Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Sister Jessica Desvarieux is absolutely right to mention about large luxury hotels being built in Haiti, while lax health care and other infrastructure problems exist. Haiti has been a victim of Western imperial oppression for centuries. After Haiti received its rightful independence at 1804, the French illegally forced the Haitians to pay to them what they deem "reparations." That is the height of absurdity and disrespect. American forces occupied Haiti during the early 20th century (from 1915 to 1934). Many Haitian dictators have been aided and funded by the West. The neoliberal Martelly is President. UN forces have been caught abusing the Haitian people in a myriad of ways. Bill Clinton is an establishment person with an neoliberal agenda (he wants solely select private corporate tools to dominate the reconstruction effort in Haiti. We all know about Clinton's errors from his support to the repeal of Glass Steagall to his policies that grew the prison industrial complex). NGOs and USAID dominate the economic system of Haiti (especially involving its imports and exports of goods and services). That ought to change. Also, more progressive political parties in Haiti like Fanmi Lavalas has been suppressed of their right to express themselves. The Haitian nation needs real compensation (and Haiti should be rebuilt comprehensively itself based on human need) and they need to be truly independent. Ted Cruz is much more honest in advancing his agenda (because many GOP candidates want to sugarcoat what they really stand for). His agenda is one that I adamantly disagree with. He combined foreign policy militarist rhetoric with other reactionary policies domestically. I can never ally with his extremist ideological views. He has a very small chance of winning the Republican nomination. The Republican establishment definitely doesn’t want him to win the nomination. The corporate 2 party system has exploited divisions and sought power at the expense of the interests of working people, the poor, minorities, etc. At the end of the day, the people want solutions and justice.

We have to learn the lessons of Selma. Selma taught us that grassroots organizing can help people. The DCVL, SNCC, the SCLC, and other groups worked together in common cause to fight for human rights. Black people have every right to affirm their rights regardless of what anyone says. The enfranchisement of black Americans is important. Also, it is important to note that we have to continue in the struggle for human liberation. After Selma, the many economic, social, and political problems haven't been fully rectified. Fundamentally, the power of the oligarchy has not only been abusive and corrupt, but the oligarchy has victimized the masses of the people. We should have more democratic power among the people, but not only that. We have to be anti-imperialist. We shouldn't just be concerned with what's going on in America. We have to have an international conscious. The bourgeois and the capitalist elite hate Venezuela because of the revolutionary changes in that country. The late Hugo Chavez improved education, decreased poverty, defended the rights of Afro-Venezuelans, and a lot of other good actions. Maduro is continuing in the legacy of Hugo Chavez. For the future, we have address poverty, police brutality, GMOs, and other important subjects. We must be politically independent and not bow down unconditionally to the 2 capitalist party system. The movement of Ferguson represented a new era where the Black Lives Matter movement has grown (even stronger than the previous Occupy movement). We need revolutionary solutions. The following information is totally revolting. It is blatantly wrong for a Chinese restaurant to discriminate against Kenyan residents in the Kenyan country. The Kenyan government ought to shut that restaurant down for its blatantly discriminatory policy. That evil policy is racial profiling and ignorant, because Kenyans are a strong people. It is hypocritical for the Chinese restaurant to scapegoat Kenyans for the actions of a few. That is why we fight for the right of Africans to control their own resources. Also, we are opposed to any policy which restricts legitimate human rights.

I have heard what Stephen A. Smith has said. He has made many great points. At the end of the day, we want the same goal. The goal is freedom, justice, and equality for humanity. That goal drives all of us. Both of those major parties are not clean. They are not clean. We can run the list of their errors. Voting is precious human right. I don’t believe in dictating anyone on who to vote for. People should vote their conscious. The events of Ferguson show us not only the necessity of the growth of independence of political power (for us as a people and a community), but the importance of embracing political independence. Many Republicans and many Democrats want to make the black community as a social colony of their interests. We should not be mentally colonized by any of those two corporate sponsored parties. To be free is to think independently and we have the right to be political Independents. This is what the 1972 Gary, Indiana Convention desired. This is what SNCC desired. This is what Malcolm X desired before he was unfortunately assassinated. Many of the victories that we won from the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Housing Rights Act, etc. (which existed by mass demonstrations, protests, resistance, and struggle) are being threatened by right wing forces. We are not only for the development of our families. We want police terrorism to be gone. We want economic justice and social justice. We want our education to be stronger, we want universal health care, and we want imperialism to end (as imperialism overseas is linked to our oppression domestically. Decades ago, the civil war in Vietnam has stripped resources that could have been used to help the poor in America). That revolutionary spirit is in us and there is nothing wrong with voting for our interests. Yet, we need to promote real choices to vote for. That point is vitally important as well. I’m a’int going to be a Tea Party Republican though. LOL. I have no illusions about what the GOP stands for and I don’t support the GOP agenda at all, which is totally reactionary, pro-oligarchy, and retrograde. Ted Cruz (who is a Presidential candidate) shows us what the GOP promotes. I want that to be known straight up.

In essence, we have to look at the past and history. History is a gateway or the aspects of how life was and we can use it, so we can develop strategies to establish a better future. Many elders have shunned the youth and that arrogance (in some refusing to give the youth true wisdom) has contributed to many of the issues that we have witnessed today. The people perish for the lack of knowledge and many have not taken the time to teach the youth about their heroes. I learned a lot from the elders. Also, I never knew many of the unsung heroes of our people until I went into college. To be fair, many elders are doing what is right, they are mentoring, and they are being involved in the lives of so many in our communities. Self-reflection is always important. We have to analyze ourselves and the world around us if we want solutions. One contributing factor in seeing what we witness today is the growth of a more materialist, self-centered culture that has gravitated some people into embracing selfish-individualism. Many individuals have to realize that freedom is not easy. We have to fight in order for all of us to be free and exist in societal tranquility. Caring for one another or altruism is a basic, natural principles that we all love and cherish. The overt and covert mechanism of racism are abhorrent and evil. Many skeptics deny covert racism, which includes micro aggressions and even overt racism (like the comments from the Univision host). Many of our black people have to wake up and see that the struggle is not over. Just because we live in 2015 doesn’t mean that the fight for racial justice is completed. We have a long way to go. Certainly, real progress is about the establishment and growth of our own infrastructure (beyond having certain privileges that our forefathers and our foremothers fought and died for), which is used to help our own people positively. We want positive change whereby a black child doesn’t have to worry about being told white supremacist lies about his or her own identity.

We want the dream of economic justice to be a reality where our people don’t have to get paid part time wages for full time work. Black unity is so important. Forever, I will believe in Black Unity as we were born as a product of that unity. Being united is better than be divided. Jewish, Hispanic, Indian, Irish, German, Polish, Arabic, and other communities of different ethnicities have promoted this communal solidarity for years (you will notice that no one in public calls these people racists for using the common sense action of building up their own infrastructure and growing the confines of their own communities for their own selfless interests). We have the right to do the same. We need to own our own resources, so our people can not only have jobs with a living wage. They can develop farms, schools, and other parts of civilization in a higher level, so our descendants can inherit what black people have established. That’s power. Yes, all black people should reject the white-identified, slavery mentality without question. Megachurches have grown even in the past 10 years. They have huge influence in politics, economics, etc. They do believe in the false doctrine that wealth alone determines spiritual vitality and that being poor is a curse from God (which is ludicrous). Spiritual individuals can have a connection with the Creator without the pomp and circumstance. Black people have lived under segregation and integration. The common denominator is thatthe same system of oppression is still around. That is why we are fighting against the agenda of the one percent, so our Brothers and our Sisters can live in a world where discrimination is gone and justice can flourish. This is why we fight. We not only want freedom, but we want justice too.

By Timothy

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