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Sister Trojan Pam's New Words

@ Timothy

We are different from all those other nonwhite groups and I think it is in part because of the MAGNITUDE of their crimes against us.

If we were actually paid what we were OWED for over 400 years of FREE LABOR, it would range in the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS

and, just as importantly, someone would have to be charged with WAR CRIMES

Who would those people be?

the same ones in power now — the ones who own the corporations that gained their early wealth from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

And lastly, there is something about black people that INSTINCTIVELY brings forth a hostile reaction (read @ Jay Contreras comment)

something deeper than our flesh and blood differences


and if we understood this we would stop being the WALKING DEAD

the sleeping giants would begin to open their eyes (and by giants I mean the MAGNITUDE of our collective HUMANITY that has been suppressed for so long)

and the world would never be the same

and that is what they fear — losing their “place” in the world that they created out of wars and cruelty and slavery

I would strongly suggest to all black people reading this to work on reducing our squeamishness and allergic reactions to the truth

because in the coming days more and more TRUTH is going to be revealed about this system and what it’s intentions are toward us

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Phazex

Reparations will never be dealt with in this country for 4 reasons:

1. We are owed TRILLIONS of dollars in reparations

2. They would have to charge powerful whites/jews with WAR CRIMES and put them on trial.

3. The CRIMINALS would have to forfeit their wealth gained from their crimes. This would include many American/european corporations

4. It would be a FORMAL INDICTMENT against the white supremacy system AND white people collectively.

We have been DELIBERATELY RETARDED in terms of participation in this society, especially educationally and economically. Proper reparations would also MANDATE that white people offer assistance for a specified length of time.

Had we not been deliberately CRIPPLED by this system, Black Wall Street could have grown into dozens of Black Wall Streets which would have been thriving cities owned and operated by black people.

Yes, we must come together for economic and physical survival but most don’t believe that is necessary NOR can they imagine LIFE without TOTAL DEPENDENCE on white people — because that is how we have been PROGRAMMED.

sad, but true, but it’s also true that this CURSE can be REVERSED but only WE can do it by changing what we think, say and do.

Did you know that during Obama’s first year in office, he and his administration BOYCOTTED the U.N. Conference Against Racism — and sided with Israel in their stance against REPARATIONS FOR BLACK PEOPLE (because they know it will indict Jews)

the same position Bush and Clinton’s position opposing reparations for slavery.

YET, black people are already pondering whether they will vote for his wife, Hillary if she runs for President (?)

We must stop being blind to what is happening… and what our “black leaders” really stand for

-Sister Trojan Pam


Trojan Pam says:
April 8, 2015 at 3:24 pm
@ C.Andrews

that’s an interesting theory. You’re right, there have been a lot of killings of unarmed blacks in the news over the last three years. And if this white cop is convicted, he might be the sacrificial white lamb to feed to the black masses and independent news media as proof that the white just-us system does work. And some black people will nod off and reassure themselves that things aren’t as bad as people like me are saying…

When in reality, OLD STYLE RACISM is making a comeback. Black unemployment, poverty, police brutality, homelessness, and OVERT RACIST ACTS are on the rise.

All at the same time that the white media DELIBERATELY paints a different picture by throwing black faces into movies and TV shows, making it appear that black people have “made it.”

to keep the masses complacent and fooled

It reminds me of what happened during Hurricane Katrina.

Black people were being treated WORSE than rabid DOGS, left on rooftops to die, drowning in attics, dead bodies rotting in the streets like roadkill, murdered on the streets by white criminals and the police, and corralled in the Stadium and forced to stay against their will without adequate food and water. I could tell you some horror stories from the people who were there, some of who testified to an empty chamber in congress.

But my point was, so many nations offered to help and then Prez Bush turned them all down (didn’t want any outside witnesses)

The media outside the country made white people look so racist and inhumane that they had to do something and THAT is when random white people started offering help to the black Katrina survivors.

I was watching the timing of when the help was offered and I thought, oh hell to the NO, you don’t want the world to know how barbaric your people really are

And in the aftermath of Katrina, black people lost land they had been holding for generations, they were criminalized and prosecuted for “stealing” $2000 in hurricane victim benefits

while no one prosecuted the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS collected by charities and other nefarious organizations which disappeared down a “white hole.”

I wrote about it in my book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” how Katrina should have been a WAKE-UP CALL FOR BLACK AMERICA but unfortunately it took less than six months for most to go right back to sleep.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Rob

I agree, it’s a big ego trip and puts them above reproach. It’s kinda like saying, “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend.”

By the same token, a white anti-racist could say, “How could I be racist when I’m an anti-racist?”

Most (or all) white anti-racists are racism profiteers. Not only are they put on a high moral platform by confused and adoring blacks, they profit from the mistreatment of black people in ways that true black soldiers cannot.

For example, Timothy Wise, a white self-proclaimed anti-racist, has been on national TV and he is PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to lecture audiences while Mr. Neely Fuller lectures for free.

Mr. Fuller will NEVER be interviewed on CNN because Mr. Fuller’s message would be super CONSTRUCTIVE in ending white supremacy by revealing how it WORKS.

Timothy Wise’s message is little more than a “feel good” moment for the multitude of discouraged blacks who are suffering under white domination. At the end of the day, NOTHING HAPPENS other than MORE confusion from a “good cop.” Which is why he can get media attention.

As I have warned countless people before — IF the mainstream media gives anyone a MIKE and AIR-TIME, whatever they are saying or doing is AIDING the system of white supremacy not hurting it. And that includes white anti-racists, black entertainers, and black politicians.

Timothy Wise even admitted on the COWS program that he was a “white supremacist” so take from that what you will…

There is one more insidious benefit of being a white anti-racist that is often overlooked.


EVERY SINGLE so-called white anti-racist that has been interviewed on the C.O.W.S. internet radio program have ALL admitted they have had sex with black people. One white male actually admitted (accidentally) that he had had sex with a black male. (come on, now).

That alone is telling. Why? Because it is a huge part of their motivation. By proclaiming his or herself as an “anti-racist” and talking the talk, black people let their guards down and before they know it, they are in bed with that anti-racist. I guess you could call it a “fringe benefit” of the job.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ sayitaintso

I think it’s the kind of intellectualizing that happens when black people have spent a lot of time around white people, in schools, and universities and pseudo “friends” circles.

They really don’t want to separate from them, they want to make them behave and they think that will happen if they can out talk them

They’re mostly integrationists and assimiliationists at heart. If you notice, they will debate a white person endlessly no matter HOW outrageous he or she is — and will sometimes appease them when someone (black) is “too hard on them.”

But another black person steps “out of line” (says something they don’t want to hear or takes a hard stand against racism)

WHAM! There is no “appeasement” or “empathy” or even second chances for that black person

His blog is very interesting and informative but after I was put on IGNORE, I had a chance to stand back and think about the reasons and the conversations — even the blogposts themselves

And I had a surprising revelation

His blog is AIMED at white people as a sort of in-your-face chastisement to make them see (as if they don’t know see already) what they have done and/or are doing to non-white people.

Whereas my blogs are AIMED at black people and focus mainly on what WE should do or not do, NOT on what white people should do or what they know

In fact, I get very few white posters, because my message is not aimed at them and I don’t encourage or tolerate a lot of reckless pseudo intellectualism or racist comments from them and I think they know that

and usually once they visit they never come back

Am I saying the other blog is “wrong-headed?” Absolutely not. Every blog owner has a right to create the blog that suits them

it was just a somewhat surprising observation for me but it did explain why I wasn’t welcome there and why my message was shunned

It wasn’t politically correct enough for their tastes

As far as something else going on, I never had that impression but nothing at this point would surprise me

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Rob

that’s an excellent point. You can’t be sure of anything until it reveals itself.

I have seen that “white pity party mentality” often, and it’s all over daytime TV. I noticed a while ago that no matter where I look there’s always some white person, mostly white females, CRYING on national TV.

Dr. Phil — which I don’t watch — is like a psych ward where white people are always bemoaning their misery, crying and holding self-pity parties. It is so bad I can’t watch it.

mainly because my GUT tells me I’m being manipulated and programmed to have all this empathy for them — while black people in distress usually brings ridicule and blaming the person in distress from them and sadly, from many black people today.

I keep my war hat on and I don’t get caught up — or I try not to because that is part of the programming of black people today: gross white identification — and that is a dangerous mindset to have for a black person under attack by a white supremacy system

I hear what you’re saying and the reason I posted what I did was to let people know I am conflicted just like some of them are.

I’ll give you an example. I was in a public facility the day before, getting my car sticker and this elderly white lady on a cane who could hardly walk was heading toward the end of the line. Yes, I let her go ahead of me. She didn’t ask. but that is the type of “help” I’m talking about.

It is NOT in me to say, to hell with her, she’s white so she can go to the end of the line.

I mention this because I think many black people are conflicted when it comes to what we THINK we should do or be VS who we want to be. Most of us have to deal with white people on a daily basis so how does that FIT into what we say we are?

That is the HUMANITY struggle I’m referring to. And yes, I struggle with it everyday.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Rob

I don’t think it’s that cut and dried. Just like every black person is not your trusted ally.

Most black people (all, probably) rely on white people for our basic survival needs.

Our jobs, our homes, our credit cards, our mortgage, our cars, our education, our clothing, our food, our gas, water, heat, electricity, air travel, banking, medical care, insurance, you get my point.

Now, if you go to the bank to get a car loan because your last car died on you, and the loan officer is a white person, are you going to refuse to talk to them? Are you going to refuse to be courteous? Or are you going to get what you need and get out of there?

What about your job? Are you going to be discourteous on your job because a coworker or supervisor or human relations person is a white person? My money says no.

if you, say me, get into a car accident, do we refuse to let the white paramedic pull us out of the wreck?

And that’s where they have us. Totally dependent on them. It was deliberate because every move toward black independence — from Reconstruction, to Marcus Garvey, to Black Wall Street, toward all the dozens of groups we formed to gain some independence was squashed.

So now what? Do we examine ways and develop strategies toward self AND group independence? Or do we pretend that we can avoid any interaction with white people?

I would totally support black people pooling our resources to gain more independence – regardless of how they try to stop us — but until or if that happens we have to be honest about where we are. And do the best we can.

-Sister Trojan Pam

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@ negress

Thank you for such a TIMELY and IMPORTANT post!

I have talked and thought about and written about this for YEARS in our books

in the hopes that the MOST MELANATED people will STOP seeing ourselves as “inferior” and to stop us from DILUTING our powerful genetics to help whites survive their defective genetics

I believe that the Universe and Universal KARMA will deal with gross injustice by ELIMINATING THE MAJOR PROBLEM on the planet and will do it in his and her OWN TIME

I believe the PLANET has marked white people for EXTINCTION based on their degenerative hybrid genetics AND based on their global behavior

Otherwise, HOW would the (white) people with access to the best FOOD, ENVIRONMENT, EDUCATION, MEDICAL CARE, ETC.

have the MOST problems with reproducing?

How do I feel about wombs for rent? It makes me angry and sad, the ENDLESS exploitation of non-white people to help extend the white supremacy system

we need to STOP DOING IT asap

-Sister Trojan Pam

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