Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Political News after Tuesday Primaries.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won most of the primaries on the March 15th, 2016 primary. Hillary Clinton won the five states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. Clinton narrowly won in Illinois and Missouri. Bernie Sanders failed to win a single primary yesterday. Donald Trump won North Carolina, Florida, and Illinois. John Kasich won his home state of Ohio and Missouri is still being counted. Bernie Sanders have huge support among young people. He calls for a “political revolution,” but he is still in the capitalist Democratic policy which has promoted imperialism and economic stagnation. Economic exploitation has fueled the campaigns of far right xenophobes and demagogues like Trump and Cruz. John Kasich says that Ohio is on the stage of economic revival.  He touted the creation of 400,000 jobs over the past five years, although median family income has plunged 16.1 percent since 2000. His comfortable margin over Trump came in part from a sizable crossover vote, as Democrats voted in the Republican primary, mainly to oppose Trump. The Democratic Party establishment has used superdelegates and other tactics to make sure the Hillary will most probably have the Democratic nomination. In terms of convention delegates required for nomination, each frontrunner has now passed the halfway mark. Clinton’s advantage is substantial, because under the rules of the Democratic Party more than 700 party officials hold automatic positions as convention delegates, and the vast majority have pledged their support to her. The Republican Party has numerous members who are filled with bigotry, xenophobia, and Islamphobia. Donald Trump is a notorious fraud whose anti-women statements are evil and deplorable. Trump is a bigot and an extremist. Trump’s lead is more precarious; as he currently has less than 50 percent of the delegates selected, and he could well fall short of the 1,237 required for nomination. Cruz is unlikely to overtake Trump, and Kasich cannot do so, mathematically, making a contested convention with multiple ballots a real possibility.

It is a high probability that the 2016 Presidential election in the mainstream level will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is a wife of a former President, she was a Senator, and she was a Secretary of State that represents the American political establishment. Trump represents the criminality and viciousness of the financial aristocracy. It is a disgrace that the Wall Street oligarchy promotes candidates and has immense political power in society (in an undemocratic fashion). Trump hypocritically claims to be for the people, but he is a part of one of the two business parties. He is a fascist and an authoritarian. Today, we face losing jobs, homes, and businesses with stagnant economic growth (primarily among low wage jobs). Ted Cruz told his supporters in Texas Tuesday night words that outline a hysterical rant. He denounced Trump exclusively from the right, claiming he was soft on Iran, on support for Israel and on the appointment of ultra-right nominees to the Supreme Court. Marco Rubio suspended his campaign on Tuesday Night. Hillary Clinton gave her speech and criticized Trump and Sanders in a slick fashion. Clinton said that she will “expand Social Security, not cut or privatize it,” Clinton made no specific statement on social policy. Significantly, this followed the declaration by Trump, at last week’s Republican debate, that he opposed any cuts in the federal retirement program. Hillary Clinton criticized Trump’s evil position of supporting torture, but she follows the Obama administration on foreign policy matters (which include imperialism, drone strikes, etc.). So, the Presidential race has moved into a new era.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where many people in society call single women (with children) every name under the sun while many men with the exact same story are not scrutinized or criticized as much. True love is never about having perfection in every aspect of human existence. True love deals with respect, communication, honor, and a true connection among human beings. I do believe that single mothers have the right to find love just like any other human being. Ciara (who has amazing talent and is a very spiritual young woman) and Russell Wilson (who loves Ciara a great deal) should feel no shame in publicly declaring their celibacy. Ciara and Russell's love story is a beautiful one. Also, it shows the fact that single mothers with precious kids have every right to pursuit a strong relationship if they want to. We all wish for the couple to have a joyful, blessed marriage. There is a serious problem where some individuals want to distort what real love is all about. Some falsely imply that love is a get immediate gratification scheme whose sole purpose is individual pleasure alone. That is wrong since love is deeper and more stronger than that. Love is about the connection authentically shown between human beings out of a just reason. Love is a powerful force that make relationships come together as one irrespective of circumstances. For example, love still exists even if one spouse has cancer or one spouse is suffering a complication. Love is voluntary too. Our physical appearance will change over time, but our inner character should remain intact over the course of human existence. A relationship should be based on reality as economic resources, education, and mutual compatibility are important. Yet, they aren't the only things that make a long-term relationship strong. One fundamental point is that love should be about integrity and character.

This is a very important discussion. Black girls and black women not only deserve opportunities to achieve their own paths, but they need respect, liberation,and to be treated as total human beings. Misty Copeland has inspired a new generation of girls and women to be ballerinas, to be scientists, etc. Although, I don't agree with President Barack Obama on every issue, he is correct to mention that more black girls having jobs in STEM fields is just and right. STEM fields can help to cure illnesses, build roads, and develop infrastructure (which further enriches the community as a whole) . We want poor people and the middle class to have economic justice. Misty Copeland and President Obama expressed numerous important points. The #BlackGirlMagic movement is certainly inspirational. Our skin tone is beautiful, our minds are beautiful, and beauty also deals with compassion and having fidelity to truth. Black women have every right to love their own body image and to seek justice. The nine year old girl Anaya Lee Willabus is the total representation of black excellence. Her love of reading is great. Also, she is doing what she loves to do and there are many young black kids who are creating many great accomplishments. Stories like these document the talent of children. We are all happy for her and Anaya Lee Willabus has many blessings in her life.

This is a sad story, but not an uncommon one. There was a similar story about hair and the Army where black women fought to make the Army have more fair hair policies that gave black women more fairness in expressing their own beautiful hair. Another story involved a black woman (named Rhonda Lee), who was from a new station, who was fired because she defended black women having natural hair in Facebook (with eloquence, and courage). Sister Akua Agyemfra is a professional and desires equality. Also, her hair being in a bun would allow her deliver food effectively anyway. So, the Toronto’s Jack Astor’s restaurant has expressed an illogical action against the Sister. If that restaurant felt completely comfortable with their actions, they would have never subsequently revisited their policy. So, we know that the hair of black women have been slandered and black women historically have been discriminated against based on hair. We shouldn't suck up to people who don't care or respect us in the first place. It is important to change unfair policies and also it is important to show our black image and our hair unashamedly in society. Many whites know what the deal is. Many know about racism and oppression, but some whites just don't care. So, we should not care about the wicked views of white racists. We should care about defending the human dignity of Akua Agymefra and any other black woman who have experienced such unfortunate incidents. No one on this Earth should experience skin or hair texture discrimination. Our elders and other great people are right that we need the development of more black owned enterprises (along with fair wages and great conditions to workers. We not only want economic power for our people. We want workers to have economic justice too). I wish the best for Akua.

By Timothy

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