Wednesday, March 11, 2015

News on Our Issues

Neo-liberal imperialism is a threat in the world society. Neoliberlaism is based on the lie that there are no alternatives to capitalism, imperialism, etc. We know that is a lie, because of the Black Panther Party. Black Panthers like Fred Hampton created Free Breakfast programs, which fed thousands of children for free. Fred Hampton not only condemned capitalism, but he believed in the goal of self-determination. Hampton’s political views were mature and strong. He wanted revolutionary socialism. The U.S. intervention in Vietnam and the black liberation movements inspired people globally to stand up for freedom and justice for all. Fred Hampton was unjustly killed by the Chicago Police Department (with coordination from the FBI). Western corporate power has always sought to stop revolutionary movements in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, etc. U.S. monopolies have done ecological damage, economic exploitation, police suppression, and other injurious evils. We see how the IMF and the World Bank have forced U.S. dollars in Third World nations, forced nations to have debt with strings attached, and gotten their resources. The capitalist class has propped up neo-colonial, puppet governments the world over. The problem of police terrorism in America is endemic in American society despite Obama’s speech in Selma. The continued poverty and other issues in Selma today shows that we have a long way to go. The DOJ report showing Ferguson’s racial bias, police corruption, etc. signifies also that we have a long way to go. The administration giving immunity to the killers of Michael Brown is not justice either. We have to fight racial discrimination and economic exploitation. We have to know that war also relates to the social and economic inequality domestically. We face racism and class oppression. The poor are readily harmed via a retrograde economic system. That is why we can’t be fully free unless the poor are liberated and empowered too. As for voting, we must protect the right to vote. Yet, we have to be political independent and realize that the two big business capitalist parties of the Democrats and the Republicans have exploited our people for a long time. We want freedom and revolutionary solutions.

Certainly, both the N word and the hanging from the tree lyric of the song are wrong. The ASE fraternity members were wrong. Also, on numerous CNN segments (in the Internet), I saw many black men and many black women protesting and condemning what has happened as well. Sisters Chelsea Davis and Meagan Johnson have made excellent comments on this issue. The overall point is that racism is evil and we will fight for racial and economic justice. I’m not surprised at this situation. Yet, I won’t blame Oprah totally for this. For centuries, most people (in Western society) with the most political and economic power have been mostly white people. Therefore, it is not unusual for mostly white executives to be involved with many corporations. Obviously, things must change. There should be more minorities at the executive positions of the OWN network. The shows in the OWN network is heavily popular among the black community. This change revolves around giving black people more opportunities to fulfill their own aspirations, because many black people (with amazing qualifications and certifications) struggle to find employment in a cutthroat economic system. Studies have shown that some black people (with no criminal record) have the same chance of getting a job as a white felon. It is not just Oprah’s responsibility to make more social change. We have the responsibility to make a difference too in our communities as well. We want jobs, but we should also thrive for excellence too. In that sense, we want the best qualified black people to not only have jobs, but these black people (with jobs) can later have the power to hire more qualified black people too. There must be more collaborations among black people across class lines in developing our infrastructure (we need to end poverty). Power is not just about economic power. Power is about uplifting and building our people up and our communities. When someone builds up a Brother and a Sister up in a positive way, then that positive energy can spread. It is about using our resources in a great manner and passing them on to our future generations. It is about us presenting a sense of dignity to our people and for us to oppose discrimination (and racism in any form). That’s power. The solution will involve short term and long term actions and programs. The status quo won’t cut it and we want liberation and justice.

50 years have passed since the massive Selma marches in Alabama. The Selma movement was a movement made up of numerous people (of a wide spectrum of backgrounds). This movement wanted the people to fight for the voting rights of black Americans (and to stand up for human rights as well). Many people suffered police brutality, firings, and other injustices, because they wanted to stand up for their human rights. The racist Southern aristocracy wanted to maintain apartheid in society. Legalized apartheid ended, but Jim Crow Jr. grew in its place (which dealt with mass incarceration, neoliberalism, mass privatization, bad trade deals, etc.). After the assassination of Dr. King, the corporate elite allowed a small segment of the black middle class and the black rich to have some privileges while the masses of poor black people suffered (as accurately said by Glen Ford). The recent recession have devastated much of the black community's wealth too (while Wall Street has received record profits from the establishment). The actions of mass movements has been diminished into the some wanting to follow the two capitalist parties of the Republicans and the Democrats. Recently, there is the growth of the Black Lives Matter Movement which has been inspirational. We see still high black unemployment. We need revolutionary change. There is nothing wrong with self-determination. Some people slander self-determination as equivalent to hatred when legitimate, sincere self-determination was one factor in which modern nations existed in the first place. Malcolm X revolutionized his thinking in a higher level just before he passed away. Black people have every right to affirm their aspirations. Also, we need economic justice too. I don't believe in the false view that wealth should be controlled by a select few of people. Wealth and power ought to be redistributed fairly. Not to mention that there is nothing wrong with universal health, affordable housing, and battling against poverty too. We don't need massive privatization. We need justice and real, progressive solutions. The whole structure of society must be changed.

For long centuries, white supremacists have hated black people with a vicious, demonic hatred. There is no solution without us having the Knowledge of Self and building up our families. Any people and any civilization that don’t have strong families are in risk of collapse. We are in a state of emergency. When you have movies, TV shows, and music videos overtly (not covertly) degrading the images of black men and black women, then we have to realize that we are being attacked by the system of white supremacy. We should discuss about these issues. There can be no good fruit from a rotten tree. For long years, we have seen the anti-blackness, the degradation of black people, and the obscene stereotypes from Meet the Browns, Scandal (which is about a white President mistreating and exploiting a black woman politically, socially, and sexually), Empire, many reality TV shows, etc. As black people, we are more than that. Our ancestors built Timbuktu, Zimbabwe, and other great civilizations. We should always aspire to greatness and excellence. That is in our ancestry. Black children are precious. One of the greatest evils is for some to implant anti-black propaganda into the lives of little black children. That is heinous crime, because that black child can experience doubts, fears, and confusion potentially for the rest of his or her lives. It is blatantly obvious that the worship of whiteness is at the core of white supremacy. It is the spiritual lie that the white man is God and that the white woman is the standard of all beauty, which has brainwashed many of our people. That is why we all have to educate black youth that Black is Beautiful, that Blackness is from the Creator that black Africans peoples have great value, and their natural hair and natural phenotypes are blessings that ought to be cherished. That is why we have to work and establish solutions (as people in this world have accurately and eloquently written). We have advocate more self-determination and economic justice.

We have to continue to be anti-imperialist. One aspect of a revolutionary is being anti-imperialism (we are opposed to the West illegally dominating plus harming the sovereignty or other nations for unjust reasons. Not to mention that Hugo Chavez have decreased poverty, improved literacy, improved education, etc. in Venezuela. Madura is continuing in Chavez’s great legacy. Also, Hugo Chavez acknowledged his black African ancestry in public before he passed. That should be known too). We are in solidarity with all Afro-Venezuelans and all black people globally. Pan-African unity has been advocated by Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. They are right to promote this great agenda. The global war on terror has brought destruction, economic exploitation, environmental harm, and other evils in the Earth. We need a revolutionary change of values. We need to embrace more cooperation, more compassion, and more resistance against injustices. We have to treat each other right as black people and we have to always love our black identity. We all know that doing what is right, promoting sacrosanct values in our people, and rejecting perversion feels so much better spiritually, emotionally, and socially than perversion (like imperialism, neoliberalism, cultural exploitation, and other forms of degradation) and injustice. Love is not just about respect or honor. Love is about maintaining a strong standard of integrity, wisdom, and positive social transformation. We have to work in our communities, build our own infrastructure, and fight for social plus economic justice. Black men and Black woman have right to defend and stand up for their human dignity. Black manhood and Black womanhood are great aspects of our beings.

By Timothy

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