Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Health Care and Justice.

Trumpcare is not only reactionary and repugnant. It is based on hypocrisy. The reason is that Trump claims that his plan will help the sick, but the plan will cut services like Medicaid expansion (which will cause turmoil and suffering to low income Americans). The proposed replacement bill is called the American Health Care Act. The proposed Republican plan repeals the ACA’s mandate, which requires those without insurance to obtain coverage from a private insurer under threat of a tax penalty. It also repeals the requirement that large companies provide health care to their employees. The Medicaid expansion has been a great success in many states. Medicaid has greatly helped the poor, the elderly, and some of the disabled for decades. Income based subsidies being eliminated as part of his plan is again very cruel. Trump wants tax credits based upon age. Trump wants Medicaid expansion to be replaced by 2020 with a per capita allotment, which is wrong. This will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in benefits for those who qualify, as well as higher rates of uninsured poor people. An S&P Global Market Intelligence report released Tuesday projected that 2-4 million people enrolled in the ACA individual insurance market could lose coverage under the Republican proposal, in addition to 4-6 million people who are currently covered through Medicaid, for a total of 10 million people. Under Trump's plan, if consumers allowed their coverage to lapse for as long as two months--due to a job loss or other unforeseen interruption--insurers would be required to charge them a 30 percent penalty when they bought a health plan. Obviously, Trump ignores actual solutions that can improve the ACA and led into truly universal health care (which many industrialized nations have and are working to help people). Real solutions would be to: establish a public option in health care services, more government intervention to control the prices of medicines, use ways to expand and strengthen employer based health care (which a majority of Americans who work have), increase the insurance subsidies for individuals and families, and many heroes want a Medicare for all system. From Carson's evil statement that slaves were immigrants to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' support of the voter suppression laws (plus he agreed with the gutting of the Voting Rights Act), these facts show that Trump stands for extremism and for the interests of the wealthy oligarchy. We are in favor of the power of the people and true, universal health care.

Carson probably believed in his reactionary, obscene views on the low for years. This time is certainly an opportunity for us to stand firm in our views and to continue in the long work to fight for our rightful justice. Our ancestors must be respected. They suffered extreme brutality, lynchings, enslavement, and other atrocities. Our black ancestors scarified hugely and we want to witness a better existence for our descendants. Today, we still have a long way to go and we desire not only the power and the resources to determine our destinies (as we have the right to advance pro-black interests without apology). We believe in the total eradication of the system of racism and economic oppression, so a democratic, egalitarian, and totally fair system can flourish. We reject fascism. We want black liberation. I have seen a lot of despicable comments. Ben Carson's comments are some of the most disrespectful comments about our black ancestors that I have heard in this decade. Slaves were not immigrants who voluntarily came into American soil. Slaves were victims of kidnapping from Africa and they were stripped of their human rights and experienced indescribable anguish and turmoil. Slaves were branded, whipped, forced to wear torture devices, raped, assaulted, and murdered by racist terrorists. The Maafa and the Middle Passage were crimes against humanity and still some folks want to minimize or ignore the brutality of slavery. Ben Carson (who said that the ACA is the worse thing since slavery which is a lie) is a far right extremist who believes in cutting regulations involving housing and he makes outlandish, historical revisionist comments about American slavery. He is opposed to many legitimate social programs that has helped the poor and the working class for generations. Carson isn't the only one who has disrespected our black ancestors. He comes in a long list of extremists.

First, it is important to acknowledge the 160th anniversary of the evil Dred Scott decision. That decision deprived Dred Scott unjustly of his human rights. Ultimately, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments (including the Civil and Voting Rights Act) would negate the evil Dred Scott decision. Today, we see once again how slavery ought to be remembered. Our black ancestors suffered huge injustices and this is why many of our people desire reparations. We owe a lot to the sacrifice of our ancestors. Harvard acknowledging its role in the slave trade obviously isn't enough. It isn't enough when police brutality, gentrification, and systematic racism still manifest itself against the black community. It isn't enough when Flint families suffer poisoned waters. It isn't enough when black girls and black women suffer epidemic levels of assault, harassment, and rape. We don't want tokenism. We want black people to have the power to determine our own destinies as human beings. We want true liberty in our everyday lives regardless of our sex or our income. We want economic justice and universal health care. We desire growth of our infrastructure in a Pan-African fashion. So, we know that revolutionary change is needed. I have no issues with reparations despite the difficulty of reparations transpiring in our generation. We will continue to fight to make sure that black men, black women, and black children have not only freedom, but justice.

Congratulations to both Sisters. Black women have flown airplanes for decades. This event is another great chapter in African American history. Atlanta-based First Officer Dawn Cook and Detroit-based Captain Stephanie Johnson, Delta’s first African-American female captain are heroes and great legendary human beings. These women are not only making history. They are making more inspiration a reality for more black women to achieve more in this 21st century world. Willa Brown, Bessie Coleman, Janet Bragg, and other black women aviators have shined their lights for generations. Black Excellence is real. We desire black people to reach their dreams and to continue to bless the globe. There is a great website and organization called BAJI or Black Alliance for Just Immigration which has great information on supporting African immigrants and immigrants in general. If we want justice, then we must promote solidarity with immigrants internationally. Looking at the movie Glory signifies why we do this. We do this for our family. We do this so our future descendants can live in a better world that we currently reside in. The journey is long, but our souls aren't deterred. Our cause is just and we will persist forevermore. The Flint water crisis refutes the Horatio Alger myth and it refutes the lie that we must not care for the environment. We must care for the environment as black people. Flint has taught us about the exploitative nature of capitalism. I believe in revolutionary solutions not token "pragmatism." Many residents of Flint still need massive assistance from all levels of government (not just the local or state governments since this is a national problem. The Voting Rights Act, Social Security, and the Civil Rights Act are federal policies) in order for comprehensive change to exist. They not only deserve respect, but strong resources to make clean water a reality in the city of Flint, Michigan. Also, the emergency manager system in that region must be replaced with more democratic institutions. Also, we recognize the humanity of the victims of this tragedy. Innocent human beings were poisoned by evil people who desired corporate profits above the needs of human beings. Many people have been indicted because of this, but more should be done to address this total vicious poisoning of people.

Sister Bobbye Hall is a legendary musician. She is a well known percussionist. She has worked in over 20 hit records spanning over 40 years. She has worked with groups from the Temptations to Marvin Gaye. She has recorded as percussionist and drummer using the following instruments: bongos, congas, tambourine, claves, quica, wood block, tabla, full drum kit, tom-toms, cabasa, maracas, cowbell, bells, shaker, güiro, triangle, mark tree, güiro, hand claps, finger snaps, and finger cymbals. She is a global expert in musical expression. I wish more blessings for her. Michelle Obama is a legend. She not only was the First Lady of America. She has immense knowledge of legal affairs, worked to help people involving fitness and exercise, and she has shown a great deal of compassion for humanity. She has been slandered by the haters, but the haters could never stop her. She has been doubted by liars, but Michelle Obama persists as a black woman on a mission to change the world in a constructive fashion. She embodies intelligence, grace, and strength. Also, she is a gorgeous black woman whose insights and speeches has inspired tons of people worldwide. She is the greatest First Lady in American history.

By TImothy

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