Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday News in Mid March 2015

Certainly, the person who shot the cops by definition isn’t a peaceful protester. Many people are exposing the incident of the cops being shot (which I don’t agree with) as an excuse for some to slander the protesters once again. The mainstream media should report about what is going in Ferguson. Also, we still see the epidemic of police terrorism. Anthony Hill, Anthony Robinson, Derek Cruice, Naeschylus Vinzant, Antonio Zambrano-Montes, and other people were killed by the police in the past 3 weeks alone. We should also remember Akai Gurley, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice (which the Cleveland authorities had to apologize for their disrespectful comments about Tamir Rice). Police violence in America far exceeds that of any major industrialized country on Earth. In Germany, we see only eight police killings in 2013 and 2014 combined. The police institution has imperfections. We witness massive economic inequality and we want solutions. One solution is the unification of the working class and other activists in organizing our power to fight against oppression in general. The Ferguson police chief resigned and he should resign. As the DOJ report and the testimonies from the residents of Ferguson document, the Ferguson police department used oppressive policies against black Americans, formed racist emails, and economically exploited the area of Ferguson for years. Systematic police oppression is found nationwide not just in Ferguson. The situation in Ferguson has changed the world forever. We have to continue in the work to defend the human rights of black people, and make sure that institutions are held accountable for their own actions.

It is ironic. A coup backed by the West caused Kiev to be influenced by fascists. The neocons want to support the Kiev regime while slandering the heroic self-determination of the Crimean people. Crimea voted for that action as well via referendum. The Western corporate media ignore the Kiev war crimes that they have committed in Eastern Ukraine as well. The West and the IMF want to financially dominate Ukraine and cause it to be a pro-NATO puppet state. The BRICS's economic powerbase has been opposed by the Western hegemony. The oligarchy is also targeting Venezuela, who is an ally of the BRICS coalition. Russia is part of the breadbasket geopolitically. The Western extremists want to dominate Russia and other nations as a means to maintain the petro dollar system (ironically, the economic is still very fragile globally). The neocons have mentioned in their own documents about how they want to encircle China. Many progressive people are still fighting against the status quo and they want true justice. I have listened to many X22 report broadcasts. They have great analysis on geopolitics, so I will plan on listening to more of their reports as well. One great point that people have made is that if we want to fight the system, then we have to not participate in its oppressive functions. We have to realize how we have a serious economic crisis globally not just in the States. I found out that many of the unemployment numbers are not recorded in America, because they don’t record people who just given up in the labor market in general. The unemployment rate in the black community is depression level in some cities. Many white racists have used non-whites as scapegoats for economic issues instead of the one percent’s policies of deindustrialization, credit uncertainly, and neoliberalism (which caused inflation, economic instability, and other problems). QE2 hasn’t worked conclusively and the Gini coefficient in America is very bad. U.S. income inequality was at its highest level since the United States Census Bureau began tracking household income in 1967. The U.S. also has the greatest disparity among Western industrialized nations. If that is not checked, then we will have more problems. We can never minimize war. The Spanish American War, the Vietnam War, and other wars originated via deception, etc. War benefits the Western hegemony at the expense of the lives of the masses of the people. Central banks readily benefit from wars all of the time. Whether someone votes or not, they will surely not die. Therefore, we have to use constructive social activism and to fight for our just freedom in many different ways. The solution will not be one action. It has to be multiple actions carried out by diverse people (including ourselves). We have to know ourselves as black people, build up our own power base, and continue to teach each other. We have to build basically. 2016 will be a watershed year in terms of the election, etc.

There is no excuse for such an evil behavior from numerous SAE members. The person obviously was caught and had no choice but to say that he is sorry. The lyrics in the song show the N word and show references to lynching. Such an evil action has been done by many people in that fraternity has no place anywhere. The people (who have opposed the actions of the frat members) have the right to peacefully protest near his home. The overall point is that things must change. People have to treat each other as people not as less than human beings. We have to continue to be active in making sure that society is improved and that racism is gone. For a long time, intelligent, strong black people have believed in political independence. People have every right to ask questions. One of the strongest critics of the so-called “lesser of two evils” party was Malcolm X. That so-called “lesser of two evil” party was created by white supremacists, they were supported by the Klan and today they expect us to vote for them unconditionally. That party is just as imperialist as the other party (many Democrats supported the NATO bombing of the African country of Libya and supporting the war on terror just as much as the Republicans). As Malcolm X has said, black people have every right to be political Independents. Also, the GOP is not a paragon of virtue either. The GOP has supported the War on Drugs, pro-austerity measures, many of their members have said overtly racist and anti-women statements, etc. Therefore, I wouldn’t support the GOP. Both the GOP and the Democrats have a history filled with racism then and now. It was the Democratic establishment in Missouri that allowed Darren Wilson to not be charged with anything after Wilson murdered Michael Brown. The Governor of that state wasn’t a Republican. We have to look beyond GOP vs. Democrat and follow what is just. The difference is that the GOP is like the wolf and the Democrats act like the snake. I don’t advocate people staying home or do nothing. I do advocate people voting their conscience and if a black person does stay home (because of a sincere conviction), and then that black person shouldn’t be ridiculed or disrespected for their own choice. People have the freedom to decide for themselves their own actions. We know that the Electoral College not the American people directly decides who will be the next President. There must be the growth of third party people.

Many of the civil rights activists were fighting for freedom and liberation. They weren't fighting for us to be integrated into the white supremacist system. They wanted the system to be changed, so it can benefit black people. Others wanted the system to be replaced with a system of justice (since the roots of our oppression are rooted in the system). Many of them never said that we ought to forget our blackness in order for us to be free. Even Dr. King never wanted us to disregard our cultural identity as black folks. Liberation is superior to legalized apartheid and the current society which we have now. After 1968, many bourgeois and rich black people left the black poor without helping them in a meaningful fashion, while big, multinational corporations (via parasitic, capitalist designs) came in to advance gentrification, the War on Drugs, propaganda movies & shows, and other evils in our communities. There was a lot of love back then among our people. The massive consumerism, materialism, etc. that we witness today is antithetical to our black cultural traditions and it is an affront to the legacy of our ancestors. There is massive economic inequality too. We should know that class oppression is a problem that should be addressed. The poor must have economic justice, so they can be empowered to live out their own lives with living wages, with homes, and with their standard of living being strong. Just because we love our blackness, doesn't mean that we hate others. It is certainly a shame that some people complain when a confident, strong black person believes in Black Love or believes in building up our black infrastructure.

This situation revolves around many issues. Creflo Dollar is not the only one who believes in the prosperity gospel. Murdoch, Osteen, and others follow the prosperity gospel faithfully. I disagree with that gospel for many reasons. How much wealth one has is not necessarily a sign of how much spirituality, morality, or ethics that one has. Many moral and spiritual traditions have shown the evilness of greed. There is nothing wrong with having money legitimately. The problem is when some pastors claim that being poor is a product of a curse from God (which is ludicrous since poverty is caused by complex factors) or being rich is somehow a sign of God’s favor. There are upright people who are rich and evil people who are rich. Those retrograde teachings are wrong, because a rich spiritual man and a poor spiritual man are equal in human value. All people are created equal irrespective of their wealth, their gender, their class, or their background. Jesus wasn’t a rich man. According to the NT, Yeshua (according to the NT, Yohanan, Mattityahu, Shim'on Bar Yona, and other men were his apostles) had thrown the money changers out of the Temple. We should fight poverty, but we don’t fight poverty by some sending money to cause Creflo Dollar to own a jet. If Dollar wants to get a jet, then he can be a man and use his own resources to buy himself a jet (or travel on a regular plane). Yet, this issue is bigger than Creflo Dollar. The greed from Wall Street and from the capitalistic system is one reason why the great recession of the 21st century existed in the first place. Many megachurches act more like religious casinos instead of standing up for social justice. Back in the day, religious Christians stood up against the Roman Empire. They faced lions, swords, and crucifixion because they wanted to express their religious faith, they wanted to oppose the brutality of the gladiator games, and they wanted to be free to worship God as they see it. Today, there has been an infiltration of many churches by corporate elitists who want materialism, greed, imperialism, and other forms of spiritual deception to be the order of the day instead of human enlightenment, soul transformation, and human justice. Spirituality deals with the enrichment of the mind, the body, the soul, and the spirit. True people will use positive action to not only help the poor, but to fight the injustices found in society as well. Revolutionary change is needed to rectify problems in the world.

By Timothy

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