Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The 2015 State of the Union Address

The President’s State of the Union address was centrist like the speeches that he has given during the past. I agree with some of his views and disagree with other parts of his speech. I agree with him in advocating for the building our infrastructure, the establishment of a guaranteed paid sick leave and paid maternity leave (as every industrialized nation has except America), and the increase of the minimum wage. The problem is that the reactionary Republicans will ruthlessly oppose any of these common sense measures. Many GOP members just believe in “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.” It’s a shame. The super wealthy have received record profits and record benefits and some of them are whining about a minor tax increase. We have record economic inequality and from 1945 to 1975 our economic inequality was the lowest in American history (via a strong social safety net and other fair economic policies). Many people have received jobs, but we have a very long way to go in seeing radical improvements in our economic situation. We have record economic inequality and stagnant wages nationwide. Boehner even invited Benjamin Netanyahu to come and speak to Congress about Iran. Boehner said that he didn't ask permission from the White House to do it. Boehner is certainly a neo-conservative. The President was confident in his tone in his speech. He said “I won two of them” in reference to him winning two terms. We can’t be naïve. We see that “democratic capitalism” doesn’t work to end poverty. His speech dealt with what he wanted to do. He wanted to make community college more affordable, tax credits for the middle class (via middle class economics), and get Congressional authorization to deal with ISIS (which is a creation of Western-intelligence funded terrorists). The Republican controlled Congress will express huge opposition to his proposals. The strengths of his speech was his advocacy for equal pay, for building up infrastructure, sick leave plan and for his fight for higher taxes on the wealthy. Yet, he still has a neoliberal policy of not making Wall Street truly accountable. His foreign policy is still very militarist and reactionary.  The drone attacks, the torture, and other evil war mongering policies has not stabilize the Middle East. In many cases, it made thing worse. He supports the TPP, but the TPP has meetings totally in secret. Many legislatives have not read the TPP proposal in its entirety.  Yet, we should never lose hope. We have to keep on going forward. Going forward means that we have to fight for equal pay and revolutionary changes in the criminal justice system. We should always defend our voting rights as well. We need to reject imperial policies too as advocated by many people of both parties. We have to continue to work for justice.

This is an excellent campaign from Dove. All women and all girls have every right to love their hair. There is nothing wrong with curly hair at all. Certainly, the short film is very inspirational and important. Self-love and love for our neighbors are important ideals that make society better. We are a better people and a better community when we honor the precious human dignity found in all of us. It is obvious that we have a long way to go. We are still fighting for justice in our generation. When we have unarmed black men, women, and children being murdered unjustly by many police officers, then people already know what time it is. There are many people who hate black people and judge black people in a racist fashion. That is why we, as black people, should keep on fighting. We should fight for our human rights and for our economic freedoms. We see how that the global Capitalist system has promoted covetousness, materialism, consumerism, the love of money, and the hatred of our neighbors. Monopoly capitalism is linked to imperialism. That is why I am anti-imperialist. That is why we need more of the Knowledge of self, self-determination, and the advocacy of justice. We don’t need nihilism. We need solidarity among our people worldwide (in seeing Africans, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Caribbeans, all Afro-Latinos, Afro-Europeans, African Americans, etc. as ONE. WE ARE ONE and Black will forever be Beautiful).

It is very important to know the following information. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who did not tell black people to bow down to a racist society. He told black people to use civil disobedience, strikes, work stoppages, etc. as a way for people to oppose unjust laws. He explicitly opposed the Vietnam War which the corporate elite wanted to promote. When he opposed the Vietnam War, SCLC radically was reduced of its funds. He sacrificed his time to stand up for freedom and justice. He came out to condemn materialism and monopoly capitalism. A real leader will always critique capitalism in strong terms, yet many people want to even support corporate corruption, which is a shame. Also, he said that he wanted to build up black institutions via his last public speech in Memphis. So, I will always respect the truths that Dr. King spoke. No human is perfect and the same ones who try to slander Dr. King refuse to expose the system of white supremacy (and they love the current capitalist system). Malcolm X and Dr. King shook hands as men and they respected each other. Malcolm X came into Selma in early 1965 to support the voting rights campaign there. It was the neoliberal policies (not Dr. King's revolutionary views) that contributed to the problems that we face today. Decades of neoliberalism, deindustrialization, women scapegoating (as women like men should have total equality), bad trade deals, the War on Drugs, and other evils don't work. A radical redistribution of economic and political power will work instead. We must not only expose racism, but we must expose class oppression as well. The exploitation of the poor must end, so the poor can have a living wage and real economic power. There were many strong, courageous people in the black liberation movement. Austerity, reactionary propaganda, objectivism, apathy, racism, etc. are defective, retrograde views that should be discarded and repudiated. Economic justice, anti-imperialism, love, and justice are qualities that anyone can accept as authentic principles.

FOX News’ Empire is about a show about a drama that deals with the music industry. Lee Daniels is one creator of the show. Lee Daniels is the same man who was involved in Precious and the Butler movies. Empire is a TV series is part of the overall agenda of the establishment. The establishment promotes stereotypes, lax morality, selfishness, and materialism all of the time. The music industry is not ruled completely by black people. The industry is controlled by mostly white males. The show Empire has the title of Empire. The show tries to show black people running a music corporation while covertly the Empire of white supremacy exists now (and runs the entire music empire on the show and in real life). Back in the day, we had empires. Shows like Empire omit the conscious Brothers and conscious Sisters with strong families, being upright, and helping their communities. Empire is being used as a distraction as a way for people to sympathize with the materialism and corruption found in the establishment’s music industry. Monster’s Ball is a disgrace of a movie. I saw some of Monster’s Ball and I just stopped looking at it after 30 minutes. From that day on, I have never looked at Monster’s Ball a day in my life. Lee Daniels is a puppet of the ruling class, because a revolutionary Brother or a revolutionary Sister would never be allowed to show shows that show the real wonder and essence of our people (in opposition to the system of white supremacy explicitly). Junk TV is just like that, junk. We have to treat each other right and understand that fathers and mothers should educate their children on their culture, their power, and their human value. The Knowledge of Self is so important to promote.

We should not worship the celebrity culture. We need to develop our souls and our minds, so we can develop a better civilization for our community. We need to follow collective improvement. Both Professor Griff and Zaza Ali made an excellent point about how black people have great brain power, so we can be multifaceted in our attributes (from creating music, producing, photographing, writing, engineering, etc.). Boyce Watkins’ views are interesting too. He is right that Empire shows stereotypical images and that FOX News is filled with racists. Rupert Murdoch is a capitalist who said that all of the ancient Egyptians were white, which is false. Boyce Watkins is right that the emasculation agenda (in the sense of bashing any black man expressing strength, honor, dignity, etc.) is real in society. Lee Daniels is a self-hater and he made disrespectful comments about black women too. I remember that. It is a shame that talented actors and actresses like Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson are rewarded for playing such role since both people are excellent in the art of acting. People should think for themselves. Television is one of the greatest propaganda devices in human history. We have to ask questions on why things are in the screen and we have to use our discernment as our Creator would want us to do. We need economic collective power and integrity too. We shouldn’t oppress innocent people like a dictator, but we have to stand strongly in favor of morality, truth, and dignity. Media has used brainwashing for a long time. Also, we should fight for black liberation too.

By Timothy

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