Friday, April 17, 2015

Savant's Words

Actually, whites use and sell drugs both proportionately and numerically on a scale which equals or excels that of Blacks. Drug use by itself wouldn't explain mass unemployment. Unemployment is an enduring feature of the market, of capitalism itself. But in a racist society, or racial capitalism as South Africans sometimes called it, the ravages of poverty is compounded for peoples of color. And having once had wealthy white students as classmates, you'd be surprised at how many of your present and future employers are strung out. Crime and drugs, themselves largely a dysfunctional response to oppression, are simply used as a pretext for racism. As for hatred, though some fellow Blacks annoy me to no end, one should avoid actually HATING one's own people.



This seems to be an obsession with the Madwhitewoman.. I worry about our youth getting blown away by fascistic police, or in stupid quarrels with each other. I worry about upwards of 50% of Black children in poverty, and he possible loss of an entire generation to the prison industrial complex. I worry about THE NEW JIM CROW which Michelle Alexander examines and critiques in her book by that same title. I worry about the Supine Court having eviscerated the Voting Rights Act a mere two summers ago, and a rising time of new legislation designed to limit the ballot among Blacks and others. I'm concerned that the same reactionaries who challenged the voting rights act are now in front of the Supine Court contesting the Fair Housing Act (passed just days after Dr.King's assassination). How much non-Black blood Coretta Scott King or Malcolm's mother had is the LEAST of my worries. We are fighting for our lives!


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