Friday, March 24, 2006

9-11, Nukes, Bird Flu, & Monica Lewinskyby Victor Thorn


9-11, Nukes, Bird Flu, & Monica Lewinskyby Victor Thorn

Charlie Sheen’s revelations about 9-11 being an inside job (i.e. World Trade Center controlled demolition, etc) have now been broadcast on CNN during primetime, while the Scholars for 9-11 Truth have mobilized the forces with renewed energy and purpose. In addition, new 9-11 articles appear in mainstream publications on a weekly basis, while independent researchers keep releasing new information on the Pentagon and Shanksville hoaxes.Could we be reaching that point of critical mass when the American public – and the world at large – finally sees through all the lies and realizes who was actually behind the 9-11 terrorist attacks?

A sense of excitement seems to be growing as more progress is made; and there now exists a very real possibility that the psychopathic monsters responsible for these heinous crimes (and others before it) may be exposed and brought to justice.Such a scenario should undoubtedly thrill everyone in the patriot movement, but on the other hand we must also be even more vigilant, because the New World Order elite are always most dangerous when their backs are pressed against the wall. That’s when they retaliate like rabid dogs, or create diversions that lead people away from the crux of their crimes.To illustrate this point, let’s jump back a few years to the middle of Bill Clinton’s second term. His Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown, was embroiled in a bitter financial scandal, and as pressure on him was rising, he approached the president and laid an ultimatum in his lap: “I’m too old for jail. If I go down, I’m taking everyone else with me.”Of course a plethora of Clinton crimes were in danger of being exposed, so a few weeks later Ron Brown was conveniently placed on an airplane that mysteriously “crashed” in Bosnia, killing everyone onboard. But even more peculiar was a circular gunshot hole that was found in the top of Brown’s skull – the only such one for any of the plane’s passengers.

I suppose this added little touch guaranteed that dead men told no tales. Regrettably, Ron Brown wasn’t the first ‘casualty’ of the NWO’s retaliation, for history is littered with the corpses of those who dared to push the power elite into a corner.But something strange happened with the murder of Ron Brown – the truth kept coming out in a big way. In fact, coroners, military whistleblowers, journalists, and the black community dug up so much dirt on a continual basis that the whole sordid can of worms was about to be blown wide open.Then it happened – splattered across the TV sets and front pages of every newspaper in America – was Monica Lewinsky, the perfect diversion. Immediately, while all of us were titillated with details of raunchy cigars, midnight trysts in the Oval Office, and a stained blue dress, interest in Ron Brown’s murder was unceremoniously dropped like a hot potato, forever relegated to the dustbin of history.

A couple of years later, as the whole Monica affair was put to bed and a new (even more corrupt, if that’s possible) president was ‘selected,’ revelations began to surface in a dramatic way that the Oklahoma City Bombing wasn’t the work of two ‘lone nut’ mass murderers – Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols – but was instead an inside government job where explosives were used to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, not a jerry-rigged ANFO bomb inside a Ryder truck.These revelations were fueled by the work of tireless independent researchers, articles in The Spotlight newspaper, and a blockbuster book entitled Final Report which was compiled by the OKBIC (Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee). The entire truth about this ugly act of state-sponsored terrorism was now out in the open, and the lid was about to be blown off.But then – conveniently once again – the OKC Bombing scandal was buried when – welluh – “19 Arab cave-dwellers led by Osama bin Laden” attacked America on 9-11. Of course we now know the entire affair was planned years earlier by a neo-con cabal that would eventually infest the Bush White House; but just like that a new slew of lies and media hype assumed center stage, pushing everything else into the background.

So, the lesson we should take to heart is as such: keep pushing with all your might to expose the truth about 9-11; but in the same breath, stay alert. The NWO elite is at its most dangerous when the bright light of truth is shining on them. Furthermore, with plummeting poll numbers for George W. Bush, a disastrous war in Iraq, and 9-11 reality bursting into the public consciousness; we can’t put anything past the bloodthirsty killers whose finger on the trigger is getting real itchy.Nobody can be certain what lurks inside their demented minds, but could we see a dirty bomb in L.A., nukes and/or an invasion of Iran, the outbreak of a man-made bird flu pandemic, a Monica-like Wag-the-Dog distraction, or another ‘lone nut’ act of terror that debilitates society like the JFK assassination?Each of these possibilities is very real, so keep your eyes open. Right now, those who sit atop the control pyramid are more skittish than long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs, and needless to say, that should make all of us more than a little nervous.

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