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Sister Trojan Pam's conscious Words (in late March of 2015)

@ kuasi

If I understand your post, I agree that these whites (above) pretend it’s all good clean fun (degrading black people) while pretending to be innocence of the FACT that they’re still practicing racism.

-Sister Trojan Pam



they could not have them WITHOUT OUR COOPERATION. We have to stop acting like we have NO control over ourselves. Yes, we are programmed and brainwashed but we must make a greater effort to correct our own behavior INSTEAD of begging and pleading and searching high and low for white people to change.

THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DISMANTLE THEIR SYSTEM OF POWER AND PRIVILEGE. PERIOD. So, now what? Are we going to keep on pretending and lying to ourselves and keep having sex and marrying and breeding in the hopes that something will change? What kind of self-respecting person thinks having SEX is going to change a corrupt society? Come on now…

Most of us won’t even support blogs like this. I know there are people who come here and leave, never to return (cause my analysis is too harsh :-)

So, what are we going to do? Only time will tell but time is running out AND I have made a decision that I’m going to keep on saying what I think is true (like my post about Obama that most folks didn’t want anything to do with) and let the chips fall where they may

because at the end of the day, our efforts OR lack of efforts will determine our future.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Shanequa

Oh yes, this is MUCH WORSE than Jim Crow.

Even during the WORST segregation, black people had the DIGNITY and the INTELLIGENCE to recognize when we were being disrespected.

Even the TV show, Amos and Andy was taken off the air because of pressure that it stereotyped blacks. But that show is super mild compared to the GARBAGE today that passes as black entertainment.

Black people would have NEVER supported a black male like Russell Simmons who made Harriet Tubman a porno star in a video

Black people would have never supported a black TV actor (Terrence Howard) who literally BEGGED to be allowed to call black people “niggers” on a primetime FOX-TV show.

Black people would have never watched a “reality” show where black females call each other bitches and rachet hos and show such hatred toward each other.

Have we truly lost our minds??

We are DEFINITELY much worse off mentally and emotionally than we were 50 years ago. And the reason I do these posts is the FAINT hope that a seed will be planted in someone’s mind that we are signing our own FATE if we continue to support ANYONE AND ANYTHING that degrades us.

Either we CHANGE or we accept the consequences of our own foolish actions. It’s just that simple.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ reality_check

I totally agree. It’s like the abusive husband who berates and beats and degrades his wife, telling her how ugly and worthless she is, and then when she tries to leave, he wants to chase her down and drag her back and if she won’t come back, he’ll kill her.

THAT is the relationship we have with white people collectively. They SAY that we’re worthless and ugly and inferior YET they can’t stay away from us and must control us. Why not just let us go?

BECAUSE I need you to blame all my faults and insecurities on. If I didn’t have YOU, then I’d have to look at who I really am.

I do believe there is a certain percentage of whites who would LOVE to see us gone, but I suspect they would soon change their minds. Why? Because then white people would be taking out all that hatred and aggression on EACH OTHER, like they’d done in the past with Salem witch trials, burning people at the stake, all the roman gladiators scenes of feeding each other to lions and all the methods of brutality and torture that they’ve perfected throughout their somewhat short history on this planet.

And instead of black people to visit some of this on, they would be slaughtering each other

Whites wouldn’t be the only ones begging for us to come back, It would be other non-white groups who were getting a “pass” as long as whites had us to kick around but after we’re gone, they would be next. They would become the new niggers.

but they’ll never let us go — voluntarily — or kill all of us off.

they can’t anyway. Like Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. once said: “Whatever put black people here will keep us here.”

Maybe, that’s why some African women have developed an immunity to the HIV virus and why African women in spite of all the efforts by white globalists, in spite of extreme poverty, european-created wars, famine, and GMOs — are STILL the most fertile women on the planet!

that is GOD and the UNIVERSE DECIDING WHO WILL BE HERE AND WHO WILL NOT, not the European — and I believe that decision has already been made.

Don’t be fooled, people.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Timothy

I agree, we MUST fight back against this continuing assault on our HUMANITY by the white supremacist entertainment media and stop supporting ANY entertainer, black or non-black, who wants to profit at our expense.

I personally believe the entertainment world is a CULT, in fact, a SATANIC CULT, and whether you believe in God or Satan is irrelevant, the fact is THEY DO — and are being guided by a BELIEF SYSTEM that is ANTI-HUMAN and ANTI-HUMANITY dedicated to destroying the DECENCY, morality and self-respect of people, in particular, black people.

And who are some of the largest consumers of “entertainment?” Black people, especially black youth. We spend HOURS every day with our children sitting in front of the boob tube (which makes BOOBS out of them), or listening to foolish daily radio, like the Steve Harvey programs where the entire show is based on FOOLISHNESS promoted by grown black males and females (programming us to think and act like FOOLS),

to comedy shows and buffoonish sit-coms and buffoonish movies (like the ones Kevin Hart, a dark skinned black male consistently acts) and rap music

and at the end of the day what you have is a growing NATION OF foolish-acting and thinking people whose thinking and behavior is ANTI-SURVIVAL whether it be our religious practices (learned from slavery) or your entertainment tastes (based mostly on black degradation) or our food choices (death food) or our economic decisions (which keep us broke and in poverty)

See, a FOOL never takes him or herself seriously or their future or their children’s future. When you programmed a people to wallow in FOOLISHNESS they are easy to control, mislead, pimp, prey on, cheat, rob, and will always work against their own self-interest.

Black people have the highest potential on the planet — which is why we are targeted and encouraged to ACT and THINK like fools. We have the power to change this and we must change what we think, say and do if we want to survive what is coming.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Shanequa

Absolutely, Terrance Howard, in my opinion has serious self-esteem issues and harbors a great deal of anti-blackness. Unfortunately, I believe MOST black entertainers are in the same boat he’s in, that most are literally selling their SOULS to be successful. And that the white supremacist media/society NEEDS us for its own evil purposes. Absolutely.

The black entertainers who have some degree or shred of self-respect are often the LEAST successful ones and we need to THINK ABOUT the reasons some are so successful while not necessarily being all that talented. What are they doing that they have been “allowed” into this club?

I think we would be shocked if we knew the “initiation rituals” black entertainers are subjected to in order to be “successful.” And I believe white entertainers as well are under the control of those who control the entertainment world.

The difference is in how they are used and against WHO

I also believe that BLACK LIFE — even black babies — are despised within a white supremacist system where “whiteness” is becoming genetically extinct. That’s why our black children are treated so cruelly, they are seen as a GENETIC THREAT to white survival, which of course, black people aren’t the ones who determine whether whites will become more infertile.

THAT’S THE UNIVERSE AND UNIVERSAL KARMA that is making that decision.

We need to understand the mindset of a war-like people who see their own EXTINCTION on the near horizon. There is NOTHING THEY WOULD NOT DO to make sure that black people join them in their own fate. They do not want to die out alone. They will try to take us with them

(see my response to cdelks2000 above)

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Phazex

absolutely, we use entertainment as a form of escapism. I understand it because I do it, too. And when people are being oppressed, it is natural to want to escape from your mistreatment.

Unfortunately, once the TV show or movie ends, and you still have the SAME problems and issues you have before you started watching them, and do nothing about those problems, they don’t go away. And that’s a problem, our level of apathy and inactivity.

the problem is, we use entertainment not just as a temporary escape, we use TV and movies as the model to DEFINE our reality and direct our thinking and actions to the point where we become UNREALISTIC.

A relative once told me, “Black people didn’t start acting crazy until we started seeing ourselves on TV”

and as I got older I realized she was right. Most of our foolish behavior today comes from the TUBE or MOVIE

I’ve always heard that said, when you know better, you do better

well, I’d like to amend that to say

When you WANT to know better, then you CAN do better

the desire has to be there to make a change for the better

if it is not there, someone can talk until you are black and blue in the face and it won’t make a damn bit of difference to the person who doesn’t want to do the WORK.

because like someone (else) said to me recently, “You can take a fool to school but you can’t make ‘em learn”

And here’s one last truism:

“It is impossible to wake someone who is pretending to be asleep”

-Sister Trojan Pam

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