Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wednesday News in early October 2015

The Republican Presidential candidates have a misconception that all people who disagree with their views on guns desire a total banning of innocent people from owning guns. That’s a falsehood. Law abiding people should own guns if they want to. We want solutions. America is a nation that explores space, created the transnational railroad, formed the Hoover dam, and created other massive accomplishments. If America can do these actions, then solutions to gun violence can be made available. The problem is that a certain segment of the population deifies guns. They are ammo worshipers and some of them place much more value in guns than in the value of human life. There should be many things done. There should be a stronger targeting of illegal gun trafficking in America. There should be investments in mental health, which can save lives. There should a funding of usage of advanced technology to make guns safer. There should be progressive programs to address socioeconomic conditions, which contribute to gun violence. Communities should be involved in the solutions too. There should be a CDC analysis of this epidemic and recommendations made by the CDC and other agencies to address gun violence. The interruptors program in Chicago should be replicated in many ways nationwide, especially to help young people, anyone with mental illness, or any person who feel that they feel left out of society. Gun violence should be treated as a public health crisis. Solutions will require money, sacrifice, and a strong effort. So, the myth is that nothing can be done. The truth is that many things can be done. We just need to have the will to do so. A comprehensive approach is needed.

We certainly live in a new generation. I don’t know why many people obsess with the Kardashians. They are a family who made it their business to allow many of their relatives to go out with confused, low self esteem, materialistic, and broken black males. Cosmopolitan is wrong for calling this family “America’s First Family.” It is disrespectful to the real first family. The real First Family of the White House consists of a black man marrying a strong black woman along with them having 2 strong black daughters. The real First Family is hardworking, intelligent, and has inspired the black community. A cover like this never exists out of happenstance. Cosmopolitan intentionally showed this cover as a way for them to promote the reality TV culture and to try to build up the Kardashian brand. It is what it is. Mainstream society always ignores many strong, healthy relationships in the black community (who are making a massive difference in the lives of the people). Black Love and Black Power is taboo (in many instances) to praise, to promote, and to advance in this society. Yet, real people can see through Cosmopolitan’s fa├žade. That is why Black Twitter have let it be known that the Karsdashians are not America’s First Family.We all agree with gender equality, respect, and the ending of rape in society. Likewise, I don't agree with people calling women sexist names under the guise of fighting for human rights. Women can fight for their human rights, advance their human autonomy, etc. without the glamorization of such derogatory names. At the end of the day, there is nothing like the truth. With the issues going on in the world, there is nothing wrong with discernment and solidarity. The struggle continues and we continue to work. Our cause is just and love is always superior to self-hatred. This is a situation where more black people are opening their eyes, especially with the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. We need more positive energy in the world.

This (or the minimization of slavery in textbooks) is found in Texas and Texas is one state which has revisionist textbooks that sugarcoats the viciousness of slavery, the Confederacy (which was an evil entity), etc. The black mother deserves great Kudos and respect. Slavery (which capitalist entities profited from in the North and in the South) and the Maafa were international war crimes outright. They were brutal actions against our black ancestors. The Maafa and slavery should never be omitted or whitewashed from any textbook. Also, it is important to recognize the heroic slave rebellions where Brothers and Sisters fought back against tyranny. The battle for justice is about showing historical facts too. We should show the truth without compromise. Sister Roni Dean-Burren deserves great credit and great respect for her actions.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners. Washington never freed his slaves during his lifetime. Also, Jefferson took advantage of Sally Hemming and Benjamin Banneker refuted his racist arguments on race. This story shows that vigilance is important. Jessie Williams is right to say that light privilege is real. Biracial people have a certain level of privilege in society. Both black people and biracial people are victims of racism and oppression. Jessie is an honest man. I respect his views on police brutality, race, etc. To fight back, we have to honestly admit the structural problems in America. We have to expose the false stereotypes about black men and black women. Also, we have to confront injustice. Faux Eurocentric beauty standards have been used to hurt many people for a long time. It is time to continue to promote the truth that beauty as diverse and wisdom is power. We should use the power in us as a way to make change that can benefit all. Black being Beautiful is more than a slogan. It’s a reality and a fact of life.

Sister Olivia Hooker is an elder who is showing great wisdom about her life and about Black Wall Street. Racism readily deals with jealousy and irrational hatred. So, we can see that the white racists back during the early 20th century were jealous of the prosperity of the Black Wall Street community (in Tulsa). More black people, especially black children, should know about Dr. Olivia Hooker’s story and the story of Black Wall Street in general. Black Wall Street was filled with libraries, stories, banks, newspapers, and other infrastructure. Black lawyers, journalists, teachers, engineers, and other scholars prospered in the black community of Black Wall Street. The white terrorists not only included white racist mobs. The National Guard also participated in the murder and assault of black people. Black men, women, and even children were murdered by white racist terrorists. White racists used airplanes to drop bombs in Black Wall Street. Over 600 successful businesses were destroyed in the riot. Thousands of black people were made homeless. This story is why I will never bow before a white person. This story is why we continue to fight for black liberation. We need stronger families. We need to grow our enterprises and help the poor. Black Wall Street not only represents a blueprint for our freedom, but it also represents an example of black excellence. Black Wall Street refutes the myth of white superiority. More documentaries should be made about the history of Black Wall Street. In our generation, there should be the further growth of STEM fields among black youth. More young people are knowing about code and that's great. Organizing our resources to help the black community as a whole is just plain commonsense. Dr. Oliver Hooker contributed a great deal for decades. She has a gorgeous personality (she overcame so much and her life proves the unrelenting power of the human spirit) and I like to thank Clutch and other people for showing this important story. We have to know our history and we are inspired by the Sister Dr. Oliver Hooker.

I’m not going to sugarcoat my views on this issue. The words of Black Lives Matter on a cup (in Dunkin Donuts) is much tamer than Brothers and Sisters being murdered in the streets unjustly by the police. The BLM movement wants accountability, justice, and a positive transformation in society. That isn’t about forming more negative tensions. It is about making sure that communities won’t face unjust police tyranny and to make sure that racial justice is a true reality for black people matter. Also, many members of the Fraternal Order of Police ignore how almost 1,000 people have been killed by the police in 2015 alone in America. Just in the 31 days of March, police in the United States killed more people than the UK did in the entire 20th century. In fact, it was twice as many; police in the UK only killed 52 people during that 100 year period. The slander against the Black Lives Matter movement by the Executive Board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 is typical of them. We know how the police act. There is the Blue Wall Silence. There is the militarization of many local police agencies. There is the usage of police-aided informants and there is situation of stop and frisk, which violates the democratic and human rights of people in America. We shouldn’t stand for this. We have to resist tyranny. Police tyranny is not a new phenomenon either. Crooked cops have harmed civil rights activists in Selma during 1965 and labor rights activists during the 19th and 20th century too. I’m happy that the BLM has grown. We will not be silent. We will stand up for our convictions and we will be heard. Yes, I feel like we are the most compassionate people in the world. Stockholm syndrome is not a fantasy. It's a reality. That is why many of our people worship whiteness and bow down to the oppressor literally. Yes, we are tired. We are tried of oppression. We are tired of our Brothers and our Sisters being exploited and we are tired of injustice. Also, we do know that we do this for real for our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for us. We do this for Fannie Lee House, for Denmark Vessey, and for Malcolm X who didn't hesitate to risk their lives for our people. So, our legs may be tired, but our souls a'int tired. Our souls will continue to fly sky high since the cause that we are fighting is surely right.
#Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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