offensive selling practices. It is certainly wrong and a disgrace that an Afro-French Sister was called the N word. Yes, racism exists globally and it is definitely found in the nation of France. I know how the prison industrial complex has exploited black and Muslim people’s lives in France as well. French society has economic inequality issues too. Napoleon was an imperialist and an enemy of black people. He was involved in fighting Haiti in trying to turn Haiti into a place where slavery existed. Napoleon was defeated by the heroic black Haitians twice. The French Revolution was against the monarchy and the concept of monarchical absolutism. Many diverse Americans agreed with the French Revolution. We can read diverse literature form many people as a way for us to gain insights about our true black cultural heritage. Brothers and Sisters will continue to show the truth and stand up for justice. HOTEP.

If I recall, Eve and Jill Scott have every right to their views. They have every right to voices their opinions on music since they know about R and B and hip hop music. The deal with Iggy is that she can’t stand any form of correction or advice, even if that advice is legitimate. The fact is no one is denying the right of human beings to be individuals. People are criticizing how some white artists use the culture of hip hop music as a means for them to be exempt from legitimate critique. Black artists critique each other all of the time. That is nothing new. Yet, Iggy feels that she should be totally immune from any even meaningful discussion about the issue of the appropriation of hip hop culture under the guise of “individuality.” She has to realize that she has white privilege and people can agree to disagree with her (and not try to antagonize her). That is the point. Eve and Jill Scott are not slandering or disrespecting her. The interview has Eve and Jill Scott giving Kudos to Iggy. They are expressing their views about her. We certainly have a long way to go. The system doesn’t respect us, so we should not respect the system. The system needs to be replaced with a real system of justice. We have to be strategic, but we should not be submissive to oppression. We have to oppose unjust laws and sacrifice. It is as simple as that. This incident is very minor as compared to police terrorism inflicted on men, women, and even children throughout the Earth. Many people have passed away as a product of the brutality of crooked cops. Another point is to be made too. We have to develop long term strategies and build. There are many young activists who are not only protesting, but they have formed organizations, they are addressing real issues (like the militarization of the local police, poverty, police brutality, racism, discrimination, etc.), and they are doing a lot of great work in communities. So, the efforts and the actions of numerous activist youths should not be minimized or ignored at all.

Madonna’s “Illuminati” song shows the views of Madonna completely. In the song, she mocks conspiracies, even documented conspiracy facts. The Internet has shown conspiracy information for a long time. It is true that false conspiracy theories should not be believed, but we have every right to believe in documented, conspiracy facts. This song is certainly about expressing disinformation. In the song, she mentions that Jay Z, BeyoncĂ©, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne are not in the Illuminati, but real scholars including researchers never said that these artists were ever members of the Illuminati. Also, she said in an interview about the song that she laughs at the idea of powerful elites controlling things. What scholars have mentioned for years and decades is that many artists are puppets and pawns of the music industry. The mainstream music industry is controlled by corporate heads and other political elites who use the mainstream media as a means for them to promote distraction and to permit their messages in the world. The elites push certain artists to push an agenda with specific messages. The mass media uses the lie that conspiracy researchers are collectively ignorant, extremists, lacking in evidence, etc. as a means to ignore the truth. Madonna laughs at black magic when the political establishment has used the occult for generations. Madonna, ironically, is a firm follower of the Kabbalah and the Kabbalah is linked to Hermeticism, Rosircuriciansim, Freemasonry, Mormonism, and other occult orders.  Pentagrams have many diverse meanings as symbols have multiple meanings. Yet, it is true that inverted Pentagrams have been used in ritualistic magic, spirit invocations, and other magical rituals. The song has Madonna talking about the Enlightenment, but occult secrets have long existed before the Enlightenment. Her views of the Illuminati are similar to Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. It is false that the Illuminati originated form the Enlightenment. The Bavarian Illuminati have roots from Adam Weishaupt and other occult orders have roots from the Knights Templar, the Kabbalah, etc. So Madonna is distorting the facts as a means for her to ridicule any form of research into the topic of the Illuminati. Operation Ajax, Operation Cyclone, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, etc. are real conspiracies that people know about. We want the truth not deception. We want freedom and we are opposed to the agenda of the globalists (who have oppressed humanity for eons). Justice and truth are important to follow.

By Timothy

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