Thursday, April 09, 2015

Conscious Words from Sister Trojan Pam and others.



Wow, a Karmic bill! I like how you put that! I agree with you wholeheartedley. Another thing that I have been witnessing for years, is that they have created a media fantasy/image of contstantly and incessantly “improving” their looks via botox, skin peels, They are creating a world in which people learn to never be content with what they have. I have been witnessing this for years. This so-called beautiful “white aesthetic/ideal” that “whites” have force fed the world is a debt that I see them paying (unfortunately, many sisters too). The constant/incessant need for butt jobs, face lifts, nose jobs, breast this, breast that is overwhelming to a sane person’s spirit. What void are you trying to fill? If you are as wonderful, beautiful, loveable as you claim, why are you always trying to change what you have forced the world to covet (white skin, “beautiful ” bodies, Eurocentric features etc)? I can go on and on.

-Sister Mariama


@ Mariama

You’re right. I tried to explain that in my books in a chapter called “The Beauty Con Game” and how the most “superior” people seem to have the biggest INFERIORITY complexes — because all of these things

1. plastic surgery’
2. cancer-causing skin tans
3. botox
4. lip injections
5. butt injections
6. breast implants
7. chest and chin implants
8. hair weaves
9. the makeup industry to give them “color”
10. anorexia and other eating disorders
11. artificial eyelashes
12. permanent makeup
13. teeth whiteners

and on and on were created BY them and FOR them. Yes, black people imitate a lot of this but ONLY because we are subjected to the same INSANE and IRRATIONAL “beauty” standards they created for themselves.

White females are the MOST LIKELY people to partake in all the above and have the highest rate of eating disorders but are at the same time held up as the highest standard of beauty?

White people make fun of the way we look yet hate the way they look? It doesn’t make sense to a RATIONAL MIND but it does give us some insight to what drives white supremacy

the fear of being INADEQUATE and wanting to maintain a sense of superiority over others BY FORCE.

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Shanequa

Oh yes, this is MUCH WORSE than Jim Crow.

Even during the WORST segregation, black people had the DIGNITY and the INTELLIGENCE to recognize when we were being disrespected.

Even the TV show, Amos and Andy was taken off the air because of pressure that it stereotyped blacks. But that show is super mild compared to the GARBAGE today that passes as black entertainment.

Black people would have NEVER supported a black male like Russell Simmons who made Harriet Tubman a porno star in a video

Black people would have never supported a black TV actor (Terrence Howard) who literally BEGGED to be allowed to call black people “n___s” on a primetime FOX-TV show.

Black people would have never watched a “reality” show where black females call each other b_____ and rachet h__ and show such hatred toward each other.

Have we truly lost our minds??

We are DEFINITELY much worse off mentally and emotionally than we were 50 years ago. And the reason I do these posts is the FAINT hope that a seed will be planted in someone’s mind that we are signing our own FATE if we continue to support ANYONE AND ANYTHING that degrades us.

Either we CHANGE or we accept the consequences of our own foolish actions. It’s just that simple.

-Sister Trojan


Miss Pam

The very fact that you refuse to lose your huemanity and go on their “side” makes them hate us even more.

-Sister DiaryofaNegress


@ Diary of a Negress

I want to add that other than being a puppet for the white globalists, President Obama was (s)elected — NOT elected — in an attempt to make black people SHARE THEIR KARMA — by using him to endorse their wicked plans

If they can put a black face on the next war and on the economic collapse and all the bad things– like the secret trade agreement — TPP — which has been described as NAFTA on STEROIDS — that Obama signed

then Obama is proof that black people are just as evil as white people because look at all the evil things President Obama and his administration did !

but the UNIVERSE knows who is in charge and who is simply a PAWN

and it will hold the RIGHT PEOPLE accountable

-Sister Trojan Pam


Not only does the Universe know what going on, it’s in full swing to rectify the wrongs. Ever wonder why no matter how hard Demons try to bring us down, God always has a plan to EXPOSE them for what they are? Katrina was a prime example of how they told on themselves without even realizing it.

-Sister DairyofaNegress


@ Catfish Crawley

Oh, I agree. What Dixie Honkey said meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the white people who heard it BUT it gave “high hopes” to thousands of black people who still do not understand that the REAL CHANGE has to come from US.

No, they’re not afraid of us. They’re afraid of what is BIGGER than all of us combined: KARMA

And some whites are looking forward to a racial conflict to give them an excuse to vent all that MURDEROUS RAGE they’ve stored up toward us.

Black people are a very PASSIVE POPULATION that has been trained and cowed over the years to take out our rage and frustration ON EACH OTHER. White people — when they’re honest — know we aren’t going to “storm’ white neighborhoods because we know the entire SYSTEM will come down on our heads

but we will storm black ones and will slaughter other black people for food and shelter in the event of a collapse given the current state of our minds.

That’s why I emphasize over and over and over again that we MUST change the way we think, speak and act — while we still have TIME.

-Sister Trojan Pam


In their Planet Of The Apes movies, white people revealed that their innermost fear about black people, is that black people are going to wake up, rise up and that a cataclysmic event like a nuclear war, natural disaster or pandemic, is going to enable black people to turn the tables on them and set up a black supremacy system that makes white people subject to black people and that black people are going to inflict on them all the cruelty, brutality, humiliation, torture and genocide, that white people have inflicted on black people for centuries.

-Brother Rob


@ Rob

Yes, the Planet of the Apes franchise IS about white supremacy — and as Gus Renegade once said on COWS — it is a rallying cry for whites. This whole “alien” thing VS the people on earth (mostly about white people) is a constant refrain in many movies today.

And we black people (and brown people) sit in the audiences or in front of the TV set eating popcorn and being entertained without realizing

they are talking about US.

Why do they call illegal nonwhite immigrants “aliens?” Does anyone know if they have ever called white immigrants “aliens?”

I can’t say they haven’t but I don’t remember hearing that term used to describe white people…

Yes, there are many hidden messages in white produced films. Like 2012, where the only people who survive a cataclysmic event are rich white people who go to AFRICA to restart “white civilization.”

That has a TON OF MEANING, considering the US government has attempted to bribe non-white nations like South Africa to set up relocation camps in the event that the Yellowstone Volcano erupts and they have to evacuate American (white) citizens.

yes, the Karmic hourglass is literally pouring sand into the other side and it’s just a matter of time before the BILL WILL COME DUE and they know that.

-Sister Trojan Pam

@ Rob

that’s an excellent point. You can’t be sure of anything until it reveals itself.

I have seen that “white pity party mentality” often, and it’s all over daytime TV. I noticed a while ago that no matter where I look there’s always some white person, mostly white females, CRYING on national TV.

Dr. Phil — which I don’t watch — is like a psych ward where white people are always bemoaning their misery, crying and holding self-pity parties. It is so bad I can’t watch it.

mainly because my GUT tells me I’m being manipulated and programmed to have all this empathy for them — while black people in distress usually brings ridicule and blaming the person in distress from them and sadly, from many black people today.

I keep my war hat on and I don’t get caught up — or I try not to because that is part of the programming of black people today: gross white identification — and that is a dangerous mindset to have for a black person under attack by a white supremacy system

I hear what you’re saying and the reason I posted what I did was to let people know I am conflicted just like some of them are.

I’ll give you an example. I was in a public facility the day before, getting my car sticker and this elderly white lady on a cane who could hardly walk was heading toward the end of the line. Yes, I let her go ahead of me. She didn’t ask. but that is the type of “help” I’m talking about.

It is NOT in me to say, to hell with her, she’s white so she can go to the end of the line.

I mention this because I think many black people are conflicted when it comes to what we THINK we should do or be VS who we want to be. Most of us have to deal with white people on a daily basis so how does that FIT into what we say we are?

That is the HUMANITY struggle I’m referring to. And yes, I struggle with it everyday.

-Sister Trojan Pam


Miss Pam

First, wonderful post.

Second, I’m not surprised.


Yurugu has boxed himself into a VERY tight corner of the planet and now he’s trapped with no way out. You know, after meditation and sunlight cleansing one night, I had a startlingly vivid dream. I saw the “thing” that rules over them.

Without going into much detail here, I’ll just say that despite their evil, a tiny part of my soul feels a bit sorry for them. It must be incredibly difficult to know that you were CHOSEN to be The Destroyers of Earth. Being a mutant and lacking the Nature Principle (melanin), it was very easy to manipulate them and keep that manipulation going for the past 6,000 + years. That’s why those that learn the truth about who they really are commit suicide.

I’m NOT defending them, please don’t get me wrong, but I do feel their sadness and terror knowing that Divine Karma is in place for them. Don’t get it twisted. Yurugu KNOWS that they are “wrong” with Nature. They KNOW that they will not survive and thrive in ANY system that is built on justice, mercy, reciprocity and balance. And they KNOW better then we EVER will that the future DOESN’T include them. It is this fear that drives them mad.

But being who and what they were CREATED by their Father to be, they have almost no choice now. Obama’s selection for the presidency was their last and final opportunity to prove to Nature (God) that they are indeed capable of breaking their Father’s Curse and Spell. It was their moment to make amends and to ask for forgiveness. His carefully selected presidency was not for us…it was for THEM.

And they failed.


Now what we’re are witnessing on this planet is their “Death Throes.”

As the sun moves closer to the Earth and emits UV rays (bad for them, great for us), our consciousness will become heightened and more powerful. As we ascend, by DEFAULT, they’ll sink into the lowest forms of life and revert to their “natural” state as troglodytes. What does that mean?

More shootings.
More rapes.
More incarcerations.
More man-made diseases.

ALL aimed at their biggest threat.


I’m very sorry that yet another Melaninite died at the hands of Yurugu’s Curse. But The Divine One always has a fabulous plan in motion to rectify the wrongs. What we need to do now is appeal to The Great Spirit and meditate on answers for a tangible plan of attack/ defense. And let me be the one to say it ALL involves being one with the Sun.

I know that seems a bit “too simple” but it’s our only way out of this mess.

-Sister DiaryofaNegresss


@ diaryofanegress

Yes! I realize that but for me being courteous is second nature. I don’t think of it as going on their side but I know what you mean because it can be a fine, crazy line between acting human and secretly seeking that white validation

It is BRED into our very bones — the desire for white acceptance– and for some getting past it is very hard, for others it is relatively easy.

but — there are others who pretend they have gotten past their programming and that is the worst thing you can do. Lie to yourself about where you are.

I try to keep it honest with myself and that’s why I said what I said because i KNOW there are other people struggling with the same issues and I wanted to let them know, yes, I write this blog but I am just as JACKED UP as anyone else out here.

I also realize I have a long way to go but I’m still trying…and we should all keep trying to get better and smarter with each passing day.

regarding the “hate” part, the crazy thing is when whites want blacks to be every bad thing they always said we were to JUSTIFY hating us.

Because if they can’t justify it, then they will have to accept there’s something really wrong with them

that’s why black people trying to impress or please or appease whites is largely a wasted effort and I know some of you have experienced this first hand — the irony of racism and racist people.

If black people live down to white people’s low expectations of us, they angrily point their fingers and say, “See! I told you how those blacks are!”

But when black people rise above those expectations, become educated or successful or carry ourselves with dignity and respect, some of them get even MADDER and say,

“what are they doing here (it could be a university, a prestigious job, or a nice hotel)

Now, we’re cheating, (affirmative action, unfair quotas, or we’re drug dealers because we have a nice car or home)

Or “those blacks are so uppity!”

Damned if we do succeed and damned if we don’t do any damn thing at all…

If you really start paying attention, you will see this dynamic play out over and over again, that no matter what we do, we are still doing something “wrong”

a quick example

I was in a Whole foods store and after I checked out I realized I had a piece of cornbread that I forgot to put on the counter. I could have walked out then I said, bump this, I’m not risking a shoplifting charge over a piece of cornbread plus I didn’t come there to STEAL anything

— so I went back to the counter and told the cashier what had happened. Well, the cashier (she was white) and the people in line (all white) looked at me like they were ANNOYED that I was trying to be honest.

I remember thinking, wow, these white people didn’t like me trying to be honest.

That was some strange S but I understood why they responded that way because I know what they wanted me to be

-Sister Trojan Pam

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