Saturday, January 10, 2015

Savant on the crisis in France

Je souviens un attaque on the Jewish community, a market. I don't recall whether a synagogue was attacked.. Even in cases where I think a just cause if be fought there can be no excuse for terrorism. And this jihadism isn't even a just cause.



Je crois pas que l'expulsion de TOUT Mussulman est possible. Beaucoups des Mussulman en France sont citoyen de France. Of course, those who are not citizens can be expelled. Any connected with terrorism who are citizens can be imprisoned. Heursement, la majority des citoyens d'origines Islamique ne sont pas terrorists. Many of them (as I discovered while there) do not even take Islam seriously. (Some even being atheist or agnostics like yours truly).



J'entend que the majority des Francais ( a peu pres 72%) ont un opinion positive concernant les Mussulman en France. That is the really shameful thing. France is the MOST TOLERANT country in Europe. And this is where les terrorists Islamique fait leur attaque. C'est atroce.



My condolences a vous et le people de France. I don't know what these killers hope to accomplish. Vengeance against a newspaper which they don't like? If they want to establish an Islamist regime in Iraq or Syria, I don't see how murdering journalists will accomplish this. If anything it may make the situation of innocent Muslims in France more tenuous, for they may be blamed for this atrocity. It may fuel the French Right and give some steam to the political trajectory of rightist loons like Marine le Pen and that fascistic Front Nationale. I can only hope that the French people as a whole are not polarized by this atrocity. Terrorisme is the enemy of EVERYONE -Chretian our Mussulman, juif ou atheist--or whatever. My deepest sympathies to the people of France, les citoyens de mon pays europeean favorite.



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