Friday, November 13, 2015

The Paris Attacks

The events in Paris, France are a total tragedy. There has been at least 120 people who have been killed by many terrorist attacks. French President Hollande has declared a state of emergency in France. In France, we have disturbing trends. We have the rise of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, which are both evil. We see hate crimes against Muslims and Jewish people so bad that many Jewish people are leaving France. We have the rise of far right organizations who are racist and xenophobic. The far right party is about 25 percent of the people in last elections. We have innocent people who died in multiple terrorist attacks. There are debates on whether these terrorist attacks are done by al-Qaeda, ISIS, or by another extremist group. We live in a new era of time. The evil of terrorism should be condemned, but the evil of xenophobia must be condemned too. These attacks have occurred in many places. The French President has said that he is closing the country's borders. We will not be intimidated by terrorism. We will fight back by respecting human dignity and loving justice.

There are a lot of things to be mentioned. There is another elephant in the room. We all know what it is. Let’s call it out. Let’s keep it 100. That elephant is that these white racists are acting irrational since Karma doesn’t play. For centuries, white racists have terrorized black people and others throughout the Earth. Now, with the resistance of black people who are standing up against injustice, numerous white bigots (with their inferiority complexes) are threatening black students in Howard University and throughout America. Those who have made murderous threats against black people should be arrested and brought to justice. We will not tolerate this, we stand strong for our convictions, and we believe in self-determination. Also, we reject capitalist exploitation. We believe in a cooperative mentality as we are one community. We want militarism to cease, we believe in human rights and workers’ rights. We will never be intimidated by cowardly people who threaten our people. We believe in universal health care and we don’t want the monopolization of the media too. Our fight for racial justice is a fight that we will continue to fight. We want the students of Howard University to be safe. The truth is on our side. There are many points to be made. First, tons of African Americans have heavily acknowledged our African roots. We have fought for freedom internationally. It was African American SNCC representatives who went into Africa to identify and support the African anti-colonial movement in the Mother land. It was WEB DuBois who not only spoke in Africa, but he allied with pan-African institutions for decades. It is the very African Americans who shed blood and fought for liberation in the States and worldwide that many other people mimic. Some folks ought to acknowledge that fact. It was Malcolm X and Dr. King who spent time in Africa to support the independence of Ghana and African liberation in general. Africa is part of our ancestry. Also, I would never wear African clothing, etc. unless I do the research and understand its meaning precisely. That shows cultural respect and it shows great understanding. So, black Americans have every right to wear African clothing. It’s even better for African Americans to do the research, study, etc. before wearing African clothing. There are many Africans in the Afro-punk festival in NYC as the author accurately stated. So, there should be more dialogue among African Americans and Africans. There should be collaborations among all people of black African descent globally economically, politically, and socially. There must be cultural respect among everyone. There are many great marriages between African and African Americans too. We are part of one human family.

Kaysie Quansah spoke the truth. The young girl did nothing wrong. The principal over reacted. Not only does the principal have self-hatred, but the principal violated the human rights of the student. The student’s natural hair is beautiful and the principal’s evil actions only perpetrate the injustices that black girls go through every day. It is bad enough that non blacks mistreat black girls, but when a black principal mistreats a black girl, then that is very disappointing. This is an outrage. There is a growing movement of more black women and more black girls wearing their hair naturally. It is a shame that some of our people do the dirty work of racists. The principal should apologize to the girl and to her family. The point about education is about inspiring students, teaching students, and making students realize the beauty plus creativity found in their souls. What is most important in education is improving people not mistreating a child. What is truly unprofessional is the abhorrent actions of the principal. The girl's aunt and mother are heroes whose words ring true.

Chris Christie is a punk and a coward. I will say those words to his face. I will never be afraid of a white reactionary extremist. He’s a liar. The BLM movement never called for the murder of police indiscriminately at all. They desire an end to police terrorism, structural racism, xenophobia, and other injustices that pervade this Earth. I’m not going to sugarcoat of what I believe in. When this male called a black grown man a boy, then that really showed me how much of a despicable person that he is. He is notorious for cutting pensions from workers. This is the same person who supports warrantless wiretapping, the imperial wars of aggression, and he vetoed legislation that will make it easier to vote in New Jersey recently. That legislation was called the Democracy Act. We want to take back our money which was stolen and exploited by Wall Street banking interests. We want investments to rebuild our infrastructure and fight poverty. We don’t want austerity. We want a strong social safety net and we want the growth of American farms. We want environmental protections and a cleaner environment. We want racial justice. So, the GOP has shown its hand during this campaign as extremists. So, the GOP are not in favor of the best interests of black people. We want liberation.

This is a very historic time. We are witnessing history as black people. Also, Donald Trump and Ben Carson have criticized courageous Brothers and Sisters standing up for racial justice. Anybody who supports Donald Trump after his statements about BLM and about black people supporting their human rights in universities is a traitor (I don’t care who it is). For Trump to condemn the resignation of Missouri President shows his hand as being racially insensitive. Donald Trump is out of touch and he is anti-progressive. These young students should be applauded for showing their free speech rights and they want college campuses to be progressive, egalitarian, and strong. These Brothers and Sisters are doing actions similar to what our people did during the 1960s’s and during the 1970’s (when black people wanted pro-black studies in colleges, desired to fight against the Vietnam War, fought for civil rights, and wanted justice. During the 1980's, students fought against apartheid in South Africa). This is a new generation. People are not only using social media. People are also walking out, marching, and making explicit demands to combat macroaggressions, high tuition rates, and racism in general. The people in Ithaca College and in other colleges nationwide who are voicing their views are doing a great job. The activists are black and they are people of many colors too. We have a long way to go, but the fight is on. We won’t back down, and we’re just getting started. As other people here has mentioned, HBCUs should be praised for their long legacy in educating our people and setting up an infrastructure in developing more of black culture. Also, other black students in universities nationwide, who are standing up for truth, should be honored and respected as well. We are in total solidarity with the young student activists. We want neoliberal exploitation to end. We want students to be treated as human beings not as commodities. The activists are forming real demands and the heroic young people are inspirational.

By Timothy

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