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Nixak*77*  3 days ago
IMO this meme that Billary is a sure loser vs Trump [or Cruz or Kasich], really needs to be interrogated. FYI: The only group Trump has a clear advantage w vs Billary is white-men [= about 1/3 of US voters], but she has a clear advantage over him w just about everyone else IE: women, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslim Americans, Native Americans, etc, ect, etc...[= 2/3s of US voters]. So If Trumps wins 2/3s of white men's vote but only 1/3rd of everyone else [IMO Billary will win Blacks, Hispanics & Muslims vs Trump by at-least a 7, 8 or 9 to 1 margin(s]- that comes out to 55 - 56% for Billary vs 44-45% for Trump. Even if Trump gets 3/4s of white men's vote he still ends up w 47% vs Billary's 53%. But if she wins 3/4s of all non white-male voters, she'd win by as much 60-61% to Trump's 39 - 40%.
Thus IMO the only way Trumps has any real shot at beating Billary head to head, is he must really energize Repug voters, while at the same time there's a mass defection of Sandernistas to vote for the GP's Jill Stein- which IMO is quite unlikely [especially NOT w Trump or even Cruz waiting in the {right's} 'Wings'], though IMO that would NOT necessarily be a bad thing in the long run.
- But Also Note: This Trump phenomenon is in real danger of causing a split-rift among Repugs, which such a rift would virtually guarantee the Dims win the Oval Office, NO matter if it's Billary or Bernie!!!

NO that's NOT correct. After Super- Tues, Obama & Billary were neck & neck, & then Obama gained a slight lead- especially after the late Ted Kennedy enthusiastically endorsed Obama vs Billary- such that by April 4th 2008 Obama had a slight lead that Billary was never able to quite make-up.
From the Wa-Post March 30, 2015: 'How Ted Kennedy Helped Change the Course of the 2008 Election': } Seven years ago, Ted Kennedy changed the course of the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. He endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.
- To have the brother of John and Bobby Kennedy tell the Democratic party — and the country — that the junior Illinois senator [Obama] was the heir to he and his brothers' political legacy was a momentously powerful moment.
- Ted Kennedy's endorsement came at a critical time for Obama; he had won the South Carolina primary by almost 30 points over Clinton two days earlier. It had begun to dawn on everyone that he just might be the nominee. Kennedy's endorsement codified that sense, fueling momentum and energy that helped Obama virtually sweep the caucuses that populated the calendar that February and, in so doing, build an unassailable delegate lead... {
But NOW There's NO Ted Kennedy equivalent to endorse Bernie over Billary- except Obama himself- Yet as we see...! Heck even 'progressive' Dim Liz Warren who now sits in the Late Ted Kennedy's long held Mass' Senate seat- Failed to endorse Bernie in Mass St- which quite likely would have turned his narrow loss there into a WIN for Him!!!
- Ditto for Alan Grayson in FL- though unlike in Mass St, Grayson's endorsement could NOT have helped Bernie overcome a 2 to 1 loss there!


A Few Things to Take Note Of: When asked by Jessica, Dr Ahmed failed to say that CAGW / 'climate-change' had any definitive link to this African drought- he effectively left that as an open question that needs further investigative research.
When Jessica asked Dr Ahmed if the drought resistant seeds / crops he's recommending were GMO, he did NOT categorically say NO [he said NOT necessarily], but mainly focused on use of NON-GMO drought resistant seeds / crops.
What Dr Ahmed failed to talk about re this African drought & Africa's water crisis in general... - In Kenya they recently discovered an underground aquifer that's large enough to supply Kenya's current fresh-water needs for at-least 75 - 100 Yrs.
Also note that Libya's Late Col Khadaffi's 'Great Man-Made River Proj, discovered & tapped into a HUGE underground aquifer in the Sahara, that's estimated to be able to supply Libya's pre March 2011 fresh-water needs for a whopping 40,000 - 75-000 YRS!!! That's enough fresh-water to begin 'greening' large swaths of the Sahara- including greatly aiding w reducing Ethiopia's current sever drought-driven fresh-water shortage!!
- Note: Libya's pop in March 2011 was 6.5 Million- Thus this HUGE fresh-water aquifer Khadaffi's man-made river proj tapped into, could in theory supply the needs of 65 Million people for 4000 - 7500 Yrs, or 650 Million people for 400 - 750Yrs [= 1.3 billion for 200 - 375 YRS - Africa's current pop: 1.1 billion].
- So exactly WHY is there such a water-crisis in sooo much of Africa??!!

Nixak*77*  a day ago
NOTE: It was confirmed at Liberia's ex dictator Charles Taylor's ICC trial, which convicted him for War-Crimes in Sierra Leone re so-called 'blood' diamonds [yet there's far more blood on Taylor's hands re the Liberian Civil War that killed up to 1/4 - 1/3 of a MILLION people]- that Taylor was on the CIA's PAY-Roll during Liberia's civil-War & presumably for some time after he seized power!!! Yet the ICC gave Mr CIA / 'Skull{duggery} & Bones' Bush Sr's regime [POTUS at the time Taylor allegedly 'escaped' from a maximum security prison & then 'escaped' out of the US to start that Hellishly BLOODY civil-war]- A Complete PASS & 'white'-wash!!!
So why would it be any different re the ICC conviction of this ex Congo VP & military commander, while giving Slick Willy Clinton's regime [Bush Sr's successor]- Yet Another Complete PASS??!!



Archeology is wide-open to 'interpretation', generally viewed thru a Darwinian meat-eater's lens. As for human anatomy, your claim is incorrect.
- FYI: Humans have NOT physically 'evolved' to be so-called 'omnivores'. Instead humans have culturally {d}'Evolved' to become 'omnivores' / carnivores!!
Basic Physical attributes of land-mammals: carnivores / predators [Cr-Pd] -vs- herbivores [Hb] -vs- Humans [& great-ape primates = Hm-Pm]:
- Cr-Pd: 4 legged w paws & sharp claws -vs- Hb: 4 legged w hoofs or blunt nails -vs- Hm-Pm: 2 legged w hands & fingers and feet & toes- w blunt nails
Cr-Pd: keen sense of smell -vs- Hb: fair to keen sense of smell -vs- Hm: relatively dull sense of smell [as compared to the other 2]
Cr-Pd: Saliva Lacks enzyme to break-down starch -vs- Hb: Saliva Has enzyme to break-down starch -vs- Hm-Pm: Saliva Has enzyme to break-down starch
Cr-Pd: large mouth opening to head size -vs- Hb small mouth opening to head size -vs- Hm-Pm: small mouth opening to head size
Cr-Pd: swallows food in whole chunks -vs- Hb: chews food thoroughly before swallowing -vs- Hm-Pm: [should] Chews food thoroughly before swallowing
Cr-Pd: canine teeth long, sharp & curved -vs- Hb: canine-teeth short & dull or none -vs- Hm: canine teeth short & blunted
Cr-Pd: stomach acid pH = 1 [or even less] w food in stomach -vs- Hb: stomach acid pH = 4 - 5 w food in stomach -vs- Hm-Pm: stomach acid pH = 4 - 5 w food in stomach
Cr-Pd: stomach size = 60% - 70% of total digestive tract vol -vs- Hb: stomach size = NOT more than 30% of digestive tract vol -vs- Hm-Pm: stomach size = about 25% of total digestive tract vol
Cr-Pd: Sm intestines is 3Xs - 6xs body length -vs- Hb: sm intestines is 10Xs to +12Xs body length -vs- Hm-Pm: sm intestines is 10-11Xs body length [as measured from head to buttocks]
Cr-Pd: can detox excess Vit-A -vs- Hb: Can NOT detox excess Vit-A -vs- Hm-Pm: Can NOT detox excess Vit-A [Note: Humans can get vitamin A Toxicity from eating {'too much'} Fish & Animal Liver- but NOT from eating carrots, veggies & fruit- Humm]
Cr-Pd: Urine VERY Concentrated -vs- Hb: Urine moderately concentrated -vs- Hm-Pm: Urine moderately concentrated
Cr-Pd: hunts prey by running &/or stalking it down & then killing it w its Sharp & Strong TEETH & CLAWS -vs- Hb: does NOT hunt & kill prey / does NOT eat meat -vs- Hm: once had to use weapons to hunt & kill prey often while riding horse-back w hunting dogs [now rides in motor vehicles]; but NOW [& for the past several millennia] mainly raises domestic animals for human consumption
Cr-Pd: eats bloody-raw or even raw-rotting meat -vs- Hb: does NOT eat meat -vs- Hm: Must COOK MEAT THOROUGHLY to [try to] 'Safely' Eat It
Cr-Pd: seldom eat plants but if so eats them raw -vs- Hb: only eats raw plants [unless domesticated] -vs- Hm: can safely eat plant-based food either RAW &/or Cooked
Thus from a strictly evolutionary-biological stand-point Human physiology [including the digestive system] has much more in common w herbivorous land-mammals than We do w carnivorous-predatory land-mammals. Most [but by NO means all] Humans started eating meat when & because, only after learning how to Hunt [w weapons] & COOK animals' [flesh] -but especially when we learned how to domesticate them- they then 'acquired' a 'taste' for COOKED animal flesh!!! Such that NOW it's a 'tradition' in most human cultures!
FYI: Even for those who believe Humans 'evolved' from some type of Great-Ape- The Ape w the highest rate of meat consumption in the wild, is the chimp [supposedly our 'close-cousin']. Yet chimps' in the wild diet consists of at-least +90% plant-based food vs just 2% animal flesh [the balance consists of insects- FYI: chimps SELDOM Actually swallow that small amount of meat they every once & awhile do eat]. Thus for Great Apes as a whole- their diet is 90% - 98% plant based food vs NOT more than 2% [but as low as near ZERO %] animal flesh! Yet we're are supposedly / like to 'fancy' ourselves as more highly 'Evolved' [= smarter] than they are!!!

YOU are a so-called 'omnivore' [by a 'culture' of 'meat-eating tradition']- NOT Me!!!
So are you 4 legged, have paws & claws instead of hands w fingers & feet w toes, hunt & track down your prey & then kill it w your bare 'paws' & powerful jaws w long razor sharp canine teeth, & then eat you prey BLOODY-Raw - without cooking, seasoning, etc...???
If you can indeed answer yes to all of these questions, then I'll concede the YOU are indeed a natural predator = 'omnivores' / carnivores!!!



Nixak*77*  ogredragon  a day ago
'NO hominin fossils were found in DIRECT Association with the Gona tools or the Bouri cut-marked bones...'
- 'Most paleoanthropologists 'BELIEVE' these tools were made and used by early members of the genus Homo....'
As I said such evidence is WIDE-Open to 'interpretation' generally by folks w a Darwinian meat-eaters' mind-set!!!
- FYI: Many / most of these very same paleoanthropologists claim that early proto-hominins actually ate raw-bloody & even rotten meat BEFORE the development of spear-points [to hunt & kill game w] & the controlled use of fire [to cook w]- Which it's blatantly obvious these are the absolute minimum requirements for humans to even try to hunt & eat meat w any real degree of regularity at-all!! Cause Raw-Rotten meat consumption is a classic deadly contagious-disease & plague carrier- IE: Flu, trichinosis, measles, small-pox, HIV, Ebola, E-Coli, Salmonella, etc, etc, etc... Thus obviously had proto-hominins regularly consumed raw & even rotten uncooked meat, these [or some other type of] notorious contagious plagues contained in [raw] meat would have KILLED OFF ALL of the small handful of early humans well BEFORE they ever even got the chance to develop the spear-point to hunt w & controlled use of fire for cooking- Duhh!!!



Nixak*77*  tkent26  20 hours ago
The biggest KILLER in the US is heart disease from clogged arteries. So what clogs up those arteries- CHOLESTEROL! Yet some how you're CON-vinced eating a SAD meat-based diet packed w Cholesterol & Saturated FAT has got jack to do w that- Humm...
Over half the US population is either over-weight or even out-right Obese. Yet some how you're CON-vinced that the US SAD meat-based Hi-FAT & hi-sugar [& hi-salt too] diet, has got jack to do w that too- Humm....
FYI: Ex POTUS Bill Clinton is now a total vegan as is his ex VP Al ['Green Jeans'] Gore, after Clinton's 2 failed triple by-pass heart surgeries [due to clogged heart arteries filled w cholesterol]...
PS: [non-GMO] Soy & chick-peas [among others] have just as much protein content as meat does, but [unlike meat] without any cholesterol at-all & relatively low amounts of saturated-fat. That's why 90% of soy grown in the US is used to quickly fatten cattle & pigs for the meat-market slaughter [instead of feeding soy's hi-quality & hi-levels of protein directly to people]!!!
PS-2: There are at-least a half billion [to up to a billion] vegan / vegetarians already in the world, vs how many exclusively raw meat & bug eaters??!
PS-3: These famous / world class vegan / vegetarian athletes prove your body can perform at a hi-level & get all the essential nutrients one needs without needing to eat meat: Bill Walton, Robert Parish, Pau Gasol [NBA]; Ricky Williams, Tony Gonzales, Herschel Walker [NFL]; Prince Fielder, 'Hammering' Hank Aaron [Baseball]; Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses [Track]; Venus & Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert [Tennis]...
- They are all PROVE that a well balanced plant-based diet DOES NOT impair [& in fact may even improve] physical abilities IE: strength, speed, power & endurance- & even longevity!



No question that so-called 'refined' [actually denatured] carbs & trans-fat, are indeed factors as is smoking & alcohol abuse. But... -
} Bill Clinton traces his decision to change his diet [to vegan] in Feb 2010 when he woke up looking pale & feeling tired. His cardiologist quickly took Clinton to the hospital to perform emergency heart surgery, after one of Clinton's veins had given-out, following his quadruple-bypass surgery of 2004....
'I just decided I was a HI-Risk person, & did NOT want to fool w this anymore. I wanted to LIVE to be a grandfather, So I decided to pick the diet [vegan] that would maximize my chances of long term survival.'... { - Ex POTUS Bill Clinton on why he decided on a vegan diet- after 2 failed heart-surgeries. PS: He's NOT had such a surgery since. Yet you don't think cholesterol had jack to do w his previous heart woes for clogged-up arteries [& weight issues too] Huhh??
As for Carl Lewis- I named 15 world class athletes who were / are vegans / vegetarians- & you chose 1 out of those 15! Well...
Carl Lewis' career spanned from 1979-80 to 1996-97- } Lewis credits his outstanding 1991 results in part to the vegan diet he adopted in 1990, when he was in his late twenties. He claimed it's better suited to him because he can eat a larger quantity without affecting his athleticism and he believes that switching to a vegan diet can lead to improved athletic performance...
So let's see what Lewis did after 1990:
1991 World Championships: Lewis' GREATEST Performance:
- Tokyo was the venue for the 1991 World Championships. In the 100 m final, Lewis faced the two men who ranked number one in the world the past two years: his ex Univ of Houston team-mate Leroy Burrell and Jamaican Raymond Stewart. In what would be the deepest 100 meters race ever to that time, with 6 men finishing in under 10 seconds, Lewis not only defeated his opponents, he reclaimed the World Record with a clocking of 9.86 s. Though previously a world-record holder in this event, this was the first time he had crossed the line with "WR" beside his name on the giant television screens, and the first time he could savor his achievement at the moment it occurred.
"The best race of my life," Lewis said. "The best technique, the fastest. And I did it at thirty." Lewis's world record would stand for nearly 3 years. Lewis additionally anchored the 4 × 100 m relay team to another world record, 37.50 s, the third time that year he had anchored a 4 × 100 m squad to a World Record.
Long jump showdown vs Mike Powell:
- The 1991 World Championships are perhaps best remembered for the long jump final, considered by some to have been one of greatest competitions ever in any sport. Lewis was up against his main rival of the last few years, Mike Powell, the silver medalist in the event from the 1988 Olympics and the top-ranked long jumper of 1990...
- Lewis' reaction to what was one of the greatest competitions ever in the sport was to offer acknowledgment of the achievement of Powell. "He just did it," Lewis said of Powell's winning jump. "It was that close, and it was the best of his life."
- In reference to his efforts at the 1991 World Championships, Lewis said, "This has been the greatest meets that I've ever had." Track and Field News was prepared to go even further than that, suggesting that after these Championships, "It had become hard to argue that he is not the greatest athlete ever to set foot on track or field." Lewis's 1991 outstanding results earned him the ABC's Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year...
- In the 1992 Olympics, while Lewis was beat-out by [the great] Micheal Johnson [who was on the up-side of his great career] in the 100m & 200m, he did qualify for the long jump, finishing second behind Powell, and was eligible for the 4 × 100 m relay team. At the Games in Barcelona, Lewis jumped 8.67 m (28 ft 5.25 in) in the first round of the long jump, beating Powell who did a final-round 8.64 m (28 ft 4 in). In the 4 × 100 m relay, Lewis anchored another world record, in 37.40 s, a time which stood for 16 years. He covered the final leg in 8.85 seconds, the FASTEST Officially Recorded Anchor Leg...
- In 1993 Lewis earned his first World Championship medal in the 200 m, a bronze with his 19.99 s performance. That medal would prove to be his final Olympic or World Championship medal in a running event. INJURIES kept Lewis largely sidelined for the next few years, then he made a COMEBACK for the 1996 season.
- Lewis qualified for the American Olympic team for the FIFTH Time in the long jump, the ONLY American man who has done so. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, injuries to world-record holder Mike Powell and the leading long-jumper in the world, Iván Pedroso, affected their performances. Lewis, on the other hand, was in good form. Though he did not match past performances, his third-round leap of 8.50 m (27 ft 10.5 in) won gold by 0.21 m (0 ft 8.25 in) over second-place James Beckford of Jamaica. Thus He became one of only three Olympians to win the same individual event four times... {
For a man on the so-called 'decline' into his mid to late 30s, most track athletes can only DREAM of accomplishing what Lewis accomplished from 1990 - 96 [several World championships & World Records in both sprints & the long jump plus several Olympic gold, silver & bronze medals in long jumps & relays] all while in his 'declining' yrs due to- veganism? Or was it a combo of his age [past 30] & long career??? How many athletes perform at such a Hi-Level past age 30 to 35?? Hell all time tennis great Pete Sampras retired at age 30!!



Here's what BAR's Margaret Kimberley says about Obama's picking Judge Garland as his SCOTUS court nominee: Obama's Dims SCOTUS Scam [@ ]: } The Obama “legacy” will likely include the appointment of a U.S. Supreme Court justice that Republicans would welcome – if only Obama hadn’t been the appointer. Federal judge Merrick Garland is a former prosecutor whose politics suits Obama’s core conservative instincts. The president is leaving office just like he came in, pulling a “bait and switch” on his Democratic base and blaming the Republicans for making him do it. - “Republican obstruction is once again giving Obama cover to be the conservative he has always been.” {
Thus- Frankly I'm surprised Obama even nominated Justice Sotomayor to the SCOTUS Court!!
PS: BAR's Bruce Dixon wrote a piece a few yrs ago, explaining how Obama as IL's Jr Sen along w then 'liberal Dim' Mass Sen John Kerry, had the chance to & initially indicated they'd block [or try to] the appointments of Roberts & Alito to the SCOTUS Court- but then reneged on their promises & then actually voted to approve both those appointments by Repug Bush Jr's Regime! And it was Obama's VP Joe Biden who as a key Dim Sen [from NJ] helped pave the way / run interference for Uncle Judge Thomas to get a seat on the SCOTUS Court!!


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