Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Savant on Society

Of course, what you're speaking of is IMPERIALISM. But most Americans don't even have a clue to the realities of imperialism. SOME American Blacks have been aware of this--in the past, people like W.E.B. Du Bois, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Paul Robeson, leaders of the Black Panther Party (1960s). But most Americans know little of this, and that's one of the reasons why our government and the plutocratic ruling classes which own the government, can repeatedly dupe the American people into one stupid imperialist war after another. Unfortunately, most Americans are little better than peons in this technocratic capitalist regime. This goes double for the Black population who must bear the burden both of exploitation and institutional racism. What both foreign born and American Blacks need to understand is that they're being subjugated by the same SYSTEM, and that the foolish quarrels they have with each other is so much energy wasted and deflected from the struggle against the common enemy. What both American born and foreign Blacks need to understand is that our foolish quarrels with each other STRENGTHENS the enemy, strengthens the racist capitalist state at our expense. But some of us--both foreign and American born--never seem to learn. Future movements---and I think such movements are practically inevitable--must set themselves the task of a massive and fundamental re-education of our communities.


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