Friday, October 30, 2015

The Third Republican Debate on CNBC

The third Republican debate was filled with GOP candidates talking about “big government.” They are hypocrites in that regard since they want to complain about big government, but they support the military industrial complex as “big government” or the funding of big corporate interests. The debate took place in Boulder, Colorado and it was sponsored by CNBC (or the business channel with ties to NBC). Many GOP candidates and the RNC wanted soft ball questions in debates, which is wrong. Any candidate should receive hard hitting, complex, and tough questions. Receiving tough questions builds intelligence, strength, and human leadership. The whole debate revolved mostly about economic issues. Marco Rubio receives money from casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Rand Paul and Chris Christie believe in the same trickled down economics that contributed to the recession in the first place. The debate was about the candidates showing one liners against rivals and the candidates complaining about the media. The panel of moderators from CNBC were intimidated and used as scapegoats during the two hour televised spectacle. The candidates refused to talk about how class issues and the economy are linked. They all expressed almost identical right wing viewpoints. They blamed big government for stagnant wages, poverty, and social devastation (instead of the real cause which is the profit system. This profit system has increased wealth and the income of the super wealthy for the past 3 decades which has been monopolized by a tiny financial elite). The GOP believes that if big government is cut down radically, then the economy can grow in America. Dr. Ben Carson and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush including others echoed those sentiments. Jeb Bush said that the 1.2 trillion debt of college loans was created by the federal government when it came by private and state colleges (and decades of low wages). Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, whose state is bankrupt and has never recovered from the combined blows of Hurricane Katrina and the oil price collapse: “I’m the only one that’s reduced the size of government. Let’s shrink the government economy. Let’s grow the American economy.” Senator Ted Cruz made the point that big government benefits the wealthy and the lobbyists (which is a half truth since the government is controlled by the oligarchy and it has promoted austerity policies against the poor and middle class) when Wall Street oligarchy have controlled many polices of Congress to benefit the few. There is an alliance between the capitalist state and big business. The Republican campaigns are financed by big business. The government is not mostly controlled by the people, but by the 1 percent. One wealthy investor hedge fund mogul Robert Mercer funds Cruz. Cruz is known to suck up to corporate interests. Carly Fiorina claimed that big government favors the wealthy and crushes the powerless when she claims that the federal government setting standards for setting minimum wages is not constitutional, when there are legal parameters to set up minimum wage and Social Security. Fiorina’s presentation was particularly bizarre since her claim to credibility as a candidate consists in her tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, one of the 50 largest corporations in America, and a huge government contractor (particularly of the National Security Agency) making her the personification of the alliance of big business and “big government” which she was stridently condemning.  It is notable that none of them condemns or proposes to shrink the single largest part of the federal government, the gigantic military-intelligence apparatus that constitutes the biggest threat both to the democratic rights of the American people and the physical survival of the human race. They oppose big government as it relates to the government providing the general welfare of the people (like people who enforce health, safety, and pollution regulation, Social Security, Medicare, etc.), but they support big government in terms of supporting the growth of the military industrial complex (except or Rand Paul. Yet, even Rand Paul has a reactionary foreign policy agenda). In other words, their focus is not on the federal agencies that threaten the democratic rights of the American people, or spy on, attack and kill the citizens of other countries, but the federal agencies that restrict in any way, however slightly, the operations of the giant corporations and banks.  The GOP debate in essence was about the candidates promoting privatization of public education, undermining regulations on corporations, and attacking social programs. The mainstream media doesn't get a pass ither since it is corporate dominated and has been intimidated by the powers that be for so long.

You know what I’m going to type. I have so much to say. Here it goes. There is no liberation in us as black people being an adjunct or a puppet of the Democratic and Republican parties. Historically, both parties have exploited us and used right wing tactics in stifling black progress. Therefore, we advocate political independence. This is what Sister Garza has courageously said in public. The Democratic Party can’t liberate black people. The Republican Party can’t liberate black people. Only black people can liberate black people. If we are to be free, then we have to be about it for real. Back decades ago, old school civil rights leaders used civil disobedience, outright shut downs, and massive tactics of resistance to fight back against oppression. Now, today, courageous activists have spoken up to Hillary Clinton about these issues. The activists in Clark Atlanta University have every right to speak their minds. An imperialist (who voted for the Iraq War and talks about further escalation of military involvement in the Syrian civil war) and a corporate agent being called a “freedom fighter” is the height of absurdity and hypocrisy. How can an imperialist in a business party liberate a black soul? She can’t. The GOP filled with racist, xenophobic, and sexist candidates certainly can’t liberate black people either. The protesters have shown strength and courage to stand up for people of the African Diaspora. We need to address the criminal injustice system and we need to abolish the War on Drugs.

We are not surprised. The inferiority complexes of many whites (who supported the racist sorority) is so easy to tell. They want to disrespect black women, but some of them want to copy black peoples’ style, music, and culture. The vicious letter from the cowardly anonymous person explains the truth about how evil misoygnoir and discrimination are. The vicious letter (from a member of the Southern Methodist University) fully exposes how evil white racism is and how jealous they are of black women. From the beginning of human history, black women have been very intelligent, strong, and able to achieve great accomplishment. Throughout my life, I know (in real life) amazing black women principals, teachers, scholars, community leaders, other workers, and other heroes. Many black people are naïve to think that every white person that gives them attention is an ally. That is not the case. Black people are speaking up and our worth is superior to that white sorority’s bigotry and ignorance. This why black folks for centuries in the Americas have set up our own institutions. The opinions of unintelligent, jealous white racists don’t matter. What matters include us loving our community, helping our people, and being a blessing for the world. For long years, Rachel has used her white privilege to strip away opportunities from black people who want to go into an university. She has made a disrespectful, false claim and her actions mock black womanhood and the black experience in general. She has used deception and exploited the struggle of our people and our ancestors as an excuse for her to promote a lie. Of course, she is ashamed of being white, because her self-hatred of her own ethnic identity is a sign of the wonder and glory of our blackness. Our black identity is so beautiful that some want to intimate it, but they can never duplicate it. Black is Beautiful and no one can strip away our glorious, strong swag. We, as black people, are here to stay.

First, I am glad that more people are overtly opposing this form of discrimination inside of a club in the UK. Any policy of unwarranted discrimination that is racist should be called out. The freedom movements in the UK and in America continue today. Back decades ago, Afro-British freedom fighters Claudia Jones, Darcus Howe, Olive Morris, and Paul Stephenson stood up against discrimination. Today, we are still fighting the same fight. I commend those who told their stories since we need more awareness. The Bambu club is trying to insult people's intelligence since tons of people have given testimony to its racist actions. We will stand up by using our resources to support those who support us and never ally or financially support those who harm us or discriminates against us. The movement for racial justice is diverse. The nonviolent marchers and the Black Panthers wanted the same goal (which is freedom, justice, and equality). They may have disagreed on tactics, but they wanted the same end result, which is the total liberation of black people. Some people forget that the FBI and local police agencies killed dozens of Black Panther Party members in cold blood. Also, the FBI used COINTELPRO against the BPP with the support of Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover. The BPP existed after the great African American migration and in response to oppressive economic and social conditions of the ghettos of the Midwest, the North, and the West Coast. Also, it existed in response to police brutality especially. So, the Black Panthers have been slandered as the "bad guys" by reactionaries for decades. The Black Panthers helped feed children breakfast, they established health care clinics, they helped the elderly, and they did other positive actions in the black community. Today, many people are getting the truth on such matters.

Standing up for the black youth is a total prerequisite in our lives. No black teenager should be brutally thrown around and the young Sister has to wear a cast around her body as a product of the actions of an evil now ex-cop. The cop being fired is welcomed news. Also, the fight isn’t over yet. He must experience a trial, a conviction, and he must go into prison. The criminal justice system has been a disgrace for a long time and revolutionary change is totally needed to make sure that not only are black people treated fairly, but that our human rights must be respected. Black leaders from Ella Baker to Malcolm X spoke eloquently about fighting for human rights. In this generation, we have water being cut off in Detroit and Baltimore (especially against the poor). We have many Brothers and Sisters being unfairly suspended and we have the epidemic of police terrorism in the rural, suburban, and urban communities of America. Therefore, there has to be real accountability here.
Any cop with a history of abusing people should never be involved in any function of any school period. The teacher is obviously a coward and exploited the situation of the Sister as a means for him to follow the status quo. The school should be scrutinized of its policies and the teacher must face accountability as well. We know what the truth is. The young Sister in foster care is a serious situation. That is why we are in solidarity with her. We are in solidarity always with the oppressed. We love the essence of Blackness and we will defend our people. Justice is meant for all and we mean it. We don’t want students to have a distressing, paranoiac mentality where they fear the police instead of focusing on strengthening their education. We don’t want children to be harmed physically so bad that they need casts on their bodies. Enough is enough. In this generation, we will stand up faithfully for truth and justice.

By Timothy

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