Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday News in Mid-April 2015

We should remember the girls being kidnapped in Nigeria. When an injustice harms some people, it harms all of us as human beings. This situation is complex. Boko Horam is a counterrevolutionary, evil, patriarchal, and terroristic organization. They use violence, kidnapping, the evil exploitation of girls including women, and other evils to promote their agenda. Also, the Nigerian government is not perfect too and they have done an abysmal job in trying to rescue the missing girls (they are even hesitant in using other African nations to help them). We have to address poverty, and other bad social conditions in certain areas of Africa as a way for us to prevent such of a spread of extremists. Extremists feed off the masses of the people suffering economic and social deprivation. AFRICOM and French military forces are trying to gt more of the foothold in Africa for geopolitical purposes (like the continuation of the nefarious structural adjustment policies which are related to neoliberalism. They also want more control of the resources of Africa like cobalt, oil, diamonds, zinc, etc.) not for the enrichment of the masses of African people. The oil rich nation of Nigeria has its one percent prospering while its poor suffer (just like in America). The missing girls should be rescued. Also, there must be social and economic improvement in Nigeria too. Religious people, union workers, other workers, political activists, etc. should continue to unite more and not only root out extremists, but to defend the interests of the people of Nigeria. Tons of black women supported Jena Six, Sean Bell's human dignity, and stood up for the lives of count less black males in a strong way. Black women were leaders in the abolitionist movement and in the fight against the wicked Confederacy during the Civil War. Black women were in the front lines of the civil rights movement. Ella Baker, Septima Clark, Fannie Lou Hamer, Gloria Richardson, and other Sisters were leaders in standing up against the white supremacist evil of Jim Crow apartheid. Today, black women are leaders in the strong Black Lives Matter Movement too. Many black women today are involved in fighting against the prison industrial complex. So, black women have a long history of defending, supporting, and loving strong black men. Misogynoir is an evil scourge that must be repudiated and eradicated. The anti-BW bashing that some do in a slanderous fashion is tantamount to treason.

President Barack Obama met face to face with Cuban leader Raul Castro. The meeting between the U.S. and Cuba in the OAS summit was interesting. Cuba shouldn’t have an oppressive embargo, but Cuba should not be some client state of America. Cuba has the right to have its own independence. Many slick corporations want to use Western rapprochement, as a means for Cuba to be under the sphere of U.S. imperialism. Raul Castro’s speech at the summit omits who American imperialism has not relented in its destruction of the nations of the world. Raul said that Obama is an honest man who attitudes was formed by humble beginnings. Raul Castro begged forgiveness by saying that Obama has no responsibility for this. The powers that be used President Obama as a way to give imperialism a more nice face lift, but its evil is readily nefarious. The current White House has presided over illegal wars, drone missile assassination, mass surveillance at home and abroad, and regime change operations from Honduras and Venezuela to Ukraine. We see that Thomas Donahue as the chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants capitalist interests to reenter Cuba for the purpose of exploiting its people and resources (under the banner of "free enterprise"). The Cuban Revolution came about in 1959. The Cuban Revolution brought a lot of good for the Cuban people. For example, Cuba has eradicated illiteracy and its healthcare system is one of best on Earth. Cuba’s healthcare system has eradicated malnutrition, eliminated the transmission of HIV and Syphilis to newborn children, and it causes Cuba to have a lower infant mortality rate than America (or the EU). These developments came about when socialists and other progressives struggle to overthrow the reactionary Batista regime in Cuba (that regime allowed the Mafia to exploit Cuban resources). Cuba has supported the Angolan anti-imperialist movement in the Motherland of Africa. Cuba has also sent its doctors to help black people in Western Africa as a means for ebola to be combatted. Cuba deserves great Kudos for that action in saving human lives.  Cuba also made mistakes. One mistake was that the theory of Pabloism was followed instead of allowing the working class to take leadership of the revolution more completely. Today, many people ignore how America has engaged reactionary policies in Latin America from Plan Colombia to its supports of reactionary regimes. Therefore, Cuba is being enticed to follow imperial designs. Many people even want the brave, strong  Sister Assata Shakur to be sent into America when there is no evidence that Assata Shakur killed a police officer. We see that 3 members of the Cuban Five are free. The embargo against Cuba must end. The concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay must end. Cuba must always be free and independent.

It is a truly a shame that Rubio has to spew pro-neo conservative rhetoric. American exceptionalism is not pro-masses of the people. It is about enriching the interests of the oligarchy, building capitalist profits (while using neoliberalism in many nations), and dominating the world's resources via war and neo-imperialism. The genocide caused by American exceptionalism for over one century (as found in the Philippines, Africa, the Middle East, etc.) has caused widespread economic, environmental, and social degradation. We see that the war on terror (which has commenced in 2001) has caused over 1 million people to die in the Middle East alone too. The middle class should not only be respected, but the poor too. Some, among both parties, ignore the real concerns of the poor. I don't agree with the Republican agenda. Marco Rubio is a young man and he ought to wake up and see that imperialism and the worship of capital has no place in a real progressive society. To be quite honest, we live in a Western, technocratic capitalist regime. This regime is global that uses domestic repression at home while it executes imperialist aggression overseas (which has been opposed by Fannie Lou Hamer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. WEB DuBois, Paul Robeson, the old school BPP, etc.). The march (from Staten Island to D.C.) is about human beings opposing police terrorism, economic exploitation, and racial injustice. They seek to have their voices heard. In many social movements, the fight for freedom will not be easy. I support the march. Not to mention that we have to do more too. We have to develop strategies, get laws passed, and work in our communities as well. In the final analysis, grassroots political and economic actions can improve the social strata of our communities. The entire human race needs not only justice, but a transformation of society where class oppression is ended as well. We are in solidarity with the marchers, so real, revolutionary change can exist.

Many assaulters receive less sentencing than these Atlanta teachers. I do believe that these teachers should be punished, but they received overboard sentences by the judge. Also, a great point is to be made too. The situation in Atlanta has occurred nationwide too. This current educational crisis has been a product of a decades long policies of massive high stakes testing, economic inequality, and other regressive policies. These brutal sentences will never solve our educational problems. I do believe that the convicted teachers should not teach another child in a school forever, but the judgments are too harsh. In Atlanta and in other places, poorer communities have seen jobs slashed, wages stagnated, and resources restricted (as compared to richer communities with modernized digital technology, massive investments, and other resources). We deal with massive classism in American society. Dessa Curb was the only person acquitted in the case. I believe that many teachers convicted will appeal. Many police officers get away with murder literally too. So, we know about the double standards in the criminal injustice system.  Certainly, 2015 is an unique time. With all of the events going on, I do feel that more people are waking up (in my spirit). Some will be left behind. Some will embrace the "New Black" false doctrine. Yet, there will be those who will remain firm and true to the goal of black liberation. I'm a younger person, so in the year 2050, I will still be here (I will be less than 70 years old) showing the truth God Willing. One of the lessons of the recession is that selfish-individualism, materialism, and other evils won't work. We have to be more community-oriented. Yes, this election cycle will be something else. We have faith. If our ancestors survived the most brutal experiences in human history, then we will win this battle. Our legacy is strong, our melanin is glorious, and black is beautiful. Also, I'm going to study more about the African Diaspora and the diversity of our cultures internationally. God is with us and the truth will remain forever.

I heard that he received death threats from white racists for just telling the truth. Many white racists want his videos to be shut down. What was said by him is the truth and it accurately outlines the vicious nature of white supremacy. It is a total shame that white people talking about this issue are given more respect and more attention than our Brothers and Sisters talking about the same things for years and decades like Dr. Amos, Dr. Crees Welsing, Dr. Neely Fuller Jr., Sistah Soujah, etc. Many white folks know the truth (about our history and the beauty of our culture). Many white people fear that they will experience what they have inflicted on black people for centuries. They fear a massive wake up call and retribution. We have seen the face of white racism. It is shown in the acts of Officer Slager and the anti-black biases found in the world. It's found in how white fraternities cowardly use racial slurs against black people when they thought no one else was looking. As for white people doing such things, I have no problem with this. If a white people tries to get other white people to reject racism/white supremacy, then that’s fine. Yet, that is not enough. There must be systematic changes in society wherefore the system of white supremacy is ended and a real system of justice is established. Not to mention that we need to support more black voices talking about the same issues. No one knows about our pain, our cultural heritage, and our historical legacy like us. So, we shouldn't worship the man. We shouldn't prop him up as better than us as black people. What we can do is classify the video as a lesson about how even a white man (from the South) understands how vicious the system of white supremacy is. The video from that white man should be used as further confirmation of what we already know. The man in video practically snitched on the psychology of white racists which is why the white racists abhor his videos. The white man can’t free us. Only we (as black people) can free ourselves. Once we have true mental, spiritual, and physical liberation, then we can see true freedom as black people. Freedom is not exploitation or the worship of materialism. Freedom is owning and controlling the resources that we create. Freedom is seeing humanity as a community and wanting all black people to not experience oppression. It is about the pristine ideal that we are in this together and helping others constructively causes more blessings to flow for all people. We don't hate anybody (regardless of skin color), yet many folks have hated on us. Black people don't want paternalism, token talk, or token concessions. We (as black human beings) want freedom and justice without exception. Uhuru.

By Timothy

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