Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Issues on Justice

No one should be naive about what has happened. A vicious cop brutalized a Sister. The cop is fired, but this is not the end. There is a serious problem of police terrorism in our communities. He should be fired. For this barbarian to be placed in a school after he has been experiencing complaints for violence and excessive force is a tragedy. Justice is a process. I am glad that he is fired, but that isn’t all that should be done. There should be an investigation of the school to witness its protocol and other aspects of its policies as it relates to police officers in its school. Fields should be arrested for many crimes, sent to a trial, convicted, and sent to prison. Fields is a known menace and threat to society. He deserves to be truly held accountable for his evil actions. The teacher in the classroom acted as a coward and he didn’t even aggressively tell the officer that the cop is using over the top actions. When our black children are under attack, then we won’t be silent. Schools should be locations where children are never afraid of cops and where students are treated as human beings learning a myriad of information not as criminals. A young black teenage has suffered physical and emotional pain. Her family is hurting. Therefore, we express solidarity with the young Sister and her family. History proves that complying with an oppressive system doesn't work. A barbarian killed a 7 year old girl and recently, another barbarian assaulted a young black teenager. The police officer should have never been in the classroom in the first place (when similar situations would merit much of a more different response) . The fragrant assault of black youth is disgusting. Our heroes from members from SNCC to the Black Panthers taught us a long time ago that playing "nice" with brutes will not cause liberation. That is why we believe in resistance against evil. I commend the Sister who recorded the footage since she showed more heart and strength than the cop and the teacher combined.

Learning is a lifelong process. The quiz is wrong to mark incorrect for a correct answer. Back then, education was heavily involved in establishing critical thinking beyond random memorization. Random memorization is not real learning since a person is just regurgitating what someone else is feeding you in an indoctrinated fashion. Real learning is analyzing information, making connections, improving creativity, and applying what we know in real life situations too. Therefore, many teachers are tired of teaching to a standardized test and having a more regimented way of teaching instead of a advancing a more creative way of learning. Answers to multiplication problems, pre-calculus, and calculus involved a litany of strategies. The answer to the multiplication problem can be in many different designations. We do know that in numerous school system, students take dozens of standardized tests before they graduate high school. This should change. That is why hundreds of thousands of students and teachers have protested excessive, standardized testing in Los Angeles, in Seattle, in Brooklyn, and in other places of America. Certainly, we want not only true learning, but we have to reject the aims of the status quo. In the final analysis, we have to teach children that there are many different ways to derive one answer.

The Most High made us. We are made in a wonderful fashion. Our beautiful melanin is glorious. Our hair is beautifully design and our natural rhythm is inspirational too. Acknowledging our hair and our blackness has nothing to do with hating others. It is about having a love for our identity and never being ashamed of what we are. This great truth about Black being Beautiful should be taught to all black children from a very early age. We want black youth in the future to not go through what our ancestors experienced. We want them to see a better world than the present, so that they can express and fulfill their destinies intrepidly. Consciousness is always important to love and cultivate. One great thing about you is that you always make it a point to confront bigotry while loving Black Love at the same time. You inspire me. My color is my blessing. Africans have every right to tell their own stories. Also, it is a fact that Africans and African Americans have collaborated in pan-African efforts for decades. There were many Pan-African conferences throughout the 20th century. Many Africans have expressed solidarity with the African American struggle for human rights. Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah supported black Americans. I am glad that Mo Abudu wants to be her own woman. Likewise, Africa is a diverse continent and the negative stereotypes about Africa must be repudiated. Mo did a great job in the interview to dispel many of the myths and stereotypes about Africa. There are issues in Africa, but Africa has a lot of strong people who want to do better and have the same struggles and joy as any other people have in the places of the world. She’s right to want to empower women and that African women stories are very important to show. That is why African media to show a balanced image of Africa is very important. Also, Africa deserves more voices, the fight against poverty, and Africans should tell their own views without filter or obfuscation.

Sister Niya Kenny has shown more heart and strength plus courage than the officer and the teacher put together. What she did was she stood up for a fellow classmate who was a victim of assault by a cruel, evil, and barbaric cop. Niya stood up for what is right. What is right is that the officer has no business mistreating a child at all. It is a serious problem where many with a badge try to intimidate others. Yet, we know that our people are a strong people. We don’t back down. We didn’t back down during the Maafa and slavery (as hundreds of slave revolts existed from the 1400’s to the 1800’s) and our voices are here to stay. The school and the officer should be sued. The teacher is a representation of a coward and not a real man. We want real solutions and it’s a total travesty that Niya will have this on her record. Niya is a hero and her mother is a strong black woman. When we see evil, we won’t cower. We will fight it directly and do what is right. We are in solidarity with Niya and the other Sister who was the victim of excessive force and abuse from the officer. We should never take this and we want justice. Chris Christie's distortions about what the BLM is all about is truly abysmal. Crooked cops are antithetical to the principles of democracy and an equitable, egalitarian society. Christie is well known for cutting pensions, for harming the economic power of New Jersey, and for his offensive statements (he even called a grown black man a boy). He barely escaped the building scandal in NJ and he has shaken hands with the President Barack Obama in the midst of the Hurricane Sandy disaster. Police brutality is a serious problem and no one rational wants to express glee over cops being murdered. We want justice for the victims of police brutality. What is clear that massive deregulation, austerity, imperialism, and a violation of our civil liberties are agendas that we oppose. Christie refuses to call for investments in rebuilding our infrastructure (from roads, bridges, hospitals, our farms, etc.), in advancing social justice, and building up our environment. We want a society based on human need, not on human greed or materialism.

Crooked, murdering cops deserve no patronize. They deserve accountability and prison time. Since the slave patrols of over a century ago, the police institution has members who are involved murder, rape, abuse, and other forms of terrorism against black people and other people. We know about their fraudulent abuse of workers standing up for labor rights back during the 19th and 20th centuries. We know about what they did in the Bonus March back in the early 20th century when they assaulted people who were just demanding benefits. We saw what some of them did to innocent, peaceful protesters in Selma during 1965 when men, women, and children were beaten bloody. We see the NYPD today with many of them illegally spying on activities and murdering innocent black people in our generation. Some of their members killed Freddie Gray, Sean Bell, Kimani Gray, and other Brothers and Sisters. They or the NYPD are over 30,000 in number, but we have the truth on our side. We won’t back down. The ancestors are with us and we know about the militarization, the sound weapons, and other devices of control that many cops use in trying to intimidate the public. Decades ago, the Panther 21 stood up for our people in New York City. Many of them were arrested. One hero who was arrested was Afeni Shakur. She not only defended herself, but her will, her intellect, and her strength caused her to win the case which was brought against her. Today, we live in a new generation filled with economic inequality, racism, ecological problems, and sexism. Yet, we are not dismayed by the obstacles. We have a known history of continuing onward despite the obstacles. Patrick Lynch talking about the Mayor having blood on his hands is really disrespectful. If I was mayor of NYC, I tell Lynch to say those comments to my face, and then we will have a real discussion. There are a lot of words that describe Patrick Lynch that I can't mention here. We know those words. With that being said, terrorist cops deserve no respect. People have the right to protest against police barbaric tyranny against so many communities nationwide and worldwide. The challenge has been made in our generation, we accept the challenge, and will never bow before tyranny. It is liberty for us and no acceptance of the status quo. The NYPD's calls for a boycott should inspire us more. We’re black and we have the right to stand up for racial and social justice. #Black Lives Matter.This mayoral race will be a long, tough campaign. Nick Mosby has the right to run. He’s a citizen and he’s a resident of Baltimore. Many other people are running. The situation in Baltimore existed for a long time from poverty, the closing of factories, and the neglect of many of the poorer communities of Baltimore (while richer areas of Baltimore have been massively developed over the course of 20 years). So, regardless of who the new Mayor of Baltimore is, this human being have to fight against poverty (unemployment and vacant buildings must be dealt with), struggling schools, and police brutality. In the final analysis, the youth, the working class, the poor, and the real activists of Baltimore should come together in forming independent economic and political solutions. Collective power is vital.

By Timothy

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