Monday, March 14, 2016

Brother Savant's words in March of 2016

I don't know how many black refugees there are in Europe, but the number of black residents (refugee or not) is sizeable in parts of Europe, and growing. I recall a fellow Black American philosopher who visited France before I did accompanied by his father. There were so many Blacks in Paris his dad said it reminded him of NYC or Chicago. Here in America, the African population has grown considerably over that past 40 years. There are some American cities where as many as 10% of the Blacks are Africans. I don't think Europe will become predominantly Black, but it's getting more and more color from Black and other lands of color.



Increasingly, a decent education is available only to an elite; mostly white elites, but also some elite Blacks, Latins or other people of color. There has always been both racial and class inequalities in American education, and these seem to be increasing. The USA may very well be the LEAST literate country in the industrialized world.

Almost every word in your post is either false, or at best a half-truth posing as reality. And the fact remains that the great majority of Black people in America are liberal (sometimes left of liberal) in politics and economic issues, but tend toward conservatism in cultural matters.

Fact is, even many WHITES see a load of racism in the GOP. So do many Latino, Jewish, Asian, Arab and other peoples. And they're not all delusional. It is what it is.


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