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Nixakliel on Police Brutality, Etc.

Submitted by Nixakliel on Wed, 04/08/2015 - 23:34
IMO There 2 main reasons Obama's & AG Holder's DOJ issued a report ocharging the Ferguson Police w a history of systemic racism 1:} Holder knew he would NOT charge Killer Cop Wilson & Killer Z-Man -&- IMO most likely neither Eric Garner's killer-cop [even w Garner's unjustified death by illegal choke-hold on video].

2:} The evidence for the long history of systemic racism of Ferguson Cops is OVER-Whelming- IE: The DoJ found a series of blantantly racist EMails- including against Obama himself- on the PCs of the deputy chief [= 2nd in command], a supervisory sgt [who happens to have been Killer Cop Wilson's immediate supervisor], & a white woman office admin assistant. So NO wonder Killer Cop Wilson's racist supervisor help 'stage' & mis-handle the crime scene of Mike Brown execution. Yet w all this AG Holder still refuse to charge Wilson for gunning-down uarmed Mike Brown. In fact Holder regurgitated every tall-tale Wilson & his fellow racist Ferguson cops told- IE: that Big Mike initiated the incident w Wilson buy slugging Wilsonin the face. Yet the photo of alleged 'bruise' [if that's what it even is] was on Wilson right cheek-jaw area, when if Big Mike had really tried to sucker punch Wilson thru the driver side window of Wilson squad-car, Wilson's bruise should have been on his LEFT Jaw!!!

Then Wilson claims he shot Mike down after just running 30 to 40 ft- Yet Mike's body was found some 150 FT from Wilson's squad-car [which IMO is most likely why Wilson's racist supervisor let him drive it away from the crime-scene]. Also note that Wilson shot Mike at-least 8 - 9 Xs [NOT 6Xs as often stated by the lame-stream media] including 3Xs [NOT 2Xs] to his head! at-least 15 witnesses, including 2 white guys working nearby at the time, say big Mike had his hands up & giving up when Wilson gunned him down- vs just 1 other person [besides Wilson himself] who claimed Mike charge Wilson. Yet that lone so-called 'witness' was almost certainly NOT even in Ferguson at the time, is a known LYING RACIST {white}Lady Cheer-leader for Wilson- who the St Louis so-called 'DA' 'allowed' to get away w perjury before the Grand Jury!!!

AG Holder knows all of this, which IMO is more than enough to bring charges against Wilson- yet Holder's DOJ basically went w Wilson's & Ferguson's RACIST Cops' [according to the DOJ] BS / Tall-tales, to let Wilson walk 'Scott-Free'- anyway!!!  


Submitted by Nixakliel on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 07:17
Her RACIST emails w the Deputy Chief [Capt rank] & Killer Cop Wilson's supervisory Sgt, dated back to at-least Nov 2008, & also targeted FLOTUS Michelle O along w Obama & Blacks generally. IMO this is the real reason Ferguson's Top Cop Tom Jackson was 'persuaded' to resign [w 1 yrs worth of severace pay].

PS: CNN did at-least 2 [or more] reports on this DOJ report, including the nature of these RACIST Emails [between the Deputy Chief / 2nd in command {Capt rank} & Killer Cop Wilson's supervisory Sgt]. Yet CNN's reports just says that 2 cops were fired- but failed to state who &/or what their ranks were- Humm...


Submitted by Nixakliel on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 10:08
Re: WSWS' article 'Police Murder in South Carolina'- after waiting to get to the last 2 paragraphs before even stating that Mr Scott was Black & his killer cop Mike Slager's white: Here's the WSWS' [= mainly white socialists] take:} Media commentary on the killing of Scott has centered on the fact that Scott is black and Slager white. However, police violence in America, and the determination of the state to defend this violence, cannot be explained simply or [even] primarily by reference to racism, whatever role it might play in any particular incident. The focus on race is aimed at obscuring the more basic questions...In the murderous actions of the police, one sees the reality of class rule in America.​ {

Thus how ironic that in this same article WSWS cited 4 other recent cases of cops killing unarmed people, in which at-least 3 of those cases the victim was Black & their KILLERS [Cops] were mainly white [Note: WSWS did one article on the Mike Brown murder by Killer Cop Wilson, without even mentioning that 'Big Mike' was Black]. Yet WSWS insists that class always trumps race, even in the US, as if the 2 are NOT basically inextricably intertwined in the US context.

In fact WSWS' 'misanalysis' on this issue is quite a-historical, especially considering that the fore-runners of police forces in the US were Slave-Patrols [which was largely the context of the 2nd Amendment along w arming white settlers to gangster Native peoples' land by force of arms] -&- The fore-runner of the US Marshal service were the TX Rangers whose main duties were to enforce the US' Fugitive Slave Law, plus guard TX's Mexican border re: 'too much' Mexican immigration.

IMO the fact of systemic racism in the US Criminalized {in}Justice system, explains why unlike the EU, the US refuses to abolish the racially-biased death-penalty; -&- why US' prisoners went from 60% white men pre 1980, to now its 2/3s - 3/4s Black & Brown men & women while exploding by a factor of at-least 7Xs since 1980. As Bro Glen Ford says 1/8th of all prisoners in the entire World are Afro-American!!! The fact of the systemic racism of the US criminalized injustice system explains why the EU treats drug addiction as a medical issue, while the US criminalizes it [most US Blacks get locked up for some drug beef often over small amounts of 'weed'] -&- why EU has released most / nearly all of its leftist / communist political prisoners arrested during the 1970s & 80s rebellion- even those convicted of political assassinations & other serious terrorists acts- While US Black & Brown political prisoners IE: Mumia & Leonard Peltier, etc; are if NOT executed, literally locked-up for life [often in prolonged solitary confinement = torture] & left to literally ROT [from deteriorating health] & DIE!!! Hell even most white radicals in the US charged w acts of violence &/or terrorism, have long been released from jail or cut a deal & never even went to jail!!!

So NO, WSWS- One can NOT even begin to properly understand & analyze police brutality & violence in the US, along w the US' Crimalized {in}Justice system, unless you first deal w the US' long legacy of RACISM, & how it's linked to classism in the US!!!


Submitted by Nixakliel on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 19:31
The US has approx 4.4 - 4.5% of the World's population, while Blacks are 13% of the 4.5%. Thus Afro-Americans are 12% - 13% of the prisoners in the entire World, yet just barely 0.6% of the World's total population.


Submitted by Nixakliel on Sat, 04/11/2015 - 04:37
- Since the SCOTUS Court Ruled in 2005 Cops Have NO Constitutional Duty to Protect Us??!! - From CounterPunch [@ ]: } The old motto of the police, ‘to serve & protect’, no longer seems valid. In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that “the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm”; in the case of a woman who obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband. The man kidnapped their 3 daughters from her home, & called his estranged wife to say they were all at an amusement park. Despite the fact that arrest was mandated if the man violated the court order, the police did not respond. The man then killed the 3 girls, & was eventually killed by the police.
- So if your local police aren’t there to ‘serve & protect’, what's their [real] purpose? Many municipalities provide their police w military weaponry. Since the police are not responsible for national defense, one could reasonably ask who such weaponry might be used against?... {

Of course this goes double / triple time re Cops 'duties' vs Black & Brown folks.

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