Friday, January 02, 2015

Savant Words to Me.

Happy New Years, brother Timothy. Yes, the courageous rebels and revolutionaries of the 1960s set an inspiring example.. An example to learn from in our current struggles. More study needs to be done on SNCC. They had a grassroots approach. I think it's of some relevance the Movement in Ferguson which has precipitate a nationwide movement, is a grassroots based movement. SNCC and the BPP may be the most important movement for us to learn from. SNCC because of its tendency to decentralized, grass roots democracy--includi ng direct democracy. The Panthers because of their many community based programs which went way beyond confrontation with "the man", and focused on the reconstruction of community as part of the revolutionary transformation of society. By the way, I'm thinking about starting a "philosophy thread," or a philosophical corner. As a philosopher I have in mind what in the 1960s and 70s was called "philosophy of liberation." If it happens I hope you will join in. It isn't necessary to be a "professional " philosopher, just someone inclined toward critical reflection, exercise of creative intelligence, and a deep ethical concern for human freedom and liberation. As Gramsci put it in his Notebooks, all human beings are philosophers (at least potentially) even though all do not exercise the "social function" of philosophers. I hope you will pitch in. I know a lot of trolls will


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