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Winter 2015 Part 2

Greek Fraternities Part 5

This will be a controversial work, but the truth has to be told. Silence is betrayal. I will not segregate my concerns in my life. I will continue to advocate social justice and economic justice, but I will not bow down to the "Greeks." I bow down and worship the Creator God instead. The truth must be shown and I will expose the fraternities and the sororoties' rituals too. I never wrote that much about Greek Fraternities for years, because I wanted the people to witness my recent works on them. Also, I wrote about other issues as well. Years have gone by and the truth remains. The truth is that Greek Fraternities are not only fallible institutions, but they are key agents of the overall Western establishment. They have existed for centuries and now they have international reach. With the new show of the “Sorority Sisters” coming on in Vh1, a new generation of people has taken interest in fraternities and sororities. Recently, Vh1 decided to end Sorority Sisters (which is a show that degrades black women constantly. That is wrong. The human dignity of black women should always be respected), because of the pressure from Greek organizations, protests, boycotts, etc. Therefore, I wanted to write more information about such organizations. You know how I feel about them. I believe that they are socially distracting, many of their members are elitist and arrogant, and their rituals are things that I fundamentally disagree with. Now, before going forward, its real history must be shown first. We can never talk about its fruits today without delving into its origins.

For thousands of years, fraternal organizations have existed in the Earth. They existed in ancient Greece (which is why the fraternities and the sororities today call themselves ‘Greeks’) and in ancient Rome under the Mithraic Mysteries. During the Middle Ages, these fraternal groups allied with the Catholic Church. Some of them worked on religious matters. Other fraternal groups worked in guilds (or a group of tradesmen. These people worked on building cathedrals and other other buildings throughout Medieval Europe). These confraternities evolved into secular fraternal groups and some evolved into the religious Franciscans, etc. Fraternal groups spread rapidly in the States. Now, about 50 percent of adult males belong to or have relatives in such groups in the USA. Fraternities today are diverse. They encompass people of diverse ages, educational positions, work skills, religions, ethnicities or races, religions, politics, etc. They support each other and they claim that they are doing the right thing (they readily do charities, work in community programs, etc). Some trade guilds from the Middle Ages evolved into the Freemasons and the Odd Fellows. There is a connection between the Greek Fraternities and Freemasonry. Many Freemasons invented many modern fraternities or had a great influence on them. Some of the rituals of many fraternities derive from Masonic rituals. Many famous fraternity or sorority members are also Freemasons or Eastern Star members. These fraternities and sororities have powerful social networking. Many of the lawyers, business leaders, corporate executives, teachers, doctors, etc. are members of fraternities or sororities. That is why the fraternities are targeting the Sorority Sisters show. These fraternal groups don't play. I don’t agree with the fraternities’ agenda, but that Vh1 show is disgraceful. Eurocentric paganism and other entities influenced the creation of modern American fraternities. The BGLOs also were influenced by these Eurocentric fraternities too. It is time to keep it all the way real. I don't agree with Freemasonry for moral, religious, and ideological reasons.

Fraternities and Freemasonry

There are links between many fraternities and Freemasonry (which is an organization that accepts the Kabbalah, that has death oaths, that call people “Worshipful Master,” and whose literature teaches deception unto its Blue Lodge members. This is explicitly wrong). The following source documents this Fraternity and Freemasonry relationship:

“…In their decision to expand the society, as well as in the development of their ritual, the Phi Beta Kappa leaders were acting at least partially under the influence of Masonry. A Masonic lodge had existed in Williamsburg as early as in the 1750s, and in 1733 it received a charter room the grand Lodge in England. In 1778, as citizens of an independent commonwealth, the Masons of Virginia set up their own grand lodge, with authority to charter other loges within the state. Eventually Masons in other states did the same. John Heath himself [the fifteen year old funder of Phi Beta Kappa] was not a Mason while a student at William and Mary, but Thomas Smith belonged to the Williamsburg lodge before joining Heath as one of the five Phi Beta Kappa founders. Smith served as the first clerk of the Phi Beta Kappa founders. Smith served as the first clerk of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and became its president on May 3, 1777. Nine other members of the society joined the Masonic lodge during the next year. At least a dozen of fifty men admitted to Phi Beta Kappa during these first four years were associated with both groups at one time or another…” (Richard Nelson Current, “Phi Beta Kappa in American Life: The First Two Hundred Years,” Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 1999, 10).

Here is another source detailing the connection as well: "...Thus, the tenets of Freemasonry, thinly veiled, found their way into the initiation ritual of Sigma Nu and remain essentially unchanged today. Both Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Chi also have Masonic roots as do many other fraternities. Consequently, in a sense, initiates of college fraternities are already 'friends and brothers.'” (Gremillion, p. 167 - see book listing below)

There are other links too. According to Dr. Elizabeth Fine’s new book entitled, “Soulstepping: Development and Transformation of African American Step Show,” the African American fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha had their first initiation in a Masonic Lodge Hall. Some members opened up some of the lockers and used lodge attire to enhance their rituals. African Americans centuries ago were prevented from joining mainline Freemasonry. So, they created other groups like the Prince Hall Freemasonry to do their rituals and so forth. Many Prince Hall Masons have links to the fraternities. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is known for its history of racism and exclusion. Sigma Nu is a fraternity, which was invented at Virginia Military Institute in 1868. Its ritual was written by James Hopkin, who was a Freemason. Many African American fraternities and sororities talk about the burning sands, which is an action done to cause people to finish rituals. This action was done greatly in Masonic Shrine initiation from the late 19th century. The African American Shiners have a great influence in society like on the Moorish Science group and indirectly on the Nation of Islam.

The Boule

People (including members of the conscious community like the late Steve Cokely) have written and discussed about the Boule for years. The Boule is a network of black fraternities and sororities that make up a large portion of the black establishment or the black bourgeoisie. They have influence in the black community and its members regularly work with the white establishment (many of the Boule members supported the obscene Vietnam War where herbicides were used in the land, which damaged the environment of that area. The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to his credit, opposed the Vietnam War in strong terms) as a means to contain or even disrupt revolutionary movements among revolutionary-minded black people. Many of the doctors, lawyers, theologians, university leaders, etc. are members of the Boule. Boule members were instrumental in the founding of the NAACP and the Urban League. To this very day, corporate foundations (like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, etc.) fund fraternities, sororities, the NAACP, and the Urban League. There are sincere people in the NAACP and the Urban League that want real change for back people. So, I want to make that clear. On the other hand, its leadership has been funded by the capitalist ruling class. It is what it is. The world Boule itself comes from ancient Greece. During the times of ancient Greece, the Boule was an assembly that existed as part of city governments in ancient Greece. The Boulai is Boule in its plural form. Boule ton Ellinon is a term for the Hellenic Parliament. Ironically, the ancient Greece used imperialism to not only steal lands and resources. They exploited the knowledge of people of color for their own interests. The ancient Greeks called their combination of their culture mixed with the culture that they illegally conquered the Hellenistic culture.

So, the Boule in essence is a mimic of the Greek civilization when there is nothing wrong with black people loving and respecting their black African heritage. Researchers have found that the fraternities (like Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and the sororities (like Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho) are part of the same Boule network. The father of the Boule is Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. This fraternity was created in May 15, 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its chapters grew in Chicago, Baltimore, and then nationwide. Today, it has over 5,000 members and 126 chapters in America and in the West Indies. The founders of the Sigma Pi Phi were Dr. Henry McKee Minton (the main founder), Dr. Eugene T. Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele, and Richard John Warrick. Charles H. Wesley in 1954 wrote on page 28, why one of it's founding members, Minton, who also owned the first black drugstore in the United States, wanted to create such an organization,"Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale."

The Skulls and Bones (which was created in 1832 in Yale University) is known for its nefarious history and corporate connections. Before WEB DuBois woke up, he was a strong member of the Boule and used unfair, evil personal attacks against Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey wanted a pan-Diasporic unity among all black people in the planet Earth. The Garvey movement was ended by the federal government. Marcus Garvey was right to say that black is beautiful and that Africa is a beautiful land. It is true that workers need rights and economic justice. At the same time, the capitalist elite’s goals were in direct contradiction to the masses of black people in the world obviously. Around the peak of the Garvey movement and the UNIA, Western imperialists further colonized the Motherland. These imperialists exploited its resources as part of the imperialist's Berlin Conference agenda. The 1884-1885 Berlin Conference was about Europeans trying to further steal and exploit the lands of the beautiful continent of Africa. WEB DuBois (who was involved in the founding of the NAACP along with other establishment people) wanted the “talented tenth” to control the black community, but we don’t need that. We need independent, grassroots people to be empowered. All power should be for all people, not for a select group of people. That’s real talk. Today, the Boule is still here. Vernon Jordan is a member. He is an ally of Bill Clinton when Bill Clinton supported the three strikes law (he signed the reactionary Crime Bill), supported the murderous Iraqi sanctions, did nothing to help out Rwanda, etc. Vernon Jordan is also on the Trilateral Commission, in the Bilderberg Group, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. These groups promote political and economic integration plus globalization. Kweisi Mfume is another member of the Boule and he wrote a note back in July 1994 praising the Sigma Phi Phi organization. Lawrence Otis Graham, author of Our Kind of People, described the evil colorism and materialism found in the black establishment too (Graham admitted in the same book that the evil "brown paper bag" test existed in BGLOs like in the AKAs and in Alpha Phi Alpha). Graham's book is an excellent source, because Graham knew of the black middle class establishment and the black rich up close. Ultimately, the system of white supremacy promotes colorism, self hatred, and other evils all of the time. We must oppose injustice and Black is Beautiful.

We know the rituals of many of these groups too. There is an excellent Youtube video series on the rituals of BLGOs. It has been talked about by a Sister and ex-Sigma Gamma Rho named Helene P. and a Brother (who is an ex-Phi Beta Sigma) named Genji J. They are courageously telling their experiences and stories. Helene P. said that she couldn’t wear certain colors, they couldn’t walk on grass, and that they couldn’t eat sweets (or snacks). They had to walk on the ground. Genji J. said that he was restricted in his actions when he was once in the fraternity too. He said that he was caught eating a cookie by a fraternity person. Helene P. said that people are readily degraded and demeaned in her sorority. Helene P. said that the skulls and crossbones are found in the logo of the Sigma Gamma Rho, which is true. They have mentioned slang terms as well. One slang term is "drop," which means that you will quit the pledge. Helene P. said that people are forced to eat onions, people were spit on, etc. Helene P. said that they sang songs promoting their sorority, etc. True freedom is not about that. True freedom is about respecting human dignity and having an appreciation of human life. Helene P. said that the sorority talking about the sun god, the Goddess, and then they read words from the NT. Many of these groups in their initiation rituals allow people to swear on Bibles, but even Matthew 5:4-37 (which is found in the same Bibles that these groups swear on) don’t support swearing on Earth or in Heaven. Much manipulation and deception are found in these organizations. God Bless Helene P. and Genji J.

In Kappa Alpha Psi on pg. 14 of their ritual book, “the Atlar of Kappa Alpha Psi, which is the Sacred Delphic Shrine, shall be placed in the center of the room and covered with a crimson and cream coverlet.” The Delphic Shrine is found in the ancient Greek polytheistic religion and it was the shrine of the god Apollo. So, the Sacred Delphic Shrine is for Apollo or the sun god. This temple still exists in modern day Greece. Candidates who want to join this group must kneel at the “sacred altar of Kappa Alpha Psi and repeat the oath.” (p. 23). Kappa Alpha Psi member knelling at the Delphic shrine and dealing with the false Eurocentric god of Apollo is not about promoting Christian doctrines or even true blackness. Apollo and Minerva can't save a single soul. The fraternity of Alpha Phi Alpha in page one of their ritual book says that Alpha Phi Alpha means, “…First and leading brotherhood of the Ethiopians to open its portals to all mankind..” The ritual book on pages 4-5 mentions that the initiation process includes blindfolding the candidate while he kneels and eats the food prepared by the golds for Alpha Phi Alpha men (usually raw noodles). Later, while in front of the altar, the book says, “…All members shall say Behold, Behold as the candidates’ blindfold is withdrawn and he sees Alpha Phi Alpha the light of the world in large letters over the altar.” This is very controversial since in Christianity, the NT says that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. Also, God is filled with light and not a Eurocentric based organization. The sphinx (having the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh) is the emblem of Alpha Phi Alpha. Other sororities and fraternities have similar rituals and ceremonies also.

Secret Societies

Secret societies have existed throughout human history. They have provoked debate and discussions. We know more information about them than in previous generations. A secret society in essence is a club or organization. Its activities, events, and inner functions are concealed from non-members. Some secret societies conceal their existence and some don’t. They are diverse. Some act as spiritual groups, political groups, intelligence groups (or organizations that gather intelligence). Their membership can be diverse too. Some of these groups transmit secret knowledge, denial of membership or knowledge of the group, and secret rites or rituals which members have to do. One example of an initiation rite is found in Freemasonry. In Freemasonry, the candidate re-enacts the murder of the ancient master builder Hiram Abiff. In the Masonic story, Hiram Abiff was killed by three ruffians, because he would not reveal the secret Mason’s word. The initiate says that they must swear eternal silence of these secret or face torture or death (even if this is not literal, this is still cruel). According to Reginald Haupt Jr.’s “Gods of the Lodge” book (including other books), Masonry’s own document shows that Freemasonry is influenced from ancient Egyptian tradition, the Kabbalah, and other occult philosophies. Even Freemason J.S.M Ward in his book, “Freemasonry and the ancient gods” on pg. 347 admitted that, “…Freemasonry is the survivor of the ancient mysteries - nay, we may go further and call it the guardian of the mysteries…” Secret societies readily use symbolism to define their group or to use symbols to express teachings or doctrines. Symbols are used by people to represent a concept, Nature, or any aspect of reality.

They have a long history among human beings. To begin, ancient human beings are a lot smarter than many people think they are. For example, the Great Pyramids of Giza are aligned in the same manner as the three stars (of Mintaka, Al Nitak, and Al Nilam) in the belt of the Orion constellation. In ancient Egypt, there were the initiates of the priesthood. They knew about math, sciences, art, architecture, engineering, astronomy, medicine, magnetism, spirituality,etc. The ancients teach us that everything in existence is energy and is the result of frequency. The ancients knew that many ancient geometric patterns symbolize how energy flows and manifests itself. We know that many of the ancient pyramids, monuments, and megaliths were built on the ley lines (or what many people consider to have high levels of energy). A ley line is a straight fault line in the Earth’s tectonic plates. They also knew that Nature and the Universe in general has a relationship with Phi and how energy that manifests itself obeys precise universal laws. We know about the priest-kings of China, the acolytes of the Greek Mysteries, the shamans (in the Americas, Nepal, Siberia, etc. who knew about rituals and so forth), and other civilizations with many secret orders. The secret orders’ traditions were found in many locations like in the lost library of Alexandria, etc. The Sumerians have members of their society that knew about secret knowledge too. The deal is that in our modern age, the corporate elite have exploited the real knowledge (from the ancients) as a means to expand oligarchy and prevent the masses of the people to be free. I have more respect for ancient peoples than the oligarchy today, because ancient humanity never exterminated millions of people via the Maafa, used atomic weapons that killed innocent human life, done various other genocides, and other atrocities within the span of less than 1,000 years. In order words, the individuals of the one percent today are the hijackers of the real wisdom from the ancient world (since the ancient world also had great people who stood up for truth) and they use bad policies as a means to control people.

There was the Dionysian Artificers of ancient Greece. The Druids and other cultures globally had their own secret, spiritual orders which focused on understanding Nature, and other parts of human endeavors. From 1,000 B.C. to the birth of Jesus Christ, new teachers and new philosophers promoted their views like Buddha, Lao Tze, Confucius, Pythagoras, Plato, and Zoroaster. Whether people agreed with them or not, humanity wanted to make sense of human consciousness, the Universe, and the meaning of life itself. The Eleusian mystery cults grew too. During the time of Jesus Christ (and centuries after his birth), groups like the Essences, the Nazarenes, the Mithraic groups, etc. grew. When the Roman Empire ended, things changed. Power in Europe became more governed by Kings. The Middle Ages developed and soon Islam was created by Muhammad. Sufi secret societies grew too. Hasan-i-Sabbah established the Order of the Devoted of Assassins in ca. 1000’s A.D. The Knights Templar was a secret order that was formed in ca. 1119 A.D. They were once supported by the Roman Catholic Church. The Knights Templars were basically warrior monks who guarded Christian pilgrims when they traveled into the Middle East (in visiting religious sites and so forth). When the Crusades came about (which was about Europeans trying to control the Middle East in an imperialist fashion), the Knights Templar fought against the Muslims during the Crusades.

The Knights Templar gained great economic power and spread their influence all over Europe and even in the Middle East for a time. They once controlled the Temple Mount, which was their headquarters for a time. Early members were Godfrey de Saint-Omer and AndrĂ© de Montbard. Saladin came back to defeat the Crusaders after he was defeated in the 1177 Battle of Montgisard. The Knights Templars were innovative bankers and some call them the world’s first multinational corporation. They regularly feuded with the Knights Hospitaller and the Teutonic Knights. King Philip IV of France accused the Knights Templar of many charges (like sacrilege, occult rituals, etc.). Historians and scholars debate to this very day whether these charges are true or false. Grand Master of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay of the 1300’s denied the charges until the day that he was burned by the authorities. The Knights Templars were arrested, tortured, and many were burned at the stake. De Molay was burned alive at the stake in Paris on March 18, 1314. The rest of the Templars went into other military orders like the Knights Hospitaller, arrested, lived peacefully, etc. Some went into Scotland and to Switzerland. Freemasonry has used many of the Templar symbols and rituals in many of their Masonic bodies. Later, Rosicrucian thinking spread across the Earth. Roscurcianism deals with views on Nature, the Universe, the spiritual realm, etc. This movement was especially strong in England. Occultists like Dr. John Dee followed Enochian magic, the Kabbalah, and he advanced the concept of the British Empire. Therefore, Dr. John Dee supported the evil of imperialism. One of the most controversy secret societies was the Bavarian Illuminati. It was invented by Adam Weishaupt in May 1, 1776. Adam Weishaupt was an ex-Professor whose Illuminati group wanted to establish an Utopian society (where he wanted to end the Monarchial system in Europe, he expressed hostility toward mainstream religion, and he wanted a radical change in society). His group was made up of spies, counter spies, and a hierarchy developed. The Bavarian Illuminati was secretive and soon people caught on to their agenda. The Bavarian Illuminati was soon banned and suppressed by European Kings. Thomas Jefferson agreed with Adam Weishaupt's goals while George Washington disagreed with the Illuminist movement.

There is a secret history to America as more people realize. Many of the Founding Fathers were members of Freemasonry and other orders. Before 1776, Sir Francis Bacon wrote about America having skyscrapers, underwater vehicles, advanced scientists, etc. back in the 1600’s. He wanted America to be the New Atlantis. He was a member of the company that founded colonies in Virginia and the Carolinas. George Washington was a Freemason. He believed that Providence guided the creation of America, but we see that evil people used slavery as a means for them to oppressed black people and used genocide against the Native Americans. In essence, America was filled with murder and oppression since its inception. There were a mixture of righteous people in early America (who opposed slavery and injustice) and evil people in early America too. Benjamin Franklin was a more progressive early American. Franklin also published the books of Johann Conrad Biessel, who founded Ephrata in Pennsylvania, the first Rosicrucian community in the New World. Franklin visited there frequently and brought gifts. There are rumors that many Founders were Rosicrucians. Occult rituals have been very common in early America. Even the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol Building was laid in a Masonic ceremony (using corn, wine, and oil on 1793). The original design of D.C. by Freemason Pierre-Charles L’Enfant was later modified by Washington and Jefferson to produce the specifically octagonal patterns incorporating the particular cross used by the Masonic Templars. The views of the Enlightment (with thinkers like John Locke, David Hume, Francois Marie Arouet or Voltaire, Jean Jacques Rousseau) influenced the ideologies of the American colonies. The U.S. Constitution has Masonic ideas (as Freemasonry has the Anderson Constitution from the early 1700’s) and the Constitution has been influenced by the Iroquois Confederacy too. The U.S. Constitution is essence has been influenced by Freemasonry, the Native Americans, etc. The esoteric crowd believes that the Ageless Wisdom spread across history into early American history.

Secret Societies flourished from the 1700’s to the present. There was the Dragon Society, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light formed in 1858, the Theosophical Society, the O.T.O, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, etc. The Bohemian Grove was created during the late 19th century and it still has great influence today among Western elites. The controversial Thule Society, the P2 Lodge, and other groups have a controversial history.

The 1001 Club has not been talked about in many circles. We do know that NGOs, think tanks, and other multinational corporations have huge influence in the world. These organizations and private entities have more power and influence than some governments. Many world leaders like Prince Bernard, Prince Philip de Haes, and Anton Rupert are members. Rupert was closely associated with the Afrikaner Broederbond or the Afrikaner nationalist secret society. Each member pays a one-time fee of $10,000 for lifetime membership. It was created by Prince Bernard of the Netherlands with help from South African entrepreneur Anton Rupert in the year of 1970. Regular meetings of the 1001 Club still exist. There have been meetings in Monaco, Barcelona, and throughout Europe. A 1978 report in the Times confirmed that Prince Philip gave a reception at Windsor castle for 1001 Club members. There are differences between the Anglo-American elite Pilgrim Society and the 1001 Club. Both are aristocratic and they have very low profiles. They are international and they originated from England. Their memberships overlap with each other. One difference is that members from the 1001 Club are recruited from all over the world. Members of the 1001 Club involve Conrad Black including Maurice Strong (who are from Canada), Alf Bjercke (from Norway), Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza and Berthold Beitz (Krupp) from Germany, Gyanedndra Dev from Nepal, etc. The Pilgrim Society is mostly Anglo-American. A lot of royalty and nobility are members of the 1001 Club. Both organizations have members from the similar families like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Printing money is not necessarily a sign of the heads of the power structure. Many of the global elite don't show their faces and they own the resources. So, we have to look at the people who not only own the central banks, but who own the resources of the Earth. In that sense, we can witness the members of the establishment (like the Nobility families of Europe). Furthermore, quite a number of the 1001 Club members were part of the South African business sector that was the subject of a UN boycott during apartheid. The 1001 Club deals with mainstream environmental organizations. There is nothing wrong with helping the environment. Yet, the elite have corporations that they use to exploit the mineral records of the Earth under the guise of “sustainability” (and these same corporations do real damage to the environment via excessive hunting, excessive oil drilling, deforestation, pollution, toxic waste dumping, etc.). It has helped to fund the World Wide Fund for Nature of the WWF. Mobutu was a member of the 1001. Mobutu was a traitor to black people by opposing the sincere, heroic black nationalist Patrice Lumumba and by allying with the same Western imperial interests that harmed black people in Africa. Raymond Bonner in his book “At the Hand of Man: Peril and Hope for Africa’s Wildlife” has accused the WWF of using neocolonialist methods. So, it is obvious that the 1001 Club represents capitalist Western interests not all of the masses of freedom loving peoples of the Earth.

There is elite factionalism too. That means that different factions of the global elite have different goals, may compete with each other, and the global elite are diverse. For example, Professor Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope book from 1966 say that the Wall Street factions was competing against the new money people (of the Southwest and the West Coast. These people gained more wealth in oil, aviation, armaments, etc.) for political influence in America. There are the Sun Valley Meetings too which many corporate heads of the 21st century regularly meet all of the time.

More Information about Fraternities and Sororities

There is the fraternity of Alpha Sigma Phi, which is found in Yale University. It was founded in December 6, 1845. Its crest has a lot of symbolism. It has 91 active chapters, 29 colonies, and 5 interest groups. It is the 10th oldest fraternity in America. Its motto is a Latin phrase with the words of “Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima.” That means that “The cause is hidden, the results well-known.” Their official symbol is the Phoenix. The Phoenix is found in mythologies and in the occult. The phoenix, in various mythologies, rises from the ashes from its old body. What the Phoenix means for this fraternity is that this fraternity was re-founded in the early 1900’s. It offers services and opportunities to Yale university students including its alumni. Yale also has the famous Skulls and Bones and Scroll Key organizations. There are many founders of the Alpha Sigma Phi. They are Louis Manigault, Stephen Ormsby Rhea, and Horace Spangler Weiser. Manigualt told his friends Rhea and Weiser that he planned on creating another sophomore society. Rhea agreed and he enlisted Weiser to be a founder of the group too. This started the establishment of Alpha Sigma Phi. They were once rivals of Kappa Sigma Theta until Kappa Sigma Theta was suppressed by the faculty in 1858. Alpha Sigma Phi is found in universities nationwide. The basketball player Press Maravich, football player Billy Johnson, Ray Eliot, and Tom Watson are people who are or were members of the Alpha Sigma Phi.

So, for a recap,  here are some facts about Greek Fraternities:

*Modern Greek fraternities existed from European fraternal organizations of the Middle Ages.

*Greek fraternities have historically discriminated against others on the basis of race, class, appearance, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc.

*Greek fraternities have a history of hazing despite recent bans on hazing made by fraternities and sororities.

*Greek fraternities overtly claim to be for community growth, but they have an establishment of exclusivity among its members. Peer pressure is readily found in Greek organizations. That is why some Greeks use the slang word “cat” to describe people in a derogatory way. The word “cat” refers to don’t go through the pledging process or is not pledged in the “right way.” It has other meanings too.

*Ex-Greek members tell stories about mental manipulation, extreme conformist thought (that harms independent thinking), and harsh initiation rituals (i.e. the burning sands ritual). Even fraternity members like Rickey L. Jones (via his 2004 book entitled, “Black haze: Violence, Sacrifice, and Manhood in Black Greek-Letter Fraternities”) have exposed the violence of hazing in fraternities historically. Some Greek organizations promote binge drinking. That is why some Greek organizations have been shut down by colleges.

Independent Thinking

At the end of the day, independent thinking is great. We can find the truth and experience life fulfillment without consumerism, materialism, and militarism. In life, there will be ups and downs. Yet, we can learn lessons in our experiences as a means for us to grow as human beings. In this generation, too many people want to be subservient ideologically to corporate interests. We know about what is happening in the world. There has been still massive unrest in the Middle East. The drone actions have been a humanitarian disaster. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t go far enough. There are not universal single payer options before negotiations ever began, but I am glad that people have health care in America. Many political leaders have given lip service in response to tragedies like the events of Ferguson or the murder of Eric Garner. New restrictive voting requirements are found in states nationwide. We have to expose the corruption done by Wall Street and by the large central banks which contributed in large measure to our economic problems in the first place. Yet, there is another great point to be made. We have to have hope. Sometimes, it is in the midst of travailing evil where we can witness the end of the tunnel. In essence, we have to our work and contribute our time and efforts in making society better with determination and selflessness. We will forever reject evil and advance goodness forever. Independent thinking is rather clear. It is about us loving Nature, loving righteousness, and believing in justice for all in the human race. It is about seeing people as people and rejecting false stereotypes. So, we have to research information and we should think as free human beings. Heroes like Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglas, etc. fought for human liberation and we have to always advocate for freedom and liberation too. Wisdom and truth ought to be embraced by all of us. So, we have to not only condemn the actions of the Western establishment like them executing imperialism and them permitting economic neoliberal injustices. We have to care for the poor, for the worker (there is a long history where individuals collectively stood up for economic justice then and now), for the immigrant, and for the oppressed. In that sense, we build up our souls prodigiously and we recognize the value of human dignity.

By Timothy

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