Monday, November 16, 2015

More News on the Paris Attacks

The multiple attacks in Paris France are wrong and evil. As time goes on, we have more facts about what has happened. Innocent people have died as a product of cowards, murderers, and terrorists. There are many horrific scenes of bloodshed. It started in 10 pm. (in Paris’ time). About 132 people have been killed. There have been 352 people injured and 3 terrorists have been identified as French citizens. The multiple, simultaneous terrorist attacks are totally destructive. The attacks happened in the Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, the La Belle Equipe restaurant, the Concert venue Bataclan, the Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, Avenue de la Republique, and near the Stade de France (or French stadium). The first explosion came about in 9:20 pm. outside of the Stade de France near entrance D. France was playing Germany in a soccer match. French President Hollande was there and he left immediately. Later, a second explosion echoed inside the stadium. Each blast was secured by a suicide bomber. They wore similar explosive belts with batteries, bolts, and buttons. The blasts happen on the same street called Rue Rimet. Four people were killed outside the venue in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis. In 9:25 pm, gunmen with Kalashnikov style assault rifled arrive in a black auto in the corner of Rue Alibert and Rue Bichat in Paris' 10th district. The masked attackers killed 15 people at the restaurants Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge. 10 other people were seriously wounded. 100 shell casings were found in the scene. Another explosion happened at the stadium near entrance H in 9:30 pm. 2 minutes later, attackers killed 5 people and wounded 8 others in the corner of Rue Fontaine au Roi and Rue Faubourg du Temple in the 11th district of Paris. They were outside the bar A La Bonne Biere. About 100 shell casings were found in the scene. At 9:36 pm, a black vehicle comes to the restaurant La Belle Equipe at 92 Rue de Charonne. The attackers are inside of it. Later, the gunmen fired their assault weapons on people who are sitting outside the eatery. 19 people were killed and tons of shell casings were found in the scene. A suicide bomber blows himself up at the Compotoir Voltaire restaurant in 9:40 pm. Many people are injured. Three attackers were armed with assault weapons in a black VW Polo to the concert venue Bataclan. The gunmen enter the small concert hall and open fire on 9:40 pm. The ban performing was the U.S. band Eagles of Death Metal, a blues rock group from Palm Desert, California. Eighty-nine people are killed. Gunmen fire upon people as they lay on the floor, killing execution-style, recounts one concertgoer. The attackers enter firing pump rifles and shouting "Allah Akbar," a witness later tells Radio France. One patron, Julien Pearce, a radio reporter, sees two of the gunmen in black clothing enter the venue "very calm, very determined" and firing "randomly." "It was a bloodbath," he says. Many of the shooters took people as hostage and regroup them in front of the stage. The attackers made a brief address and talked about Iraq and Syria. The people hide for more than 2 hours in order to survive. Another suicide bomber blows up about  400 meters from the Stade de France, a third blast occurs on Rue de la Cokerie between a McDonald's and the sports stadium. The remains of a suicide bomber are subsequently discovered. The police move in the Balaclan at 12:20 am. Saturday. French elite police units storm the Bataclan more than two hours after the attackers slaughtered the concert's patrons. The terrorists are killed during the police counterassault. One of them is killed by police gunfire and by the explosives he is wearing. The other two activate their suicide belts and die as police raid the concert hall. One of the terrorists is identified by a fingerprint as a 30-year-old French national from the Paris suburb of Courcouronnes. That individual had a criminal history and was identified as having been radicalized in 2010, but that person had not been accused of terrorism. People have also died on Avenue de la Republique.

Shortly before midnight, French President Francois Hollande said that French was closing its borders and imposing a state of emergency, which was under a 1955 law that suspends key democratic rights. President Hollande had ordered by decree without debate or consultation with France’s National Assembly the enactment of a State of Emergency throughout France, coupled with the closing of France’s borders allegedly to prevent terrorists from coming in, and from terror suspects from leaving the country. The measures also included procedures which enable the police to conduct arbitrary arrests and house searches without a warrant within the Paris metropolitan area opening up the development of a potential hate campaign directed against France’s Muslim population. These drastic police state measures (including the repeal of habeas corpus) ordered by president Hollande were decided upon prior and in the absence of a police report. Initial reports confirmed the involvement of half a dozen terrorists. Many people believe that there was a nationwide terror network. Many places of Paris were on lockdown for a time. Police helicopters, paramilitary police and army units were deployed across the city hours after the attacks. Hollande said that France is at war with ISIS. ISIS claimed responsibility for these attacks. We know that Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf States, even some factions of Turkey have funded ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other likeminded groups (with the full knowledge of Western intelligence). In April 2008, a Treasury official testified in a congressional hearing that “Saudi Arabia today remains the location from which more money is going to … Sunni terror groups and the Taliban than from any other place in the world.” [See Rachel Ehrenfeld, “Their Oil Is Thicker Than Our Blood,” in in Sarah N. Stern, ed., Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network: America and the West’s Fatal Embrace (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), p. 127]. We know that ISIS evolved from the conditions of the evil Iraqi war. The innocent people of Paris and he innocent people of the Middle East who died by terrorism are all victims of the evils of the imperialist wars in the Middle East and the actions of ISIS. France backed proxy wars for regime change in Libya and Syria. One of the bad news of these tragic events is the rise of the radical right in France and in the States including the rest of Europe. Marine Le Pen is a reactionary person who has fueled mass xenophobia for years and decades for the National Front Party.  It is a boon as well for countless reactionary politicians in Eastern Europe, from Hungary’s Viktor Orban to Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico including GOP candidates, who also benefit from growing anti-immigrant fervor. These radical nationalists claim to promote their own nations, but they only promote bigotry. Right now, right wing websites want to blame refugees collectively for the massacres in Paris, which is despicable. These sites are hypocritical since they ignore the massive terrorism done by the West in the Middle East.

It is illogical for some to promote enacting “regime change” (to try to create a puppet state) since that will cause more terror and more refugees coming into Europe. No matter how many barriers the EU puts up, refugees will find ways around them. These attacks are exploited to promote war for so-called “humanitarianism.” French intelligence knew that such attacks were possible. Paris Match on October 2nd predicted a French Style 9/11, “un 11 septembre à la française.” It is a fact that both the US and France, not to mention Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel are covertly supporting various Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist formations in Syria and Iraq including al Nusrah and the Islamic State. France is the victim of the Islamic State, but at the same time the US (the US has supported Al Qaeda and its affiliated organizations for almost half a century since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.  CIA training camps were set up in Pakistan.  In the ten year period from 1982 to 1992, some 35,000 jihadists from 43 Islamic countries were recruited by the CIA to fight in the Afghan jihad.  Since the Reagan Administration, Washington has supported the Islamic terror network) and its allies including France are “State sponsors” of the Islamic state which is an Al Qaeda affiliated entity. French officials sent armed to the rebels of Libya. So, Paris France was victim of a carefully organized terrorist attacks in different locations of the Paris metropolitan areas. People say that ISIS are the architects of these evil attacks. Also, it is important to defend justice, but not support Islamophobia as Muslims should be treated with dignity and with respect. We believe in human rights and liberty.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Houston has gone throughout huge changes. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 tore apart of the city of Galveston, Texas on September 8-9. This caused many investors to invest in Houston instead of Galveston. Texas developed a huge oil and railroad industry after the oil discovery in Spindletop, in Beaumont, Texas in 1901. The oil trade transformed Houston. Houston was the railroad hub of east Texas and Houston would go from a smaller town into a large city. In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt approved a one million dollar fund for the Ship Channel. This was the year when Houston saw the arrival of the first Japanese in Texas. This came about after Sadastsuchi Uchida gave a fact finding tour of the Gulf Coast region. He helped to establish rice as a major crop of the Gulf Coast region. A grant from Andrew Carnegie came the Houston Lyceum and Carnegie Library (which would later be known as the Houston Public Library), which was founded in 1904. Houston had a larger population than Galveston by 1910. Many Mexicans came into Houston as a product of the Mexican Revolution after 1910. Since that time, Mexican human beings have had a huge influence in the city ever since. Rice University opened in the West University area in 1912. It was once called Rice Institute. 25 buildings from six to 16 stories high came about in Houston in the same year. Office buildings extant in 1912 include the eleven-story Scanlan Building, the marble-clad South Texas National Bank Building, the eight-story First National Bank Building, the twelve-story Union National Bank, the ten-story Houston Chronicle Building, and the Southwestern Telephone Company Building. The sixteen-story Carter Building was the tallest in Houston in 1912. Oil companies grew in power in Houston. 12 oil companies were located in Houston in 1913. Also, one company was Humble Oil Company, which is now ExxonMobil. That oil company was started by Howard Hughes (who was born in Humble, Texas). Howard Hughes was a notorious despicable male who was a racist and an anti-Semite. President Woodrow Wilson opened the Port of Houston in 1914, 74 years after the digging started. Service started with the Satilla, a ship that ran from Houston to New York, New York. World War I put the gasoline-combustible automobile into widespread use, causing oil to become a precious commodity. After WWI the rice businesses fell down. So, many Japanese Americans find other work or moved out of Texas.

Many African American soldiers were in the all black 24 Infantry Regiment to guard the construction site at Camp Logan. Racial tensions were increasing as black soldiers received bad treatment in the racially segregated city of Houston. There was a full blown riot in August 1917 called the Camp Logan Riot. Many black people and white people died in the riot. This rebellion happened because 2 Houston cops stormed into a home of a black woman. They were looking for someone in the neighborhood. Later, the cops fired a warning shot outside. They physically assaulted the Sister and dragged with without some of her clothes out in the street. They did this evil action in front of her 5 small black children. The woman was screaming and she said why she was being arrested. A soldier from the 24th Infantry, Alonso Edwards stepped forward to ask what was going on. The police officers promptly beat him to the ground and arrested him as well. Later that afternoon, Corporal Charles Baltimore went to the Houston police station to investigate the arrest, as well as the beating of another black soldier, and also to attempt to gain the release of the soldier. An argument began which led to violence, and Corporal Baltimore was beaten up, shot at, and arrested by the police before being sent back to camp. The policeman hit Baltimore over the head. The MPs fled. The police fired at Baltimore three times, chased him into an unoccupied house, and took him to police headquarters. Though he was soon released, a rumor quickly reached Camp Logan that he had been shot and killed. A group of soldiers decided to march on the police station in the Fourth Ward and secure his release. The infantry became angry, and decided to strike on the evening of August 23. The black infantry people have every God given right to march when crooked cops assaulted a black women and black soldiers. So, I have no problem with the soldiers marching against injustice. The soldiers marched in the city of Houston. The police and armed citizens confronted them. A riot came about. 20 people died including 4 soldiers, 4 cops, and 12 civilians. The soldiers were disarmed. Martial law was declared in Houston. The soldiers were sent to Columbus, New Mexico. Some were convicted. Many soldiers were hanged via the death penalty.  The NAACP criticized the executions. Acting Judge Advocate Gen., Brig. Gen. Samuel T. Ansell, was particularly angered and said: “The men were  executed immediately upon the termination of the trial and before their records could be forwarded to Washington or examined by  anybody, and without, so far as I can see, any one of them having time or opportunity to seek clemency from the source of  clemency, if he had been so advised.”

By Timothy

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