Friday, January 09, 2015

The Crisis in France

This issue is complex. The issues of religion, civil liberties, etc. come to mind. The murder of innocent human life should be condemned first. Also, France is not the progressive paradise that some claim that it is too. France is a key agent in using imperialism in Africa, etc. Domestically, the scourges of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are huge problems in France. The Charlie Hebdo attackers were known to French and American intelligence for years. The West is very slick. The West overtly claims to fight terrorism, but they covertly fund many terrorists in Syria and throughout the Earth. France has sent aid to the Syrian rebels. Both of the brothers (or Said and Cherif Kouachi) were on U.S. no fly lists. Like usual, the Western elites are exploiting these tragic events (there should be a condemnation of the deaths of the innocent people in France) not only to promote the war on terrorism (which has been continued with West and Gulf State autocratic collaborations). Some are also wanting to militarize France more and pass anti-liberties legislation (Recently, the French parliament adopted a controversial anti-terrorism law). The National Front Party in France is an enemy of not only freedom loving French people, but all freedom loving peoples of the world. There is no question that many in Congress want to continue with a stronger surveillance program and they want to endorse other authoritarian policies. We should condemn terrorism (which we, as black people, have experienced terrorism by crooked police, other racists, etc.), but we should never relinquish all of our liberties. I don't know what the person Amedy Coulibaly was thinking. There is no excuse for the murder of innocent human life. In the final analysis, the human rights of French citizens (irrespective if they are Muslim or non-Muslim) must be respected. This is the perfect time to stand up for our freedom and oppose the agenda of oligarchy.

Sister Ava Duvernay is right that the black women’s role in the Civil Rights Movement should be shown more publicly. A lot of people in 2015 don’t know about Ella Baker, but Ella Baker was one of the greatest freedom fighters in world history. Ella Baker was the Mother of SNCC and she believed in grassroots, democratic, and participatory organizations helping black people and humanity in general. We have to learn about Sisters like Fannie Lou Hammer, Diane Nash, Septima Clark, Brenda Cherry, and others. Men and Women are leaders. No one can tell me that Sister Harriet Tubman was not a leader. Harriet Tubman was a Strong Black Woman and a true leader. The spirit of Black folk is strong. It is very unfortunate that SNAP benefit could be massively cut in 2016. There are people who need the SNAP benefits and these people work, they care for their families, and they are upright individuals. A mostly Republican Congress will probably not do anything to prevent one million Americans from losing food stamp benefits by 2016. Certainly, the Golden Rule is an important ideal to advance in any age. This video (of Tamir Rice and his sister) is very disturbing. The officers in the video show a lack of concern for human life and Tamir Rice’s murder by the officer should motivate anyone to stand up against police terrorism. The officers never came to immediately give first aid to Tamir Rice. The murderer Loehmann is a loose cannon and he was still hired by the Cleveland police force when it has been proven that he was turned away from many police agencies. Tamir Rice’s sister never deserved to be slammed to the ground at all. His sister was totally disrespected. Reform is not going to cut it. A radical, revolutionary change is necessary. #Black Lives Matter.

The truth certainly is not bashing. That's accurate. The truth is that anti-black women misogyny is evil. The truth is that honorable people should be respected and black women's human dignity should be respected. What is an example bashing though is about some people placing black women collectively into one box. What is bashing is about how some are cursing women out and disrespecting black women in the most offensive ways possible (as done by white racist trolls and others in this forum and by others throughout the Internet). What is bashing is about some having narrow-minded, misogynistic views about women in general. These examples are bashing and I stand by my core convictions. Sisters are tired of racists and other individuals disrespecting their human dignity and the Sisters have every right to stand up for their humanity. Black men bashing is evil too (as black men should never be scapegoated for all of the evils in the world) and that must be totally condemned with vigor and zeal. Some of our people lie to themselves. That is true. Some lie to themselves and think that following 19th century Eurocentric thinking on gender is the way for liberation when both genders need respect, equality, and justice without exception. Some lie to themselves and deny all hope for the future when our ancestors suffered much worse than we do today. Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, Ell Baker, and others never wanted black women to be placed as second class citizens. These strong Black Women wanted women to be free. Pessimism and misogyny will never solve all problems in the black community. Also, there is nothing with wrong true love either. There needs to be a diversified amount of actions established in order for us to solve the problems in our community.

No one rational here condones any form of evil, bad choices (regardless of who does it). People here have explicitly condemned adultery, corruption, and other bad actions irrespective of who does it. People who made bad choices will suffer bad consequences. Many single black women have many kids. Also, many single black women are living their lives and raising strong families too. Therefore, single black families are not all monolithic. A nuclear family, a single family, a blended family, and any black family should have the inspiration to carry on in a positive direction. That is the point. Black people should be built up since there is always a chance where a person suffering can develop and improve their own lives. That possibility always exists and we have to be realistic and compassionate with our people. The evil corporate elite reward multinational corporations making bad choices in polluting the Earth, receiving record bailouts, and harming the poor. The poor suffer in part, because of the economic & political exploitation by the super-rich. All black single mothers should not be blamed for all of the evils in our community. In order for us to be free, there must only be improvements in our actions and our morality. The whole socioeconomic structure of society must be changed in order for black people to be free and independent. Black men and Black women deserve justice. There must be a radical redistribution of economic and political power. Back decades ago, civil rights protesters did massive sit ins, work stoppages, strikes, and other actions. If these people can do these actions in the past, then these Brunch protesters have the subsequent right to express themselves in the present. Even the Brunch protesters know fully that these protests are not the sole action that they must do in order for people to be truly liberated. Yet, they want to express an important message that has the right to be shown. The message is clear, we are committed to freedom, and the Dream will never die.

Malcolm X, before he was assassinated, said that black people should be political Independents. Therefore, we as black people, have the right to embrace political independence. It is plain to see that both of these major parties have promoted unjust wars, the War on Drugs, the prison industrial complex, austerity measures, etc. The judicial system has been shown to be very fallible when murderous cops kill our Brothers and our Sisters with impunity. It is a shame that in 2015 that we are still fighting for our voting rights. The most important thing is to know that God is with us. God is not dead. God is alive. Our ancestors support us and we have to keep on going forward. Our black group unity is more powerful than evil. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with opposing evil. We also need to improve our souls, realize the gift of our melanin, help our people, and develop an inner strength in a higher level. Goodness is always a concept that we will embrace forever. The CBC should be revolutionary. The group needs to be either hot or cold. We need to not only combat poverty. We need to combat imperialism too. Many people voted for the Iraq War, which caused much of the huge problems that we see in the Middle East too. Domestically, we should embrace the compromising neoliberal policies at all. In other words, corporate corruption should and our resources should not be totally privatized. That means that the Pentagon’s 1033 program should not exit. There must be freedom not a police state. Black people have every to affirm their self-determination, stand up for truth, and believe in justice.

By Timothy

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