Friday, March 27, 2015

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Regardless of how people feel about Empire, some white people, who are complaining about the diversity in the TV industry, truly are trying to disguise their own hypocrisy. For over one century, Hollywood and the television screen has not only restricted talented black actors and actresses from being in that world, but they have shown vicious, false stereotypes about black people. My view is that we need to encourage qualified, talented black actors and black actresses. This is a new generation and some reactionaries want to have some sense of nostalgia for a time where black people were even in fewer opportunities than today. For decades, white actors have portrayed even Native Americans and other ethnic groups in a racist fashion, yet Nellie never mentioned this fact of history. Today, black actresses, black actors, and others have told their stories about struggling to receive roles all of the time. This is why it is even more necessary for us as a community to promote progressive, fair, and strong shows that describe our experiences accurately. Nellie Andreeva’s article (which I profoundly disagree) outlines her subconscious white guilt (we don't live in a colorblind society especially in Hollywood, so we need to continue to reject deceptive rhetoric) and an omission of many keys facts about the struggles of black people in the acting occupation.

Jesee Lee Peterson is worse than Tommy Sotomayor, and many people put together. He thanked God for slavery. He compared the Maafa to a bumpy plane ride. He said that stuff about the First Lady that I can't repeat here and he relishes being called a traitor to his people. He's a total disgrace. I have heard of him since 2005 when on C-Span that he actually said straight up that black people must love white culture. So, this man has been brainwashed with not only self hatred, but he loves the system of white supremacy. His recent comments have shown lies. Many white Americans have killed black people, shown racial slurs, and brutalized black people even recently during this decade of the 21st century. Also, there is nothing wrong with ending racism and ending economic inequality completely. Peterson ignores that most crime in America is intraracial, black crimes rates are declining, and organizations today are fighting black on black crime all of the time. Peterson's other great lie is to classify black progressive people who want a real conversation on race and want to expose how centuries of white oppression has damaged the world order as equivalent to "black racism." Showing the truth is not racist. What is racist is about scapegoating all black people for the War on Drugs, police terrorism, and other evils. Jesse Lee Peterson is in no position to lecture anyone on race when he has slandered the experiences of our ancestors who were the victims of the Maafa and has disrespected black people. He should be ashamed of himself. Uhuru.

We, as black people, have been the masters of forgiveness. We forgive people all of the time. Yet, I will flip the script. Does mainstream society ask the Jewish people to forgive a Nazi war criminal? Does mainstream society ask the Japanese to forgive those who were involved in the Japanese internment during WWII? We know the answer to those questions. Jewish people always say Never Forget and Never Again. We should always adopt that same mentality and attitude. This double standard involving forgiveness is real. Therefore, forgiveness is very personal and it is up for the victim to decide whether to do it or not. Ultimately, it is Mo’ne Davis’ decision. It is her choice. This situation is never her fault. It is the fault of that male misogynist extremist. Forgiveness should never be utilized as a casus belli (or pretext) to cause that sick male (not man since he’s not a real man) to be reinstated. Also, forgiveness is not about the omission of evil, it is not about forgetting about the past, and it is not about ignoring the struggle either. We know what time it is (as we will always remember what our ancestors have gone through centuries ago. We will never forget every ounce of blood that they shed for us to live during this new generation) and we ought to act accordingly. The University should continue to prevent him from being reinstated. This is part of the accountability that reactionaries constantly lecture black people about. The bigger issue is that we have every right to stand up for the human dignity of black people. Mo’ne Davis is a talented person who was slandered by a sick piece of work. We should never tolerate sexist slurs displayed at all. No child should be disrespected like that at all. We have every right to stand up for our people.

This is totally revolting. It is blatantly wrong for a Chinese restaurant to discriminate against Kenyan residents in the Kenyan country. The Kenyan government ought to shut that restaurant down for its blatantly discriminatory policy. That evil policy is racial profiling and ignorant, because Kenyans are a strong people. It is hypocritical for the Chinese restaurant to scapegoat Kenyans for the actions of a few. That is why we fight for the right of Africans to control their own resources. Also, we are opposed to any policy which restricts legitimate human rights. There are many words that should be displayed about this issue (of one member of the SAE fraternity who said that he was sorry in a press conference in front of numerous black people). Many people here have shown the truth on this racist male. First, he refuses to explain where he learned the chant and how was it taught to him. That is interesting, because his bigotry was definitely not only shown by him, but by others in that fraternity. He could have easily gotten into more detail about where the evil chant originated from. His white privilege allowed him to speak in front of black clergymen and one State Senator (who are all black). Many of us have to stop being played and be real. The truth is that the actions of Pettit represent a carefully orchestrated photo op. Let’s call it as we see it. It has covered by the mainstream media news coverage and that event outlines the trappings of a smokescreen. Just because he said that he never thought of himself as a racist doesn’t mean that he is not a racist. He’s a racist and he was caught on tape. That is why he said that he was sorry. If no one knew about what those members of that frat did, then he wouldn't of said that he was sorry in public. Some whites exploit our huge propensity for forgiving people as a way for them to cover up the real issue (which is that there is a serious problem of racism, misogyny, abuse, and elitism found in many Greek organizations) and to save their reputations. The racist chant video certainly documents to us that we have a long way to go and we have to be even more proactive as a way for us to advance our human rights.

This is why austerity doesn't work. This news is exactly why I don't believe in massively cutting legitimate, vital resources in our communities. There must be a growth of hospital services, and other medical infrastructure as a way for human beings to help people suffering HIV/AIDS. The illnesses of HIV and AIDS has unfortunately killed a lot of Brothers and Sisters. When these illnesses effect one of us, they effect in turn all of us. Certainly, we ought to show love not bigotry towards those who have HIV/AIDS. People who experience HIV/AIDS need compassion, humane treatment, and resources. Anybody, who is sexually active, should get tested in my view. The stats are disturbing, but with work, we can change those stats (and save more lives). I'm glad that Dr. Abigail Hankin-Wei and so many other people including activists are doing their parts in helping others. We are called to help others. At the end of the day, we want lives to be saved and we desire the greatest resources possible to be given to those with HIV/AIDS. Human beings want justice and compassion and we promote these ideals unconditionally.

By Timothy

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