Thursday, January 22, 2015

Savant's words on society

The spelling "Amerikkka " has its origins (as far as I can tell) in the political discourses of AA nationalists and revolutionaries, who also sometimes referred to the USA (especially as an imperial power) as "Babylon. " It is not an orthographic error. The "KKK" (acronym for the Ku Klux Klan) was intended to indicate the spirit of the Klan was really NATIONAL, representing established institutions, not just a terrorist racist organization wearing sheets. Sometimes it's the same mentality wearing police uniforms and badges instead of sheets. The expression "Amerikkka " instead of America represents a political attitude having not much to do with "high" or "low" achievement. To an American (even white Americans) the implicit indictment of the social order conveyed by "Amerikkka " is pretty obvious, but may not have the same resonance abroad. As I mentioned before, Attai sometimes adopts our political rhetoric. When angered by some injustice we sometimes use words like "pig", "Amerikkka ", etc. When angered by a treacherous Black person whom we feel is betraying, we sometimes refer to them as "oreo", Tom, flunky, Aunt Jemima, etc. Some Blacks disillusioned with Obama may call him "Oreobama ". But we mainly keep that to ourselves. The fitness of these expressions depends largely on context; and when whites use these expression (even when well meaning), they sometimes misjudge the context.


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