Monday, April 20, 2015

20 Years after the OKC Building Bombing.

It has been over 20 years since the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. It occurred on April 19, 1995. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was in the sixth grade of middle school when it occurred. I saw the carnage on television inside of my middle school in fact. I have seen the carnage, the blood, the weeping, and the suffering of innocent human beings on television during that horrific day. 168 innocent human beings including children were killed. Timothy McVeigh was a murderer and a terrorist. I don’t respect him. Also, it  is important to learn the factors that drove him into becoming a murdering terrorist too. First, it must be established that the bombing was a product of a conspiracy. More than one person was involved in this tragedy like Terry Nichols, so by definition, it was a conspiracy. We send our condolences and prayers to the victims’ families. This event has shown the world of the the truth that love and reconciliation are what we need in the world, not hatred and murder. Timothy McVeigh was born in New York state in the town of Lockport in April of 1968. This area suffered economic blight and massive social inequality. Even as a child, he read survivalist literature. This is not to stereotype all survivalists as terrorists. Not everyone who believes in conspiracies or has skepticism about governmental policy is a terrorist. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. This is about how fascism and obscene extremism should be condemned unconditionally. Timothy McVeigh was a fascist. He was a living representation of a fascist. After the late 1960’s, the Rust belt and many communities of the Northeast suffered economic troubles because of Reaganonomics, deindustrialization, and other regressive policies. This caused tensions among workers. McVeigh graduated from high school. He went into college and once wanted to work in technology. Yet, he decicied to join the military. He excelled in the military and fought in the Persian Gulf War. The Persian Gulf War lasted for a temporary period time (involving protecting Western oil interests in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) and he killed an Iraqi soldier. During this time, he read more literature about certain subject matters and became paranoid about spewing anti-socialist and anti-communist rhetoric. A fascist always hates socialist views. He was captivated to literature like the volume entitled To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth, by Jeff Cooper, a military man and a world-renowned expert on self-defense. The Turner Diaries was another book that hit a nerve for him (and he read that book). The novel was written by former American Nazi Party official William L. Pierce (under the pen name Andrew McDonald). That book caused him to further develop his radical views. He felt that he was used as a puppet by the government, so he wanted to respond against the government.

Some militia members, and other fascist extremists love the book “The Turner Diaries.” The Turner Diaries described a plot of white supremacists to destroy a federal building in order to usher in a race war (so white supremacists can govern America. This is ironic since the system of racism/white supremacy still oppresses black people today). The book was outright racist and anti-Semitic. Many white racist criminals read the book like John William King, David Copeland, etc. not just Timothy McVeigh. So, this extremism (of using even unjust violence against the government and people) was embraced by McVeigh for years. He failed to go and be in the Special Forces, because the SF viewed him as psychologically unfit to serve. He was discharged from the military on December 31, 1991. He witnessed the Rudy Ridge incident on TV where a white supremacist was killed by the feds. He saw the incident of Waco near the compound in 1993. I remember the time. He had anti-government views. The Waco event was when the federal government attacked the building, men, women, and children were killed. I don't agree with David Koresh, but the government used outright excessive force and killed many people. That was wrong. This incident set Timothy McVeigh off. He was angered at the deaths of people in Waco. He wanted revenge as a means for him to attacked the U.S. government which he has hated. So, he and Terry Nichols brought materials to form a bomb. Timothy McVeigh admitted that he called Elohim City for Andreas Strassmeir on April 5, 1995. Elohim City is hotbed of racists, extremists, and other folks. McVeigh wanted to tell Andreas to allow him to use Elohim City as a hideout after the bombing. Also, McVeigh and Strassmeier met each other at a Tulsa gun show in 1994. McVeigh admitted discussing  political issues with Strassmeir, the grandson of a founder of the Nazi party, but claimed that  Strassmeir had nothing to do with the bombing itself.  A polygraph test taken by McVeigh, however, showed that while he was truthful in discussing his own role in the bombing, he "showed signs of evasion" when he said no persons, other than those already charged, were involved in the bombing. It is dubios to assume that the OKC bombing wasn’t a conspiracy. That will be shown later on. The bombing was brutal. McVeigh pretended to be a "rebel," but he was a racist terrorist. Timothy McVeigh also disrespected the families of the victims in his own words. That showed how much of a coward and disgraceful male that McVeigh was. He was executed on June 2001. The neoliberal President Bill Clinton expressed condolences. Clinton also used the terrorist attack as an excuse for him to sign anti-democratic laws which violated human civil liberties. That is why it is immoral to kill innocent human life. We want change, but we bring change by protests, demonstrations, grassroots organization, and resisting evil in more constructive means (without murder, without bigotry, and without terrorism). I'm opposed to the agenda of the Koch Brothers (as the Tea Party in the mainstream level has been funded by the corporate oligarchy), the neo-Confederates, and other reactionary extremists. This doesn't mean that we ignore the criminal actions of the government. Operation Phoenix, Operation Ajax, and other evils were done by the state. I have a problem with the government being involved in imperialism. I have no problem with economically progressive policies from the government in helping people though. The OKC Bombing was an injustice and we will continue to fight for justice.

The growth of fuel cell vehicle is part of technology now and in the future. These cars can run on zero-emissions that run on hydrogen. Fuel cell vehicles have promised many advantages over vehicles powered by electricity or hydrocarbons. This technology has evolved to the point where automotive companies are planning launches for consumers. Some of these cars can be as high as $70,000. It can come down significantly as volumes increase within the next few years. Batteries must be charged from an external source. They can take from 5 to 12 hours to be charged depending on the car and charger. On the other hand, fuel cells generate electricity directly by using hydrogen or natural gas. Fuel cells and batteries combined can make cars stronger. Fuel cell vehicles are like hybrids and will deploy regenerative braking which recovers energy from waste heat, which is a key capacity for maximizing efficiency and range. Unlike battery powered electric vehicles, fuel cell powered ones have a long cruising range which is up to 650 kilometers per tank. The fuel is usually compressed hydrogen gas. A hydrogen fuel refill only takes about three minutes. Hydrogen is clean burning. It produces only water vapor as waste. Fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen will be zero emission, which can reduce air pollution. There are many ways to produce hydrogen without causing carbon emission. Renewable sources of electricity from wind and solar sources can be used to electrolyze water. Its overall energy efficiency of this process will be likely low. There will be a necessity for a stronger hydrogen distribution infrastructure to parallel and eventually replace gas and diesel filling stations. Apple also has the Apple pay app that deals with financial transactions. Also, Apple is promoting their new smart watches as well.

We know about the IMF and the World Bank. They meet in Washington, D.C. Today, we have a stagnant economy. There has been an unprecedented levels of financial parasitism and social inequality. There has been the record highs of stock prices found in the U.S. Europe, and Asia. Global corporations have hoarded about $1.3 trillion. This has existed as a produce of cheap credit from the central banks and the government-corporate attacks on workers’ wages and living standards. The IMF said that the world economy will still have slow growth, high unemployment, and high debt for a prolonged period of time. The IMF admitted that there is little prospect for a return to growth levels before the 2008 financial crisis. There has been trillions of dollars in public subsidies sent to the financial markets. Global capitalism has a crisis. It has not been resolved totally. Articles by the Financial Times gives an indication of the deepening malaise. They include: “An economic future that may never brighten,” “IMF warns of long period of lower growth,” “Europe’s debtor paradise will end in tears,” “QE raises fears of euro zone liquidity squeeze,” and “Global property bubble fears mount as prices and yields spike.” The IMF report says that there is a sharp decline in private business investment like in the advanced economies of North America, Europe, and Asia. We see a situation where the growth rate in the economy is very sluggish. The IMF report adds, “These findings imply that living standards may expand more slowly in the future. In addition, fiscal sustainability will be more difficult to maintain as the tax base will grow more slowly.” This means that the elite is allowing the global assault on living standards and democratic rights of the people. Austerity has thrown millions of people into poverty. We know that QE or quantitative easing (as done by the central banks to financial interests while holding interest rates close to zero percent) has done little to help the economy. There is not a massive investment in production in the USA too. There are near record levels of corporate buybacks and mergers. This is a parasitic economic system. Wealth is used to enrich the tiny global aristocracy of bankers, CEOs, and speculators. Over the past decade, S&P 500 companies have repurchased some $4 trillion worth of shares. Major companies, including Apple, Intel, IBM and General Electric, play a central role in the ongoing buyback frenzy. Last week alone, three corporate takeovers totalling over $105 billion were announced, including Royal Dutch Shell’s purchase of Britain’s BG Group. The value of all takeovers announced this year to date is more than $1 trillion, setting the pace for 2015 to be the second biggest year for mergers and acquisitions in history. We see high unemployment, declining job opportunities, the growth of low paying jobs, etc. The possibility of an international war in the midst of an economic crisis has been discussed. We have the right to change things.

There have been waves of assassinations of people in Ukraine. It has targeted the critics of Kiev regime. This comes near the May 9th celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany at the end of World War II. We have seen an accelerating wave of political assassinations targeting crisis of the Western backed, far right regime in Kiev. There is a group calling themselves the Ukranian Insurgent Army or the UPA. The UPA originally decades ago was a Ukrainian fascist militia that collaborated with the Nazi forces in carrying out ethnic genocides of Jewish people and Poles during WWII. This modern UPA group has claimed opposition responsibility for the killings via an email statement. This statement was sent to opposition legislators and political commentators. The statement gave “anti-Ukrainian” persons 72 hours to leave the country or be killed if they stayed behind. So, this group has pleged to exterminate the enemies of the Ukraine puppet regime. They wanted to enact a  “merciless insurrectionary struggle against the anti-Ukrainian regime of traitors and Moscow toadies,” according to a report in Der Spiegel. The killing spree began this week with the murder of the journalist Sergey Sukhobo. On Wednesday evening, Oleg Kalashnykov was found dead in his home in Kiev. He was a former parliamentarian from the Party of Region. He was a close ally of President Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian politician ousted in a NATO-backed, fascist-led putsch in February of 2014, This caused the installation of the current regime in Kiev. According to Interior Ministry advisor Anton Herashenko, the killers were waiting for Kalashnykov outside his residence and shot him when he returned. Oleg said that he had received death threats over his call to commemorate May 9. He addressed a letter to his friends warning that “open genocide on dissent, death threats, and constant dirty insults” had become the “norm” since he publicly raised the issue. He reportedly added in the letter that Ukraine was under Nazi occupation. On Thursday, the pro-Russian journalist Oles Buzyna was shot and killed near his house in Kiev by 2 unidentified masked gunmen firing from a car. Buzyna had edited the Segodnya newspaper, a pro-Russian publication financed by Ukraine’s richest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, a multi-billionaire who was also one of the leading sponsors of Yanukovych’s Party of the Regions. Also killed on Thursday was Neteshinskiy Vestnik editor Olga Moroz. These murders comes against high profile opponents of the Kiev regime. These victims are mostly political and media members (with ties to the post-Soviet Ukrainian business oligarchy tied to Akhmetov, Yanukovych, and the Kremlin oligarchy in Russia). There were other murders as well. Reactionary politicans like Borys Filatov and Irinia Farion (of the fascist Svoboda Party) either praised the killings or criticized Buzyna. Ukraine now has banned public discussion of communism. The Kiev regime has enacted other police state, anti-civil liberty measures too. In an account on Facebook of a speech he had given at Harvard University, pro-Kiev regime commentator and political analyst Yuri Romanenko boasted that he had argued for murdering pro-Russian journalists and summarized his arguments.  It is hypocritical for the Kiev puppet regime to blame the murder of the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on Russia, but they readily ignore the murder of Kiev regime’s opponents in Ukraine.

By Timothy

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