Monday, March 09, 2015

Selma and 2015

We have to know history. We have to know the past. In that sense, we never forget the sacrifice, the dedication, and the inspirational qualities of the Selma activism. Progress is made by the people collectively and we ought to realize the collective spirit, which is found in our community as human beings. The President's speech in Selma was history as it was during the 50th year anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march. His speech was his strongest speech oratorically that he has given throughout his Presidency. Regardless if people agree with him or not, his speech galvanized the crowd in Selma. We have the right to vote, but we should vote for the right people and the 2 party system readily has corporate funded candidates. We should always remember the path that others have laid out for us and continue to do the real work of not only promoting voting rights, but human rights for all. We want the system of white supremacy to be totally abolished where black people and all people can live in a world where liberty not tyranny is the order of the day. Legalized apartheid is over and I praise God that legalized apartheid has ended. Yet, we still have much work to do. We have to address poverty and economic injustice. There is no way in human history wherefore we can free unless poverty is defeated. Too many people lack living wages and many people are outright homeless because of the structural imperfections embedded in our economic system. I have no problem with defending the right to vote. The forces of reaction want to deprive many human beings the right to vote, but we have every right to vote in any election. Not only must be vote, but we have to organize our political and economic power. That means we have to set up even more organizations, networks, and programs to address the needs of our people. This fight for human rights is universal and it is the same fight that our ancestors fought for in Africa, in the Caribbean, in the Americas, and throughout the Earth. In this journey, we want to see our people to have housing, strong education, and the protection of our human rights. Therefore, we have to continue in this audacious journey for freedom and justice.

The Global War on terrorism has been filled with crimes against humanity. Millions of people have died from it. The war on terror has been carried on by two administrations (and other people) and it threatens the future of humanity. The Pentagon for decades (in their own documents, plans, etc.) wants Western hegemonic domination of the Earth. This domination is digital too. There has been US/NATO forces deployed in many regions of the Earth simultaneously causes civilian deaths and other atrocities. Now, we see US/NATO ground forces in Eastern Europe near Ukraine. We see military and covert intelligence operations taking place simultaneously in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, and the Far East. Many sovereign states are in the state of destabilization as product of the war on terror. Israel is an ally of the Western military alliance too including Gulf Monarchial states like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc. This global criminal undertaking overtly violates international law. Even the late Nuremberg Tribunal prosecutor William Rockler has said that: “…The United States has discarded pretensions to international legality and decency, and embarked on a course of raw imperialism run amok.” Western war crimes have been executed under the guise of “humanitarian wars” and “counter-terrorism operations.” “Democracy” is not instituted in the targeted countries, but puppet regimes. Libya is even having a civil war as a product of the NATO destructive actions in Libya, which started years ago. The United Nations and other international bodies have been co-opted by the establishment as a means for these crimes to continue. The 2003 invasion of Iraq has been classified as a crime against humanity by former chief Nuremberg prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz. We see how the war on terror functions. Many of these terrorists have been funded or contrived by the West. For example, al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc. have origins from Western backed entities. The U.S. intelligence community has supported Osama bin Laden during 1979. Many Islamic terrorists have been aided by the West as well. Today, the West is battling some terrorists as a means to spread their power. Saudi Arabia is a key ally of America and Saudi Arabia has an abysmal human rights record. The House of Saud has provided financial aid to terrorists for generations. Some members of the Bush and Bin Laden families are friends. Today, we see ISIS. The war on terror has complexities, but the injustices of the war on terror can never be justified. The antiwar movement should be strengthened. There should be no extrajudicial assassinations or drone wars. Our civil rights should be protected. We must grow our solidarity, so we defend our humanity. We want an end to Empire and the establishment of peace and justice for all.

There is a connection between the oppression going on in Ferguson and neoliberalism. The U.S. Department of Justice report on racist policing practices in Ferguson, Missouri should wake anyone up on what we need to do. The report proves that many Ferguson officers have used race based repression in Ferguson along with financial exploitation. This exploitation involved fines and penalties extracted mostly from the poor and middle class black Americans. The corporate acts of using contract law, state institutions, and monopoly has been used nationwide (as a way to stop the right of people to resist evil). Many white and even black reactionaries follow the myth that police repression is not systemic (but individual) and that capitalist democracy is shown in America. The use of police forces to do economic extraction in Ferguson ties to racial and economic history. We also see the administration ironically enough advancing TPP and TIPP trade deals, which want to replace state power with corporate power. This will allow Western states to be forced to follow the interests of select multinational corporations under the illusion of “democratic control” when the corporations dominate trade policies not the masses of the people. We see the discovery of the police “black site” or concentration camp in Chicago. Racist violence in America has existed for decades. There are also debtor prisons and the infamous civil forfeiture laws which allow the police to take the belonging of people without evidence of crime. The lawlessness of the police is real. There has been the illegal surveillance done by the NSA, DEA, FBI, CIA, etc. against citizens and non-citizens now and for decades. Extra-judicial powers have been claimed by the current administration. The previous administration (which has done overt war crimes too) and the current one refused to send corrupt bankers into prison in high numbers. The law for centuries has been manipulated to benefit the oligarchy not the masses of the people. Many laws are unjust. Neoliberalism follows the lie that market forces ought not to be regulated at any circumstances. It follows the fa├žade that capitalism is indivisibly linked to democracy. The TTP and TTIP trade deals being pushed by Mr. Obama are designed with analogous levers for extorting wealth. The investor resolution clauses in TTIP have a supranational judiciary ruling on ‘investor’ lawsuits against governments for hypothetical lost profits and taxpayers on the hook for adverse rulings. The relative absence of remaining trade restrictions and tariffs is well covered territory. What remains to be accomplished with these ‘agreements’ is the consolidation of economic power as the power to extract wealth. As with proposals for tradable carbon credits, the ‘product’ of the agreements combines the right to extort by putting forward projects never intended to be built with guarantees against adverse economic developments. So, the law in Ferguson has been used to extract wealth from the poor and middle class people of the city. Slavery was once legal until people fought to end legalized slavery. Police in Ferguson and all over America readily kill people with impunity. In neoliberalism, corporate governance not civil governance is the order the day. Neoliberalism causes the rights and privileges of civil society to be subordinated to corporate interests. Racial and class oppression must end. Black people in Ferguson has been harassed, assaulted, killed, and disproportionately jailed and forced to pay money unfairly. This problem is found in Chicago, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc.

On March 6, 2015 (in Friday), President Barack Obama temporarily halted his planned increase in weapons and soldiers to help the Ukrainian government to defend Ukraine against what Ukraine calls "terrorists" in Donbass. Donbas is the Ukrainian region had voted 90 percent for the President whom the Obama administration overthrew in February 2014. The EU first learned on February 26, 2014 that the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych had been a coup instead of a genuine popular revolution. We see that the new government of Kiev is filled with racists, fascists, and anti-Russian extremists. Many of the Kiev regime forces have exterminated many residents of Donbass. They call these people terrorists, because they don’t want to be ruled by a new pro-Western, puppet, anti-Russian government. According to the German Economic News, Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Francois Hollande are balking at the speed of Obama’s rush to war against Russia. Many of the smaller national economies of the European Union (like the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Greece) dissented from America’s effort to increase economic sanctions and military measures against Russia. Yet, there is now an increasing pressure upon the leaders of Germany, France, and Italy to separate the EU from the American rush to war against Russia. Neo-cons especially want an aggressive confrontation against Russia. There is the rise of the fascist French National Front Party too. One issue is that other European nations are feeling the effects of the sanctions like Italy, so they want the sanctions to end. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has doubts about the purpose of the U.S. sanctions policy of the EU. That is why some Washington officials have criticized many European politicians for their opposing Washington’s anti-Russian policies. Hungary and France have nationalist political parties that offer strong resistance. They oppose their own nation’s being ruled by US/NATO dictates. Washington has backed Nazis in Ukraine too. The fascist parties all over Europe must be opposed too. Now, Russia is not perfect. Russia has to deal with its civil liberty issues like America. Russia must deal with its own problems like America must as well. So, the lesson here is that Russia must improve, but Russia doesn’t deserve to be destroyed. Russia doesn’t deserve to be transformed into a puppet pro-Western state. That is the point.

Some have made the accurate point that many bad decisions from the Supreme Court have damaged the human rights of Americans. Even the legitimate parts of the Constitution have been harmed by numerous Supreme Court decisions. The judicial branch of the federal government includes the federal district courts, the circuit courts of appeal, and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court interprets the law in figuring out the meanings of constitutional principles and so forth. Many Supreme Court members are pro-Republican reactionaries not just Scalia and Thomas. The federal judges have a life young tenure and their decisions can stretch decades and beyond. The legal system has checks and balances to prevent branches of government from doing the wrong thing and to prevent tyranny. Now, we have an oligarchy that does almost anything that they want at the expense of the liberties of the people. Back in December of 2000, the Supreme Court allowed Bush to be President when Al Gore won the popular and electoral vote. Even the Florida Supreme Court allowed the recount to continue. The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision allowed the oligarchs to buy off elected politicians via financial aid. Corporations were viewed as people with that decision too.  The decision caused no dollar limits in making certain contributions. That is perfectly why the 2012 presidential election at both national and state levels cost a total of $60 billion, the most ever. Last April’s Supreme Court decision to not intervene in a Court of Appeals ruling that overturned the district court that had declared the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) unconstitutional was an attack on our civil liberties. The journalist Chris Hedges did the right thing to file a lawsuit in challenging the NDAA’s legality. One bold federal district court judge decided in favor of Hedges. The Supreme Court’s choice to uphold the Appeals Court decision overruling the lower court to keep the NDAA law on the books, life as we legally knew it in the United States ceased to exist. In effect, both the Appellate and Supreme Courts violated American citizens’ Fourth and Sixth Amendments as well as overturned the Posse Comitatus law that existed since after the Civil War.  The Posse Comitatus Act was the law that banned the U.S. military to act in civil affairs since that job was done by the law enforcement agencies including the state’s National Guard. We still are fighting for our civil liberties. The dangers to our environment continue. After 9/11, globalists have supported an economic system which has allowed the one percent to gain more the earth’s natural resources and caused the masses of the people to experience not only massive debt, gut cruel exploitation. The Western Empire has used NATO, the EU, etc. to promote its hegemonic power base. Some Western reactionaries want to bait Russia, China, and other countries into an economic or even a military confrontation, which will cause untold devastation. There is environmental degradation in the form of the pollution of water, air, soil, food, etc. Monsanto has been responsible for many evils. We deal with chemtrail toxicity and the rising levels of radiation in the world. Many animal species are in danger of extinction. So, we have to be mindful of the world and stand up for our human rights.

By Timothy

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