Friday, November 06, 2015

Hope and Inspiration.

No one should take this lying down. An evil person posted racial slurs and a terrorist threat in a Berkeley high school. Members of the BSU responded in the right way by protesting. Protesting is not only found in the First Amendment of the Bill Rights. It is a great universal human right that should be exercised to confront injustice. The human dignity of black students and any student must be respected. It is disturbing for the high school to have other racist incidents too. As black people, we are fighting not only against police brutality, but against racism in our schools and throughout the streets of America including the world. We have to use our powerful voices to not tolerate racism of any form. Also, we should unify and help each other as a community. This is why black students should always receive and education that deals with African topics and an Afrocentric mentality (as Africa is the continent of the origin of all human life. No education is truly complete without a concrete study of Africa). I do agree with the establishment of more African-centered schools too. We are in solidarity with the students protesting and we will never back down. We will continue to fight and we desire that justice is shown in the Universe and where the Promised Land is made real for all. We are not dismayed at the slander that comes our way. We are inspired by our legacy, our ancestors, and our Blackness, which is beautiful. The haters refuse to take personal responsibility, but they want to lecture us about it. The haters can't see that no other ethnic group experienced the Maafa on a high, brutal level but us as black people. Many of our secular and religious movements have been at the forefront of progressive causes. So, we will still rise as black people.

This is something of an attempt by the Ben Carson campaign to appeal to black people and the young and it’s not working. For long years, the two capitalist major political parties have advanced war, austerity, chauvinism, massive privatization, and other evils. So, the GOP is headed by extremists (many of whom are billionaire donors) who not only want to cripple Social Security and Medicare (which were won by the actions of the working class and the poor. During the 1930’s, there were dozens of labor strikes in America alone since people wanted economic rights. During the 1960’s, many people stood up for human rights too), but they desire to support imperialist policies that has caused havoc to the standard of living to many people in the States (and death overseas too). Ben Carson refuses to expose the current, patriarchal, colonial/capitalist system. He has refused to expose the lie of white supremacy and he has agitated Islamophobic propaganda. If he wants to appeal to more black people, then he has to connect the oppression that we face as black people (involving racism, discrimination, and economic inequality) in concrete terms to the overall international struggle against Empire. He must advocate black liberation in public. Carson has not opposed the war on Drugs, the mass incarceration state, and police terrorism in public. Police brutality is an epidemic and cops have killed over 1,000 human beings in 2015 alone. Also, Ben Carson is wrong to compare the ACA to slavery. I can't support Ben Carson. So, we must not bow down or worship the Democrats or the Republicans. We believe in total political independence.  His political opponents (like the racist and misogynist Trump) will definitely use this story (about how he didn't go into West Point or received a proposal to go into West Point) in a way to try to get at him politically. Ben Carson voluntarily chose to be in a party that is filled with racists, sexists, xenophobes, and war mongers. So, he consciously decided to make outlandish, offensive statements. Corporate exploitation has existed in both business major parties in America. Ben Carson is someone who I don’t agree with ideologically. It is certainly our responsibility to move forward, stand on the principles that progressive people fought and died for, and advance racial, social, educational, environmental, and economic justice for all people. One very important part of living life is to respect ourselves and our neighbors.

Love is Love. Love is never about fetishization. Children, who are multi-ethnic or biracial, are never superior to black children. When anyone hates their own black identity, then that person is totally lost. Love should be a welcomed unification of human beings, not a scheme to exploit people for lustful, sexual, and self-hating reasons. The system of white supremacy has brainwashed many of our people. The truth must be shown that self-love and Black Love are powerful forces that should be promoted, advanced, and respected. Black Love doesn’t just deal with romance or sex. Black Love does involve common camaraderie between black relatives and the love shown among black friends. Black Love is diverse and beautiful. The fetishization of light skinned Latina women is a common practice of many black males (not men since real men view women as human beings not as sexual objects). Also, many of these self haters forget that there are millions of Afro-Latinas in the world. One beautiful Afro Latina Sister is Yarisley Silva Rodríguez (of Cuba), who is a track and field athlete. Racial fetishism is totally despicable. Fetishizing babies is sick and evil point blank period exclamation point. When we honor ourselves, we honor others. When we see that our blackness is a gift not a curse, then we recognize the human value in all of the human family. When people give women total human liberation, then that will change the world for the better in a triumph-filled fashion. We want the whole world to have justice.

For long decades, many white singers with average or mediocre talent have been propped up as the Second Coming and that is the problem that we face. Many record labels use many entities to praise white artists and many of these artists refuse to acknowledge black musical influences. Even the Beatles back in the day acknowledged that they were influenced by Chuck Berry. Elvis was taught on music a lot by B.B. King and other black people in Memphis. The list goes on, so Adele is a woman who can sing. Yet, she is not the second coming of Aretha. You can make the case that Aretha has one of the greatest voices in our time. Also, the Sister Odetta has a very strong voice which a lot of people don’t know about. Odetta is one of the greatest singers of the 20th century. So, we have to put things into context. Adele to me is a pop singer. I don’t view her as a soul singer. Her songs talk about various topics about love, regret, triumph, overcoming problems, etc. A lot of British artists (regardless if they are black or white) do talk about these issues. I like a diversity of music. I like FM Laeti and I like Liane La Havas’s music. I love the music from Naomi Wachira. I like music from African artists and I like music from artists in the States too. Tamar Braxton's new music is filled with harmonies and great singing galore. As other people have said for generations, we have own more of our culture as black people. No one criticizes Chinatown, Koreatown, Oktoberfest, or Jewish people organizing their powerbases. So, we have the right to do the same or increasing our collective power as a community. Many artists are critiqued, regardless of skin color. Therefore, Adele should be critiqued fairly. Any artist in general should welcome legitimate critique since growth as an artist never deals with stagnation. It deals with improving creativity, and handling real advice. So, the major point is that as black people, we have to do righteous actions to fulfill our interests and not do things to please the machine or please white establishment sensibilities. When we express ourselves, decolonize our minds, and control our resources as a community, then blessings come about.

I’m glad that Clutch has exposed the far right site of Infowars for slandering the Black Lives Matter movement. For years, Infowars has claimed to be against police brutality, but when BLM exposes real police brutality, then they want to lie and claim that the BLM movement is about murdering cops. So, I have no respect for Alex Jones for his comments about BLM and about black people. Plus, he or Alex Jones supports outright anti-black racists like Ted Nugent. Ron has no reason to talk since the FBI has a known history of violating the civil liberties of black people and other progressive activists (via COINTELPRO, etc.). It is obvious that Gliniewicz has committed suicide and he wasn’t a perfect cop. The deification of all police is the great disgrace. Shaun King has spoken out accurately about exposing police terrorism and racial injustice. CNN and other entities are instruments of the corporate media who seek to obfuscate the truth, defend those in power, and promote the status quo.
The fundamental point is that we need revolutionary change, we need the end of the War on Drugs, and we need black liberation. Also, imperialism and economic injustices must be gone. The epidemic of police brutality is an epidemic and we won’t be intimidated by any police union. We won’t be intimidated by the FBI and we will never be intimidated by Infowars. We desire freedom and we will advocate for truth wholeheartedly.

By Timothy

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