Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Nixak*77* • 11 hours ago
So when Bernie's asked up-front in the Dims debate 'Are You a Socialist', he fails to just simply say 'yes'- but rather says he's against the 1% of Wall St Banksters & 'crony' capitalism, & says he's in favor of small & mid size businesses. Well h__ Bernie, even the Repugs say they're all for small & mid size businesses! Bernie says he wants to break-up the 'Too Big to Fail [& Jail]' Banks, but he does NOT say the Govt should NOT only have broken-up those banks but also nationalized them & other corps [IE: GM & Chrystler] that the FED 'had-to' bail out w Tax-payer $$$! Because the USG effectively bought ownership of them w those bail-outs!!! Then those banks [& corps] could have been run like public-utilities ala N.Dakota's State Bank, that survived the financial crisis of 2007 - 09 virtually unscathed.

Then there's Billary- To hear her talk now, one would think she has NO pro Big Biz / Wall St record- going back to when she was 1st Lady of AR- let alone of the USA! Does she really think everyone's forgotten that as AR 1st Lady she sat on Wal-Mart's board? Or her & her Hubby's role in bipartisanship w Newt Grinch-witch's Repugs in pushing for Welfare Deform? Ditto re NAFTA & deregulating Wall St Banksters by repealing Glass-Steagal? Or her role as Obama's sec of State in pushing for the TPP [aka NAFTA on Steroids] & the KXL Tar Sands pipe-line? So now Billary wants to save capitalism from itself? Well hell FDR did that when he put in regulations ala Glass-Steagal which Slick-Willy's Rubinites in bipartisanship w Grinchwitch's Repugs & the FED's Alan Greenspan blocked &/or dismantled!!!
And Billary also claims she wants to do something about the revolving door between the Wall St / Corp elite & USG officials-Uuhm like her hubby's ex Sec of the Treasury Rob Rubin [left that post to head-up Wall-St's Citi-Corp / Citi-Bank], or Obama recently resigned Attny Gen Eric Holder [who was Slick Willy's asst Attny Gen]- who's now returned to a top Wall St Law Firm???
IMO this is what Billary will do should she become POTUS. Forget all about that 'progressive-sounding' 'campaign-rhetoric', & do just what her hubby Slick-Willy & ex-boss Obama did when they became POTUS!!! Can we say 'Triangulation' boys & girls???


Nixak*77*  Nixak*77* • 5 hours ago
I watched DN!'s analysis of the Dims' debate w Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, along w AlterNet's Zaid Jilani, & also Les Payne & D.Watkins.

Bernie, who voted against the Iraq War, called it the biggest foreign policy debacle in US history. IMO though Iraq's certainly been a disaster, but it's debatable if it's a bigger debacle than Vietnam! Actually in terms of US vs Vietnamese & Iraqi lives, Vietnam cost significantly more in both total US & Vietnamese [& other SE.Asian] lives than Iraq has. But unlike Iraq Attack Pt-2, Dim LBJ along w Repug 'Tricky Dick' [& Heinz Kissinger too] were both equally to blame for the Vietnam Debacle!

- Be that as it may, Seems Hillary's NOT seen a war since her Hubby's Kosovo War [which Bernie backed] that she's NOT liked! Besides her vote for the Bush-Cheney-NeoCON gang to do the Iraq Attack Pt-2 based on LIES- She's backed the Obama-Betrayus Afghan 'Surge'; Obama's drone War; Lobbied Hard in combo w Sue Rice & Sam Power for UK-US NATO's 'R2P' bombing assault on Libya; in the 2008 POTUS race said she's prepared to obliterate Iran [if it attacked Israel- a Mighty BIG IF]; had her asst Sec of State to the EU Vicky Nuland scheme to pull a Neo-NAZI coup in Ukraine as Hillary 'cynically' called Putin the 'New Hitler' [Huhh WTF]; & Urged Obama to Bomb Syria! So NOW she said during this debate that she wants to see a US-NATO 'No-Fly-zone' in Syria- even though Russia effectively has its own Syrian NO-Fly-Zone.
- That's a recipe for Disaster!!! Which could lead to WWIII w a nuclear armed Russia!!! Does Hillary NOT understand that picking a fight w Putin's Russia, ain't the same as doing a number on Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, nor even Iran??!! That a war w Russia would NOT be a 'cake-walk'??? That in the past 2 centuries 2 of the most feared armies in Europe's modern history [Napoleon's & Hitler's] were DESTROYED by / in Russia- leading to the collapse of Napoleon's burgeoning French Empire & the Fall of NAZI's Imperial 3rd Reich??!

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