Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Historic Super Tuesday of 2016

Super Tuesday is over. The results are in. This Presidential election has been very historic in many different ways. The primary election results shows how we have political problems in America. The billionaire demagogue Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary won many states in the primaries. Super Tuesday has primaries and caucuses in 12 states. Trump won seven of the 11 states with Republican contests that included: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. Senator Ted Cruz carrying his home state of Texas, neighboring Oklahoma, including Alaska. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida won the caucus found in Minnesota. Hillary Clinton won seven of the 11 states where Democrats went to the polls. She won the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won his home state of Vermont as well as Colorado, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. In total, Hillary Clinton has won 1,052 delegates while Bernie Sanders won  a total of 427 delegates. Clinton has a huge lead among so-called super delegates—members of Congress, state officials and members of the Democratic National Committee. The Democratic nominee will need to win a majority of the 4,132 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The delegate totals in the Republican race showed a less decisive lead for Donald Trump, but a highly fragmented opposition. In total, Donald Trump has 319 delegates, Ted Cruz has 226 delegates, and Marco Rubio has 110 delegates.  Some believe that if Trump fails to win a majority of delegates in the primary contest, no candidate will. Trump returned to his earlier theme that he was going to impose a “safe zone” for refugees in Syria. With this, the fascist Trump has unmasked once again as a warmonger agreeing more and more with Hillary Clinton. A safe zone in northern Syria is what Turkey’s Erdogan has been demanding for months. A safe zone presupposes a no-fly zone, and a no fly zone is impossible without a total bombing campaign of every airport, hangar, air base, missile battery, and radar installation in Syria. All of this will mean war with Russia. The nomination will therefore be decided at the Republican National Convention in July.In order to become the Republican party's 2016 presidential nominee, hopefuls need to win the support of a majority of the 2,340 delegates to the GOP National Convention.  Both big business parties are now close to the one third mark of the campaign. There have been primaries and caucuses occurring in many states. There is a huge amount of political polarization. The Republican Party is an incubator of a fascist movement. Trump is a real estate speculator turned politician. He has used racist and militaristic politics. He follows authoritarianism (he spoke from a ballroom of Trump’s own luxury hotel in Palm, Beach, Florida).

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a supporter of Trump.  Six New Jersey newspapers issued a joint editorial Tuesday calling on Gov. Chris Christie to resign in the wake of his failed presidential campaign and his subsequent endorsement of rival Donald Trump. The six newspapers including the Asbury Park Press, Home News Tribune, Courier News, Daily Journal, the Cherry Hill Courier-Post and the Morristown Daily Record… were apparently spurred to editorial outrage by a Monday press conference in which Christie refused to answer questions about anything other than his nomination of a state Supreme Court judge. Trump was asked about criticisms from Republican congressional leaders of his refusal to promptly disavow the support of Ku Klux Klan figure David Duke. He replied by dismissing the criticism, then warning House Speaker Paul Ryan that if he crossed President Trump, he would “pay a tremendous price.” As one observer, former House Republican Whip Tom Delay, commented on MSNBC, Trump appeared ignorant of the constitutional separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and seemed to be running for king rather than president. Many people have supported the campaign of Bernie Sanders too. Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist.” Over 2 million people voted for Sanders in March 1. Hillary Clinton celebrated her victories in many states. Millions who back Sanders are sincere in wanting an alternative to the domination of Wall Street, but even Sanders have ties to the Democratic Party (which presided over the growth of economic inequality at home and expanding military operations of American imperialism all over the world). Sanders is being used in order to trap the broad movement of the left to be found in the 2 party system. If the race will be Clinton vs. Trump, then the election will be very polarizing. Trump makes an appeal, in a very right-wing form, to the tremendous sense of frustration and anger building up among workers and sections of the middle class after years of economic stagnation, financial crisis, the loss of jobs, and the deterioration of social services and infrastructure, through both Republican and Democratic administrations.Both parties have contributed to the problems that we see now in America. Trump’s actions is similar to Nixon’s Southern Strategy (which Republicans encouraged support from reactionaries, racists, and chauvinists). The mainstream media has in many cased cover up or downplay the close ties of many Republicans, white supremacist groups, the Tea Party, and the nefarious birther movement. We reject imperialism, xenophobia, and other evils. We want justice.

Malcolm X's daughter is right that more of the youth should be more active on social causes. Also, we face systemic racism and capitalist exploitation (which is funded by the one percent). We witness a problem where many of the police have killed unarmed black people. We also see how patriarchy, sexism, and classism have harmed society. We still have a serious issues where some people want to disrespect the poor, embrace materialism, and seek capitulation to the capitalist system instead of advancing international proletariat revolution (as Fred Hampton has said decades ago). The system of white supremacy is evil and nefarious. There should be a unity among the poor and the working class to fight back against oppression. Obviously, Beyonce's video and performance wasn't about condemning all cops. It did show awareness about police corruption and it outlined themes of Southern culture. Malcolm X always condemned police brutality, stood up for blackness, supported pan-African unity, and he criticized capitalism in January of 1965. Also, we have every right to show our blackness without apology. The KKK is a terrorist organization. It was created by white supremacists back in 1866 to attack black people during the Reconstruction era. After Reconstruction, the Klan has continued to use rape, murder, harassment, preventing black people from voting, racism, and other evils against our black people. So, the Klan is our enemy. They exploit the First Amendment to spew their hatred and their racism. The Klan member involved in assaulting a counter protester in Southern California should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is a double standard. Many white reactionaries downplay white racist extremists from the Klan while they slander black liberation promoters as "racists." Historically, some cops have not only allowed the Klan to protest. Many crooked cops have Klan ties back during the 1960's (and later on). Many cops, with ties to racists, have assaulted black protesters throughout the civil rights movement. The OC is known for having many racists living there. That is why resistance against evil is righteous. We have every right to oppose the agenda of the Klan terrorists. White racism is an evil that must be eradicated. We aren't backing down. We, as black people, have every right to stand up for our convictions and to believe in total black liberation.

First, this story must be told. Danielle ‘Jazz’ Noel is a very intelligent black woman whose wisdom overshadows the venom and the colorist hatred shown by those haters. Freedom and liberation deal with mental liberation too. We have to love our image that we are born with and enact social activism in order for us to go into the next level of liberation. Today, unfortunately, some black people make it a pastime to disrespect dark skinned black people and any black person with African physical features. That should end. We have to confront people who express the lie that black African physical features are inferior. Black is Beautiful and our African phenotype is beautiful too. Jazz has a strong support system and she has eloquently (in her words) shown that the haters in the Internet are the ones with fear, with self-hatred, and with issues that they they have. Trolls are notorious for disrespecting people, promoting false beauty standards, and advancing overt misogynoir. Any male who exhibits colorist views and disrespects Jazz is lower than low. People, who issue vile statements about others, have their own insecurities. We know the truth. We know that black people exist in a myriad of tones and images. Black people have beauty and dignity. We know that regardless of our physical appearance, our humanity and our worth remain. Disrespecting a human being in a cruel way is wrong period. Our ancestors came from Africa. We love Africa and our black image too. The Golden Rule is simple, it is commonsense, and it ought to be followed by everyone.

For years, the handwriting is on the wall. The corporate media has always limited the discourse in the world. While, I disagree with Melissa on being so lax in interviewing a con artist like Rachel Dolezal, Melissa Harris Perry has mentioned issues in the mainstream media that no other host (in that arena) has done. She is right to expose the intersectionality of oppression. She is right to condemn gender oppression and racial discrimination on her show. She is correct to expose the system of racism/white supremacy on air in her show. She was very courageous in interviewing social activists, Flint victims of water poisoning, and other black people who love justice. Many of the leadership of MSNBC want to show election coverage, but omit the other important subjects that must be shown from the evils of Western imperialism to the corporate agenda of both major parties. So, Melissa Harris Perry has done great work to expose the problems of neoliberalism in the aftermath of Katrina, and how the criminal justice system has harmed the lives of black people, other people of color, and the poor. White racist trolls all throughout the Internet have slandered her as a racist, etc. which is a lie. She isn't perfect and she admits her imperfections, but she is a humble person. Her tears resonate with me since they not only shows the pain that black people in that field go through. It represents that we, as black people, will carry on, despite the hatred of others. This is why we need to advance more of our own independent media in a higher level. I wish the best for Melissa Harris Perry.

By Timothy

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