Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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It is inevitable for Joe Biden to say the words that he has sad. First, we all send condolences to him and to the rest of his family. A family losing a son is very sad and they should be given the space to mourn. After this, it seems that the race for the Democrats is between Hillary and Sanders primarily. O'Malley is running, but he hasn't made a massive move in the polls. Yes, Hillary will give a testimony on Benghazi tomorrow. Benghazi for years has been a stronghold of Al-Qaeda forces. Also, Benghazi was a place where the CIA had covert operations. The Benghazi attack was done (by radicals) in the compound and in a CIA annex. I don't believe that Hillary used a stand down order in Benghazi or anything of that nature. Yet, I do disagree with her militarist policies. This Presidential election is certainly unique. Joe Biden wants to support the legacy of the Presidency of President Barack Obama. There are many people who want to channel dissent in the Democratic Party. I don’t agree with that since we have to maintain and express political independence. That means that we are not Democrats or Republicans. We are independently minded human beings. We don’t support it when both major parties have supported militarization of the local police, austerity, militarism, and other evils. We know that the same ones who promote war abroad advance social inequality domestically in the form of stagnant wages, high economic inequality, etc. So, we must have a class analysis in order to fight against police violence, etc. We must oppose racism and advance racial justice if we are to be free indeed. We know that the GOP is filled with xenophobes, racists, sexists, Islamophobes, etc. The comments from Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and other GOP candidates are deplorable. Yet, we also must be wise to note support Democrats who want more war in Syria, who want more austerity, and want the status quo. We want liberation.

Howard’s words of propaganda represent the new generation of the misogynists. Many misogynists will use slick means to advance their agendas. Yet, they try to blame a female leader as a way for them to use the guise of "defending males" (when they don’t). They claim to defend males, but their ideologies ignore how there is a massive gender gap among men and women. People like Howard certainly ignore the epidemic of the abuse of girls and women. The truth is that sexism is a serious global problem. The First Lady Michelle Obama doesn’t believe in misandry and she has always respected strong men who are doing the right thing. First Lady Michelle Obama has promoted the Let’s Move campaign which is about the promotion of exercise among boys and girls. She has promoted many educational programs in trying to help boys and girls. Also, Howard needs to know that all of the girls haven’t been rescued from the hands of Boko Haram. Also, the First Lady and any reasonable person deplore Boko Haram murdering boys or anyone else. So, his words are filled with deceptions and distortions of what the First Lady is talking about. There is nothing wrong with programs helping girls. Organizations geared to boys have always existed for a very long time. One program geared to girls shouldn’t be slandered as somehow anti-male. Howard’s words are dishonest, distracting, and blatantly wrong. He knows full well that programs exist that are geared to males and he ignores how male privilege and misogyny are realities in the world (not just in Western societies).

Anyone who burned the churches in St. Louis and in its surrounding areas should be brought to justice. Damage done to religious buildings is cowardly, cruel, and blatantly evil. Racism is still found in St. Louis. Some areas of the Midwest are known for vicious bigotry and hate. Yet, racism is not just a Midwestern problem. Racism and vandalism or the burning of religious locations are worldwide problems. Black folks fought the restrictive resident covenants of the 20th century in order for housing rights to be maintained. We see how the effects of suburbanization and deindustrialization have affected St. Louis in many ways. Also, St. Louis is known for strong black people who stood up for justice then and now. Therefore, security measures should be implemented in religious locations around the area. I have no problem with patrols around the churches which are organized and led by community leaders. Cameras placed on the churches is something that I agree with too. Also, the federal government (not just the state and local governments) should be involved with this. This is a federal problem. This story cements the quintessential truth that we don’t live in a colorblind society. The burning of churches should never be tolerated at all. There is nothing wrong with someone being a virgin before they marry someone else. Yet, there is a problem with some individuals who want to use sex to promote a patriarchal agenda of control or some want to promote the myth that being a virgin means that this person is superior to another human being who is not a virgin. The certificate is creepy when you think about it. The father supports this action. To assume that the composition of the hymen proves virginity is silliness to be frank (and I’m being kind here). Marriage is a very important event. Both the bride and the groom can celebrate their occasion without that weird certificate. Even the NT mentions information about discouraging people to display what they do in an arrogant or prideful way in public. There has been a great over saturation of people’s personal business in social media like in IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Folks don't have to show all of their business in order to validate their existence in the world. The most important point is that a woman, who is a virgin or not, should not be degraded, should not be shammed unfairly, and should have the total human rights that any human being should have by birthright. When we promote liberation to women, we mean it. We mean that equality and human autonomy are not just words. These concepts should be a way of life (and we fight for these principles every single day).

Certainly, the fight for change involve many steps, revolutionary actions, and focus. The actions of Ava Duvernay will further inspire girls and women that they can express themselves and that they have every right to be liberated, to be independent, and to think creatively. We are against gender discrimination and the wage disparities between men and women. We are in favor in living in a society where there is not only the elimination of discrimination. We want to live in a world where justice exists for all. Ava Duvernay is known not only to be involved in the film industry. She has worked in her community and she is continuing to plan more things in her future endeavors. The struggle for freedom will continue. It is important to not only praise excellence in our people. It is also vital for us to use our power to help others, because someone along the way helped us.

This story is very important. It shows that children should be involved in STEM fields. Also, this story shows the resilience of Ahmed Mohamed. Ahmed has gone through a lot, but I am certain that his future will be better than the past or the present. The kid is a genius. His father talked about his great technological abilities. He had told Larry Wilmore that he has built more complex items.
We should always encourage the youth and others to fulfill their dreams and to have a strong, passionate love of learning. Here are the facts. Mohamed said that students and staff member of his middle school bullied him. One suspension was overturned. Mohamed said that he was interrogated before he was arrested and he wasn’t allowed to contact his family. He was later not charged with a crime and the police even determined that he had no malicious intent. For some to claim that Ahmed was some terrorist is the height of ignorance, bigotry, and Islamophobia. Not all people with a Middle Eastern background is a terrorist. People will report things, but folks' human rights shouldn't be circumvented either. We have a problem in America with people who want to exaggerate incidents or exploit prejudices in this nation as an excuse for some to promote a climate of fear, hatred, and Islamophobia. Real people don’t believe that Ahmed Mohamed is a direct threat. The police can easily investigated the clock, and let him go. Yet, Ahmed was arrested and suffered an ordeal that no child should suffer. The police overacted. Yes, I’m going to go there. We wish Ahmed the best in his homeschooling. Ahmed has a very inquisitive mind and he should be encouraged to follow his dreams.

By Timothy

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