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Late Fall 2015 Part 3


Alex Jones

 It is time to talk about this issue. I have mentioned information about him for years. In this time, it is important to set the record straight about Alex Jones. We will fight for the truth. I don’t agree with Alex Jones on many issues and the following words is my official statement on Alex Jones. He is very popular in many circles. He has made cameos on many Hollywood films. He has appeared on television before. His YouTube channel has over 30 million views and over 200,000 subscribers. He has his Austin, Texas based radio talk show where here has made a career about pumping out information. Some of his information that he shows is filled with bigotry, hyperbole, and he has made much profit by his conspiracy related documentaries. Alex Jones defended the Tea Party movement and he has called Sarah Palin the real deal before (which is wrong on his part). In his career as a radio talk show host, he has shown vicious anti-immigrant rhetoric, interviewed anti-Semitic extremists, defended Holocaust deniers, and attacked civil rights leaders. So, Alex Jones’ agenda is nothing new. It is the agenda of the John Birch Society and it is the agenda of the reactionary movement. The following words will show evidence that Alex Jones is wrong on many issues and it will inspire progressive people to stand up for our core convictions. Now, this doesn’t mean that we are to be hateful toward fellow human beings unfairly. Even though, I disagree with Alex Jones on some issues, doesn’t mean that we show hate to counteract hate. We will show truth to counteract extremism. Therefore, we will always believe in religious freedom, immigrant rights, civil liberties, environmental justice, social justice, racial justice, and an end to all forms of oppression and injustices. We want justice.


He has made it his career to promote books, movies, and other products in relation to conspiracy. A conspiracy is two or more human beings organizing a plan and carrying it out. So, historically conspiracies have existed throughout human history. For example, Operation Ajax, The Manhattan Project, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Operation Gladio, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and other real conspiracies are real. We should always study real conspiracies and oppose injustice. Likewise, we should be careful not to use false information or exaggerations in researching or analyzing information either. Alex Jones believes that the New World Order is out to get everyone, so the leaders of the new world order can form a totalitarian global state where people are micro chipped, martial law is made into a reality, and total tyranny is made into a reality. The truth is in between the 2 extreme views of there are no evil done by international political figures and the other extreme that everyone on Earth is suffering a tyrannical, brutal prison planet. One of the most wild, sickest comments that Alex Jones said that when he said the following words about the President: “ Beelzebub, Baphomet, Leviathan, the devil. He is the devil. Barack Obama is the devil.” His comments represents his extremism. I disagree with the President on his foreign policy, and on other issues (also, I don't believe in the establishment of an one world government), but the President is not the devil. Therefore, Alex Jones is right to expose some real conspiracies like the Gleiwitz incident near the beginning of World War II, Operation Ajax, and Operation Gladio. Yet, he mixes that with outlandish conspiracy theories that aren’t true like Jones was also responsible for the creation of a truly awful SF meme on his show by insisting that the dual US-Russian plan to place Syria's chemical weapons under international control was in fact part of a cunning plan to kill off the human race and replace it with cyborgs. Alex Jones insisted falsely that the missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi had something to do with the Boston bombing. That was an evil action and Tripathi has since been found dead. Therefore, we have to use reasonable facts.

False Predictions

Alex Jones is known for making many false predictions on his telecast. On December 15, 2008, Alex Jones said that all the pensions’ funds in America will be gone in “a few months.” That didn’t come to pass. On February 4, 2009, Alex Jones said that there will be an inaugural bombing coming in 6 to 7 months. He was wrong. One April 2, 2009, he said that nuclear attacks are coming in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Cleveland, and Denver. His most inaccurate and most infamous false prediction that he has made was on December 31, 1999. This was on his Y2K broadcast where he said that more than 100,000 people will die in Chechnya via rocket attacks. On February 28, 2010, Alex Jones said that within 16 months, at least 15 European nations will collapse. Therefore, we don’t need fear mongering from Alex Jones. We need humbleness and a sober minded mentality in solving problems and standing up for the human dignity of humankind.

On Economic Justice

Alex Jones’ views on economics are well known. He believes in capitalism and Austrian economics. He constantly sells gold and other things relating to Austrian economics. He respects Ron Paul even when Ron Paul has said that he would cut parts of the Civil Rights Act and he has supported the action of war in Afghanistan. Austrian economics was popularized by the Mont Pelerin Society (which was created in 1947 by Friedrich von Hayek in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland). This group hated socialism and wanted laissez faire capitalism while having little to no government regulation of the market. Austrian economics have influenced Milton Friedman and Reaganomics (which has increased economic inequality and stagnated wages for decades in America). Economic justice means that corporations should not have the power to steal wealth, pollute the environment, and steal the wealth of the masses of the people in the name of “sound money.” Therefore, here should be an expansion of job opportunities by the extension of federal unemployment insurance and investments in infrastructure.

Also, Alex Jones is known to hate Hugo Chavez. He has called him a Communist "strongman" when Hugo Chavez was a socialist (who was elected by the people and he survived an U.S.-backed military coup of Venezuela). One source mentioned that:

"...Before Chavez, more than half the people in Venezuela lived in poverty, a figure that he had succeeded in reducing by half before his death. He instituted free universal health care and free education, raising the country's literacy rate to an astonishing 100%. He implemented land reforms and created government supermarkets which cut the cost of food by 40%. Before these major social improvements, 70% of Venezuelans had no access to basic medical care, and 40% of them were illiterate. Chavez also increased the minimum wage by more than 600%, reduced unemployment from 20% to 6%, and moved Venezuela up four positions in the United Nations Human Development Index. A major emphasis of the Bolivarian Revolution was on improving health care for the Venezuelan people, and the Chavez government built thousands of new clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centres across the country. The government's health care program is called Mission Barrio Adentro, which means "inside the neighbourhood."

This health care program has treated and cared for 24 million patients out of a population of 26 million. The program has sent doctors into urban shantytowns and rural villages that had rarely before seen medical practitioners. When initially some Venezuelan doctors refused to go to these remote regions, the Chavez government brought in 46,000 Cuban doctors willing to travel anywhere. Since then, the Venezuelan doctors have joined their fellow Cuban physicians in visiting all the isolated communities...As Dr. Maria Paez Victor, a Venezuelan-Canadian sociologist, explained to me: "It is not just Chavez, it is Chavez with the people of Venezuela." The massive success of the Chavez government can be explained by the fact that it is an instrument of the poor majority in Venezuela, who have risen to claim their country and its resources. So, along with health care, education, land and food, the Bolivarian Revolution literally gave power to the people and Chavez became the first ruler in Venezuela's history to ensure the participation of the poor in politics. The Bolivarian Constitution, passed by referendum in 1999, declares that Venezuela is a participatory democracy. To promote this system, Chavez set up 35,000 communal councils and 130,000 grassroots "Bolivarian Circles" in neighbourhoods and workplaces across Venezuela. These circles have helped raise mass consciousness among the poor for the first time, and the communal councils have transferred real power to them. These councils are part of the birth of a new state. As Chavez declared, "Poverty is eliminated by giving power to the people." ("THE LATIN AMERICAN REVOLUTION, PART XVIII: Hugo Chavez Leaves a Prodigious Legacy That Will Never Die -- His Reforms Uplifted All Latin America, Not Just Venezuela" by Asad Ismi).

There should be a national living wage. Back in the late 1960’s, a full time worker earning the minimum wage could lift a family of three out of poverty. Had the minimum wage back then been indexed to inflation, it would be $10.86 per hour today, compared to the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.  Raising the minimum wage can lift millions of people out of poverty. There should be paid family and medical leave. There should be pay equity among all genders in America. There should be no regressive taxes like a payroll tax, sales tax, etc. There should be a progressive estate tax and luxury tax. Some have called for Wall Street (who is largely responsible for the collapse of the U.S. economy and recession which started in 2008. Wall Street bank have looted and gambled trillions of dollars in workers’ pensions and mutual fund savings) to be taxed and I have no problem with that either.  Even a small transaction tax on Wall Street financial transactions can raise $350 billion annually. That money can repair our infrastructure, create jobs, and reduce the tax burden on individuals. Americans and workers globally should work in great working conditions with their economic rights intact along with safety & environmental standards. We should have a strong social safety net too. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (who respected democratic socialism) and other heroes fought for a strong social safety net too. The general welfare must be promoted. America and any nation should provide the general welfare to humanity. I have no problem with Medicare for all. Social Security should be expanded. Therefore, we want economic justice.

On Racial Justice

This is a personal issue for me, because I am a black human being and I stand up for racial justice. All people should have justice. For centuries, my ancestors have been the victims of the Maafa and slavery in the Americas and throughout the world. That is why courageous slave revolts existed in order for people to stand up against racism, slavery, colonization, and other tyrannies in the world. Jones refuses to call out white supremacy by name and his followers consider any black person confronting white racism in a strong way as “race baiting,” which is a lie. Jones is known to try to debate either people who are extremists or people with distorted views that he exploits in order to claim that progressive are filled with ignorant people. He certainly won’t expose how capitalist leaders have been involved in the Maafa (as documented by the great author Eric Williams), slavery, imperialism, colonization, and other evils for centuries. The reality is that he is a notorious reactionary that wants to advance some colorblind agenda that ignores the necessity to fight for racial and social justice. Alex Jones is a known, consistent opponent and slanderer of the Black Lives Matter. He tries to compare Black Lives Matter to terrorists and extremists when the Black Lives Matter movement wants justice for all.  Jones used the old slander that the BLM is an agency of George Soros (who is a person that I don’t support ideologically or politically). The Black Lives Matter movement was created by 3 black women not by George Soros. Also, Black Lives Matter is decentralized and there is no evidence that Soros funds every aspect of the Black Lives Matter movement at all. As Sister Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor has written:

"...The #BLM movement has shown that grassroots activism is the most effective way to wrench change out of this system by confronting racist policing practices and discrimination in the criminal-justice system. This movement has done more to expose the systemic roots of police murder and brutality than any commission, elected official or national conversation on race could ever have hoped to accomplish. Similarly, the movement of low-wage workers has done more to raise awareness about poverty and actually raise the minimum wage than any elected official..." ("Winning talk isn't winning action" on the Root by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor).

Alex Jones is a right wing extremist who ignore that the system of racism/white supremacy is a serious problem in the world. He praises people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry when they were slave owners and white supremacists. Even Benjamin Franklin opposed slavery in public.

Alex Jones has publicly states that he wants everyone to join the John Birch Society. Jesuit-trained John F. McManus is the President of JBS. As it relates to the tragedies of the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, Alex Jones has sided with the police establishment. He may expose incidents of police using tear gas on journalists and protesters, but he wants to ignore the real legitimate grievances of the Black Lives Matter movement (which is about ending police terrorism, ending the War on Drugs, and promoting equality for all). Jones has promoted the lie that the President is stocking racial tensions when there has been a rise of white racist hate groups since President Barack Obama has been inaugurated. Also, the President has issued statements and speeches that are overtly moderate on race. and promote articles that show anti-black, reactionary lies about crime in the black community. The truth is that crime rates overall in the black community has declined since 1980. Tons of black people have stood up and fought police terrorism and intraracial violence for decades. For anyone to ignore that reality is to be much uninformed.

Also, Paul Joseph Watson is an outright Islamophobic race baiter. In one tweet, Paul Joseph Watson said the lie of: “Like #garlandshooting jihadists, feminists also want to violently attack their ideological adversaries.” He issued another tweet saying: “Liberals are really keen to make #garlandshooting all about Pamela Geller so they can avoid having to offend Muslims. Cowards.” The truth is that the shooting had nothing to do with ISIS at all. Paul Joseph Watson is a coward to try to slander people that disagree with him like feminists, liberals, etc. but he wants to claim to be in the cutting edge of true thinking. Geller is a known extremist and Paul Joseph Watson is a hypocrite by claiming to oppose Israeli occupation, but Geller is one great advocate of Israeli occupation.   Paul Joseph Watson made the offensive tweet (that exploits a tragedy in a sick way. He should be ashamed of himself) of: “Home of the #Chattanooga shooter, I can really see how poverty played a role in his radicalization. Jobs for ISIS!” He is just like Rita Katz and Pam Geller with his Islamophobia. That tweet was shown with a picture shown by FOX News (a known propaganda network). The picture doesn’t even show the home of Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. That picture is the home of his father. Also, there is no link of ISIS to the tragedy at Chattanooga at all. For instance, an August 31, 2011 article entitled “Black Caucus Incites Race War Against Tea Party Americans,” refers to a group of African-American legislators as “Congress critters.” The article goes on to accuse the Congressional Black Caucus of “pimping racism” and that “Hustlers of color are working overtime to rile up constituents who view the government as a magical ATM. They are inciting violence when they say Tea Party racists want to hang black people from trees and then instruct them to confront members at their homes. If they can’t keep their racket going, they will incite a riot.”

The Black Caucus is not trying to incite a race war against members of the Tea Party at all. Also, progressive people fought for the minimum wage, civil rights laws, women’s suffrage, labor standards, clean war, etc. when some of the same followers of Infowars would oppose such blessings decades ago. Alex Jones refuses to expose white nationalist racist terrorists like Dylan Roof beyond just mental health issues. Alex Jones calls the Confederate flag debate as a red hearing, which is a lie. The Confederate flag is a flag of racists who wanted to continue slavery against black people. Also, Alex Jones has supported and give voice to neo-Confederates like Thomas diLorenzo. I don't ally with Jones at all. The Confederacy's own documents mentioned about how they seceded to maintain states' rights in order for them to continue slavery. Human rights is superior to states' rights. Infowars should be ashamed of themselves for trying inflaming  racial hatred. People like me want racial justice not racial hatred.

I dedicate this section to the Brothers and Sisters fighting for truth and justice.

The Tea Party

Alex Jones is in support of the agendas of the John Birch Society and the Tea Party movement. This fact refutes the myth that Alex Jones is outside of the Left/Right paradigm. The John Birth Society and the Tea Party movement are far right wing groups who abhor progressive policies on economics and they follow other doctrines of extremism. It’s a historical fact that the John Birch Society was an enemy of the civil rights movement during the 1950’s and during the 1960’s. Fred Koch allied and worked with the John Birch Society since the late 1950’s. The JBS has been adamantly anti-Communist. Fred Koch promoted the theory that President Eisenhower was soft on Communism and that the public school system used many communist books and that many teachers were communists. They acted like being a Communist should be illegal. Frankly, people have the freedom of conscience and the freedom to think. In 1961, the Freedom Riders came about. The Freedom Rides was about African American and white activists traveling to the Southern states to test the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Boynton v. Virginia that the Equal Protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (which barred laws requiring segregated travel interstate). The buses were attacked by white racist mobs and the Klan. The JBS called civil rights a communist slogan, they wanted Earl Warren impeached, and they opposed the push for racial integration (via a document called “A Letter to the South on Segregation in 1956). The JBS in 1961 praised General Walker who opposed James Meredith’s right to enroll in Oxford, Mississippi.

The John Birch Society back then always hated the views of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They made a very disrespectful remark about the dog attacking a black person in the South as carefully rehearsed. That made me angry and that alone will never make me respect the John Birch Society at all. The John Birch Society front group called JFK a traitor and said that he was soft on communism. The John Birch Society supported conservative Barry Goldwater too, but even Barry Goldwater criticized the JBS. The John Birch Society’s main publication called the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery led by Dr. King as a “sham and a farce.” That’s disrespectful to the sacrifices of heroic activists who shed blood for freedom in the Selma movement. The John Birch Society hated President Johnson’s War on Poverty, which cut poverty in half from 1960 to 1970. The JBS opposed anti-discrimination legislation like housing legislation too. Today, the JBS promotes Jesse Lee Peterson (who said thank God for slavery. Jesse is a black reactionary person who made offensive, disrespectful comments about black people for years. Jesse Lee Peterson is a notorious traitor to black people). The JBS opposed federal Civil Rights Acts (Yes, the JBS opposed the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act back then, which is shameful) when federal human rights are superior to states’ rights. The John Birch Society’s Robert Welch praised J. Edgar Hoover when Hoover illegally violated the civil liberties of American citizens via COINTELPRO and other programs. Hoover didn’t want the JBS to push his comments in book form. Hoover was an evil man. The JBS is a disgraceful group. Alex Jones has publicly states that he wants everyone to join the John Birch Society. Jesuit-trained John F. McManus is the President of JBS. The John Birch Society is anti-union, anti-economic justice, and believes in total individualism without regard to respect collective power too.

On many times, Alex Jones calls himself as: " aggressive Constitutionalist who digs deeply into the facts to defend property rights, our nation’s borders, and the Second Amendment.” (on July 21, 2008 on the Alex Jones Show, KLBJ News Radio Website).


His views on immigration prove conclusively that he is not a political independent. He is a reactionary person. His anti-immigrant statements are well known and documented. He believes that undocumented immigrants from Mexico collectively are the enemy not the capitalist elites who orchestrated the situation of economic exploitation and other problems in the first place. He repeats the racist “Reconquista” conspiracy theory. This theory was promoted by white supremacists in the 1970’s and it’s popular in nativist circles today. The theory says that there is a secret Latino plot to reclaim portions of the United States for Mexico. The truth is that no one promotes the Reconquista goal except a very small number of people. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR)—the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States—has stated on its website that it "has never supported and does not endorse the notion of a Reconquista (the right of Mexico to reclaim land in the southwestern United States) or Aztlán." Alex Jones’ views on immigration are very similar to Donald Trump. He said the following about undocumented immigrants from Mexico: “…You’d better go read their literature. You’d better go find out what they’re saying. They’re saying as soon as they can they’re gonna kill every white person in this country.”

On his radio program he declared, “Mexicans want to destroy America. I’m talking about the illegal alien Mexicans, they hate this country with an absolute passion, and I’m supposed to buy into the media lie that ‘they’re these sweet little people love us and they wanna help us.’ Pure bull!” Alex Jones is a total liar, because most undocumented Mexican immigrants don’t hate America neither do they want to kill every white person in America. Alex Jones is known to entertain people on his show and websites that promote the racist  “birther” conspiracies, claiming that president Obama is illegitimate, foreign born, and has a fraudulent birth certificate. Jones has himself dabbled in racist “birther” conspiracies, on-air denigrating president Obama as being of “questionable birth” and saying that Obama’s “lineage in this country” is “about a centimeter deep.” Also, there is another issue to be made. You know what I’m going to type next. Alex Jones claims to expose eugenics, but he refuses to expose the anti-immigrant movement's ties to the eugenics movement. Decades ago, the same ones who advocated immigration quotas were the same people who believed in eugenics and forced sterilization including forced population control (which are all evil). FAIR is the Federation for American Immigration Reform. It received most of its startup money form the nonprofit Pioneer Fund Foundation. The Pioneer Fund is known to advance eugenics and giving funding to white supremacists. The first President of the Pioneer Fun was the racist and eugenicist Harry Hamilton Laughlin. Laughlin advanced the Immigration Restriction Act of 1924, which block many immigrants from coming into America. Back decades ago, many laws had forced sterilization laws. That was evil. The Pioneer Fund and other groups today promote anti-immigrant lies and propaganda. Here are some facts that Alex Jones and others don’t want you to know about. As a previous Journal of General Internal Medicine study found, undocumented immigrants are not a drain on the health care system, instead providing a surplus of $35.1 billion to the Medicare Trust Fund between 2000 and 2011.

Trump is making a living out of scapegoating ethnic minorities and other nations for the destructive effects of an economic crisis that Wall Street related banks are responsible for creating. Trump has blatantly advocated the extremist program of the systematic harassment and persecution of the immigration population (which includes a large portion of the U.S. Hispanic population). If that plan was implemented, then you will have an overall fascist police state dictatorship here in the United States. Hypocrites like Alex Jones claim to oppose a police state, but they want police state like measures in dealing with immigration instead of more progressive, humane solutions. It will be totally difficult for Trump to force Mexico to pay for the wall that he wants. I will never scapegoat the indigenous peoples of the Americas (who are the victims of racist colonialism and economic exploitation) and I will never be xenophobic. Ironically, the xenophobes talk about the law when American laws have been based on the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of black people. Also, the one percent has never consistently followed national or international laws anyway. Trump portrayed Mexico as the predator and the United States as a hapless victim is ludicrous. The United States seized nearly half of Mexico’s territory via the war of 1848 and has dominated the economic and political life of Mexico. American imperialism has been done in the Mexican Revolution of 1911 to 1919 (and the U.S. Marines landed at the port of Tampico and there was the invasion of northern Mexico by Army troops headed by General John J. Pershing, in futile pursuit of the revolutionary guerrilla army of Pancho Villa).

We know that immigrant labor was a big factor in the development of California and Texas. Also, the U.S. ruling class reaps vast profits from the super exploitation of immigrants from across the Rio Grande, including Trump himself. Trump does baiting more crudely and provocatively by deliberately instigating fear and hatred of immigrants in order for him (plus others) to divide the working class and pit American-born workers against their foreign-born sisters and brothers. I am black, so I know that if these bigots target Hispanics, then they are targeting me as well. Donald ranted that his solutions would not be guaranteed by real programs, but by strength and determination. His militarism is evident by his lie that Iran will get a nuclear weapon as a product of the Iranian nuclear deal and his support for the war on terror. So, Donald Trump (who worked in the real estate industry that followed the near bankruptcy of New York City in 1975. After NYC was bailed out via massive concessions by the unions, the parts of Manhattan transformed into gated communities for the extremely rich. These concession meant that the workers’ pension funds were looted in the process) is not an aberration, a distraction, or out of the norm in American politics. He is the face of white racism and the face of capitalist politics. His massive support outlines the fact that a huge number of Americans believe in his racist views. Many people recognize the Republican/Democratic duopoly.

The Immigration Policy Council recently released a report finding that immigrants are less likely to be criminals than the native-born population, with the violent crime rate dropping 48 percent during the period of time when the foreign-born share of the U.S. population grew from 7.9 percent to 13.1 percent.  Researchers recently found that each new immigrant has produced about 1.2 new jobs in the U.S., most of which have gone to native-born workers. And according to the Atlantic, an influx in immigration can cause non-tradable professions — jobs like hospitality and construction that cannot be outsourced — to see a wage increase because the demand for goods and services grows with the expanding population. Immigrants are not the vicious, nefarious people that Jones and his ilk portray them as. Also, no one reasonable disagrees with anyone being punished if they commit a crime (regardless of the criminal’s immigration status). What is wrong is painting a broad brush against all undocumented immigrants and seeking to stir up fear and hatred instead of understanding how complex this issue is. Therefore, immigrants aren’t my enemies. The system of racism/white supremacy is my enemy. Injustice is my enemy. Poverty is my enemy. The members of the 1 percent who are involved in evil are my enemies. We need a comprehensive approach in respecting the human rights of citizens and immigrants alike.

Other Extremists

Alex Jones has given many racists, extremists, and anti-Semites to speak on his show. This doesn’t mean that he agrees with all of these extremists on every issue, but he has supported the views of many of these people. One example is that he has had Ted Nugent on his talk show. He praised him. Ted Nugent is a notorious racist and extremist. He has said some of the vile, repulsive commentaries about the President, about women, about black people, etc. Alex Jones doesn’t call him out on his statements at all. Ted Nugent said that black people are responsible for our own oppression, which is a bold faced lie on his part. The truth is that the system of racism/white supremacy has oppressed black people and black people have the right to fight against any injustice.  Nugent said that the deceased Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was a "dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe," an "enraged black man-child" and a "Skittles hoodie boy." So, he is a disgrace. Nugent also said that lie that black people aren’t oppressed. That alone exposes his extremism. Ted Nugent fails to see that brutality by the police, racial discrimination, and sexism are real problems that must be fought against in the world. Henry Makow’s articles are sprinted in the Prison Planet site. Yet, Makow promotes the forgery of Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Alex Jones’s other guests are Texe Mars, Eustace Mullins, David Icke, and Jeff Rense. We are opposed to Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, jingoistic nationalism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other evils. We don’t want fascism. We want liberation.


Movements for social change have existed for a long time. Our forebears fought against slavery. Also, they fought for labor rights, for women’s rights, for environmental justice, and for universal health care. In our time, we face many challenges, but we won’t give up. We continue onward. We witness a new era of human history. We see almost 15 years after the war on terror. Next year will represent the 15 year an anniversary of the evil attacks of 9/11. Those attacks have been exploited by neo-conservatives and the oligarchy to advance warfare, pollution, and other forms of repression domestically and internationally. Certainly, Alex Jones is not part of the one percent. Yet, his rhetoric that is inaccurate, that is extremist, and that is just painfully wrong must be disagreed with wholeheartedly. We will stand talk for racial justice, for immigrant rights, and for economic justice. We know about the laws that violate civil liberties like the NDAA and the Patriot Act. We know about NATO’s barbarism with its attack in Libya. We know about the U.S. support of Israel and Saudi Arabia. We know about how many poor people in the world suffer intolerable conditions. Alex Jones is not wrong in everything that he says, but he ignores the truth that human rights is not just an individual affair. It is a collective affair too. He refuses to expose how the system of racism/white supremacy is a structural problem and how that system has been cultivated in part by the actions of Jefferson, Washington, and Madison (who were white supremacists. No one can be a freedom fighter and glamorize white supremacists). We have to fight back against structural evils that have harmed the lives of men, women, and children. Trickled down economics doesn't work despite what Alex Jones' Austrian economic friends have to say.

We have to promote solidarity and the spirit of community in the lives of humanity. Also, human rights exist beyond the Constitution. Human rights are universal. For example, it is not a constitutional right that human beings have jobs, but it is a human right. The masses of the people must have their conditions addressed. There should be the growth of grassroots power in our communities and the development of networks of power which can help people more directly. Police terrorism, racism, imperialism, and capitalism have harmed people for a long time and we want real justice. We are still breathing in this Earth, so we will love truth and wisdom. We will stand up for our convictions despite the propaganda from reactionary extremists. We are born to be free. We will believe in the Dream and use constructive actions in making sure that the future will have the total realization of the Dream.

By Timothy

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