Friday, April 24, 2015

Brother Nixakliel on Issues.

Also Counter Punch Article on this Subject:
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 04/23/2015 - 00:10
Liberals’ [ala Mike Dyson's] Attacks on Cornel West Expose Their Political Bankruptcy [@ ]: It begins thusly: }

In her 1987 autobiography, Assata Shakur characterized liberalism as a politically and morally bankrupt ideology, writing:

"I have never really understood exactly what a ‘liberal’ is, since I have heard ‘liberals’ express every conceivable opinion on every conceivable subject. As far as I can tell, you have the extreme right, who are fascist racist capitalist dogs like Ronald Reagan, who come right out and let you know where they’re coming from. And on the opposite end, you have the left, who are supposed to be committed to justice, equality, and human rights. And somewhere between those two points is the liberal.
As far as I’m concerned, ‘liberal’ is the most meaningless word in the dictionary."

IMO Mike Dyson showed his true Obama right or wrong colors in a 2012 debate w Bro Glen Ford re backing Obama for a 2nd term as POTUS. Dyson was full of hot-air & long-winded rhetoric & Hyperbole, but woefully short on substance in his fawning pretzel-logical praise of OBomber.

Expect Black Dim talking-heads ala Dyson [& of-course Obama] et-al, along w white 'liberals' & lame-stream 'feminists' to hype & even insist on supporting Billary / Killary / Hitlery for POTUS in 2016. IMO those serious about truly progressive alternatives to Billary / Killary should have been gearing up back in 2013. And NO, 'Liberal' centrist populous sounding Dims ala Liz Warren & Bernie Sanders [technically NOT a Dim, Yet acts like one] & now Jim Webb? - IMO Don't Cut It!!!

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